Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sassi / Arnold's Fried Chicken

After 2 months minimum, finally managed to catchup and meet my SASSI group, a.k.a Syaffy, Hilmi, Q & Tasmin, my NYP classmates, and you have no idea how much I miss them, cause the last time we meet was during the holidays for picnic, and that day happened to rain like hell, but it was fun anyways! You can read the post here. So initially we decided to go Simpang Bedok, which I have never heard of ever ever, until they've told me, and apparently it is ghetto place with amazing food, but after that, a change of plans and decided to go to Arnolds' instead. So I reached first, and I was just sitting on the bench and minding my own business, until I looked through my whats'app messages and have Charissa tell me I've been assigned Sound Designer, a.k.a time for me to fucking fail cause I have no idea how to use softwares, and my mood for that moment was dampened as fuck. Like, give me non-technical related stuff like producer and I'll  be find, do well actually, but that didn't happen, so I got to work hardddddd to save myself and my grade. *sighh* So finally met them at Paya Lebar station, which if I'm not wrong, is the first time I've ever been there. And it's so interesting cause it's like a goddamn ghosttown cause there were like no people in that area. And the place was quite old-ish, but the train station is so new and nice. Wonder why. Initially we got lost because we came out from the wrong exit, but tried to figure our way to the place, to no avail obviously. So we walked back to the station to restart. Quite funny actually. So happy that it was a cold day, like nice weather, and I can step wear leather/denim jacket all. But after awhile, finally reached the place, and it's called City Plaza, and when I entered I laughed. IT LOOKED SO OLD AND BARREN, I was like 'are we not at the right place'. It's like Lucky plaza, but more sad. OMFG, I just realised something, anything with a plaza is fucking old and nothing inside one. Eg; Lucky Plaza, City Plaza, Sun Plaza, West Coast Plaza. Points to West Coast though, since they're are a bit more modern and nicer, and have KOI & CBTL. But still, categorised into the old plazas categories.

In my head when we went in was, 'how the fuck can people make a living here, hardly anyone comes here'. I mean honestly, how many people would actually come down all the way here just to buy a watch or clothes that are brand-less? Got up to Arnolds' and it was FULL HOUSE. We had to actually get a number and wait. SIGHPIE, because I thought we had to wait super long, which reminded me on Pizza Huts on Friday nights, where the wait was super uber long until I cannot maintain. It is this small little eatery I guess that's what you'll call it, and it's really situated in this small corner, if you're not observant enough, you might just miss it! But you can smell the friend chicken wafting through the area, which did nothing but made us more hungry. Surprisingly, it wasn't very long until our number was called, it's quite shocking actually, now that I think of it. Or it could be we're talking so much till we couldn't keep track of time? 

One interesting things about Arnold's is that you pick what you want to eat and pay BEFORE you enter, which I think is great as it really adds on the efficiency of the place, since you won't need to wait longer for orders to be served, but have they fry the chicken while you queueing to get in. We picked this set/combo, which consists of 15 pieces of chicken, 5 drinks, mash, coleslaw and fries. ALL FOR ONLY $60! Which means one person only pays $12. Super duper worth it. Once we settled inside, talked about the latest class happening and things that I didn't use to know. And ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE : 

According to Syaffy, Tasmin, Q & Hilmi, I'm their FAVOURITE

Never felt more loved in my life, HAHA! That conversation came about when they were talking about this classmate of theirs who seems to be everyone's favourite friend. Honestly, that is also known as god status in academic terms. Why can't I be everyone's favourite? :( 

It was really quick when the food was served. And their chicken pieces were SUPER SUPER HUGE, and the best thing which I think is why people loved it was all their food were PIPING HOT, freshly friend (if that made any sense). Everything was crisp and mmmmm dap! But besides the point, I love how the skin of the chicken were crispy and nice but like those you buy at KFC, where it has been left outside under the hot yellow light for so long, until the skin becomes soggy and just ew. And as we all (non-health-advocates) would agree, the worst part of a friend chicken is their breast meat, because it's dry and powdery and just hard to even eat it without cringing and ears buzzing from the gross texture, but on top of that it is such a HIGE PIECE, and to finish it is a task within itself. BUT, their breast meat is really nice and juicy, not dry at all, to my pleasant surprise. 


Forgot to mention about their friend buns, I'm such a sucker for them, like whenever I eat western food, I'm super harsh on the fried bun, and the PERFECT BUN has to have a slightly crisp outside, nice fresh chewy middle, and salty as well. The worst are those when you can see a layer of THICK OIL outside of the bun but the oil wasn't hot enough to to fry it, and it's just so gross I just can't. 

Stayed there for a good 1 hour+? And was really full. BEST THING OF ALL? Arnolds' is COMING TO YISHUN. OMFG, feel like crying now that nice food is coming towards my home place. Laughed so hard so so many things. 

After eating it's time to walk walk abit and exercise to burn off the tiny inch of fat with we gained, decided to just walk, don't know to where, but just walk. And I AM SO JEALOUS of NYP because their students can choose any country they want for their overseas study/exchange program. ANYWHERE AROUND THE GLOBE. Isn't it so cool?! Like normally a school would say 'Ok, we will go *country* for this year's study trip'. And Singapore being Singapore, and my school being my school, it will NEVER EVER be anywhere outside of Asia. OOPS WRONG, Nowhere outside of SOUTHEAST ASIA. Fuck, why did I transfer back in the first place. I was telling them how I should just go with them, and while they are studying, I'll just go to a random café and order drinks and wait for some eurasian to hook me up, and have a 'Michelle-Phan-Like' story where he and her boyfriend met at a café. But with my looks I'll be waiting for a long long time. Can you imagine, I would go in their morning and tell the barista

 'I'll order 10 americanos', I'll be here waiting for hook ups the whole day, so just keep the drinks coming.' 

By the time anyone would hook up with me, I'll be on the hospital bed with caffeine poisoning from all the coffee I'm drinking. Nonetheless, so jealous I just can't. But time had rushed up on us and we had to go home. Sadly Hilmi wasn't taking the same line as us, so had to farewell.  T___T But anyways, took the train with Tasmin & Syaffy & Q. And luckily syaffy lived in Yishun too, which means, same bus! And on our way back we talked about how we both broke mirrors and have 7 years of bad luck, I broke mine last year, she broke it today. which means she has 6 years and 364 days to go. And we were talking about how there is no one attractive in our schools, and then realise that people born in 1996 were mostly not good looking. Hence single. Throughout the bus journey, we were like 'EH fuck', 'eh oh my god, fuck lah then how'. "Like that the only dates we can get is kurmas (dried dates, you know the food you eat)'. 'Plastic surgery is our calling.'. And honestly, now I think about it, ya. SAD, plastic surgery is my way to go, sadly. T_____T. 

Today was sadly so short, since classes ended late for them, so we managed to hangout for like 2 hours tops. But hopefully I'll be able to crash their class and meet them next week, since my holidays has already started! SO MUCH FUN AND LAUGHTER WHEN I'M WITH THEM, it's these times that I can really be myself and go crazy. 

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