Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye. Hello

I initially wrote a post about 2013 in a flash, and actually wrote half way, after awhile, I realised, I don't have to write this year in a flash. Why? This entire blog, has been 2013, in a flash! I've recorded my happy adventures with my very beloved friends, the down parts of my life which I would never say to anyone ever in my everyday life.

Initially, I started off the blog just for the sake of having it, don't even think I'll have more than 2 entries a month. But it grew upon me and I enjoy recording down every part of what I experienced in my life thus far. 2013, hasn't been a smooth sailing year, with many changes and things I don't necessarily enjoy. Graduated high school, moved on to Polytechnic, meet new people, some of which I never came across in my life.

Transferred school, and transferred back. But through the each event I experience, I pick up new friends, great and amazing people, while trying my best to ignore the bad ones. This year, I made a few new friends, although not many, but still nonetheless thankful, like my classmate Charissa, RP friends Munirah & Ain, Sassi group, Syaffy, Hilmi, Q, Tasmin, the NYP DMMM DA class. So grateful to have seen and met and to know them, and I am always so thankful that certain things and people happen and come into my life.

New school, new people, and learnt new things. Learning how to accept things and adapt better, even though it's hard, but I'm sure we're all trying. At this point, I just hope for better things to come in 2014. To achieve more things, to spend more time with people I love, and just be more motivated as a whole! This is the last post of the year, the last to almost everything I have done this year.

 It is almost surreal to me, as I enter yet another year, another phase, filled with questions, doubts and a whirlwind of emotions. As I look back at this year and all the happiness, sadness, anger and disappointments, I feel like I could shed a few tears honestly, like, wow, what a year it has been.

Moving onto another year, is like being torn away form your child, you could never go back, you never want to let go, but you don't have a choice. As much as I want to be ignorant and nonchalant about the year passing, there is this sadness inside which I can't avoid. A sadness and realisation that time passes ever so fast, miss it and it'll rush right pass you. Time to let go, and say hello.

So, thank you 2013, it has been a long, but fast-passing year, filled with so many events. You will be missed.

Hello, 2014.

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