Sunday, 29 December 2013

Café Hopper.

Finally met up with Munirah a.k.a. MunTiger last week, and it had really been forever, like the last time we met was like when the RunningMan members came to Singapore, and that we impromptu-ish decided to meet via Twitter. So this time, the holidays were finally here and honestly, it was about time, 7 weeks of bull-shit school and I am done. And come to think about it, it didn't feel that long did it? But anyways, decided to go to the museum to just see what there was, so met her at Bishan to train to wherever we're supposed to go. Initially so panicked since I couldn't find her in the train, like where the fuck is she, please don't tell me she didn't board the train and I'm actually in a different train as her. The thing was you see, I was late, as per usual, and also why I will never find a job and stay for more than 2 weeks, because I'll be fired for being late all the god-damned time. But I digress. On the train I told her the joke about how Chinese are the worse race in Singapore because let's say there's a car accident happening, the Chinese will be the first to KPO, and crowd around asking 'eh who die who die?' Haven't even die yet then assumed that he/she died. And also how everything the Indians pray to the China are eating it all up. You know, because in China people there really eat every and any animals there is. And how some gods that Hindus pray to are Animals. Not trying to be racist, but I thought I'd just say it. Finally reached, and the weather is so hot I just wanted to melt off there and then, brought my denim/leather jacket to wear somemore, how clever right? Walked past the first museum, which is the SAM I think? I have no idea which one we actually went to, because the proximity where so close.

Continued to walk the the National Museum, and they were having this TV50 showcase, where they showed the history of television and stuff. I honestly couldn't be less bothered with it, because I feel Singapore television haven't progressed anywhere and still kind of suck, like there still isn't much original content that people actually want to watch, not to me at least. Whatever, still sticking to cable. Moving on, after a while, kind of realised that it was pretty much nothing, and nothing interesting to see, left pretty quickly after that. Oh, saw a pair of couple taking their wedding photos there! Fun fact, thought I'd just say it. Once thing though, I really liked about the museum is that the interior design is really nice, very Victorian-ish, but apart from that, meh.

 Laughing so hard when Mun saw the photo that I took of her, and she was like 'ah ah, lookbook model siol' And speaking of which, the shirt she is wearing is her dad's! Talk about re-purposing apparels. Totally didn't know until she told me. #FutureAlexaChung #Fashionista

Overall, I think the museum is average-esque, like, I didn't really feel anything special or wow, this is such a great place, totally wanna come again. If you're a tourist then maybe you can find the fun in it, cause..... tourists find everything in Singapore amazing, actually no. But anyways, if you're bored then, come. 

After the museum, walked to the bus-stop at Dhoby, which felt treacherous because it was 2+ I think, a.k.a the hottest time of the fucking day. And I was burning up inside, and out. And the long walk there didn't help. I think the absolute worst thing about our weather is that its not just hot, it's also very humid, meaning even if you are under a shade, you still feel so sticky and sweaty and gross and terrible. Wonder why foreigners love our country, I mean I'd switch places with them in a heartbeat. Back to the post, when we the at the bus-stop, as the bus-stop was an alighting point for a lot of buses, the amount of fumes that was coming out from the exhaust pipe was no less than the amount of smoke that a compulsive smoker smokes a day. I mean, so much for making the heat worst. The bus came after a good 20 minutes, and the feeling when you get air-con, is just, errrrrrrrr, my life. Even though there wasn't seats I was thankful that we even got on the train. For some reason, we were just talking and then somehow we talked about Ris Low and her famous catch phrases and punchlines. And I'm sure all of you know what I talking about, don't lie. Cause 'It's all about ME, ya?' 'Booms' 'Bigini' 'Zip-bra prinns'. Need I say more? Took the train to Haji Lane/Arab street, which one? And this place is so nice, as in the looks of the place, is just wow. Not many vintage places in Singapore anymore. 

Walked to the I AM café which is quite talked about recently, and when I went there, there was a lot of Malay people, and then I realised because it is a halal café, really quite rare, because a lot of cafés nowadays serve an all-day breakfast menu and it includes bacon or serve alcohol. Sadly enough, I thought since it was a café, it'll be air-conditioned, but alas, nope, it's an open concept, and I was kind of sad because the weather was as I've sad, bad. But anyways, they sell an array of food from full on lunch meals to just small bites cakes and pastries that is so pretty and nice. Since we weren't really hungry, we decided to just order drinks and cake. They have the nicest cakes ever, because it is huge and multi-layered which is so different form conventional cake stores and cafés. There are 3 standard cakes they sell, the famous Rainbow, Chocolate, and Red Velvet. And I realise, they could actually be all the same cakes just different colour. I mean the rainbow is what it is, cake batter divided and coloured, and I honestly think they could be just using those cake mixes you find in Supermarkets. But, haha, and their chocolate and red velvet could be the same, I mean red velvet is chocolate cake made red, right? But anyways, my speculations are my problem. Ordered the rainbow cake because I finally thought through properly and have decided I want to be a unicorn and the first thing I should do is shit rainbows. And drinks, I ordered a nice citrus-y drink while Mun ordered a chocolate based called Stir-It-Up, cause Munirah stirs it upppp. 

The cake looks really nice like the colours are really vibrant, and it was a cream-cheese frosting, which is not my favourite, and thank god it wasn't like real thick or else it'll be un-edible. But honestly, the cakes are one of the nicer cakes that I've had in a lot of café because not a lot of cafés sell cakes like these, I mean most of them sell thick thick cheese cakes, which unfortunately, is not my cup of tea, or slice of cake should I say. But it was really nice overall, the drinks is good, that or I'm just thirsty, which one? You can choose. 

Final review? The food there I believe is generally nice, with quite an array of food for a small café like theirs. They have really nice display at the counter, having a open-ish concept, and have good customer services, everyone was really friendly, and serve your food to you instead of self-service method, definitely a great thing there. The only grub I have is that when you go there, pray for good weather, because there is no air-conditioning, and also if you managed to get a seat inside the café the ceilings are really high and you can't feel the fan, and since its so confined, it get's really hot and humid, the fan that is blowing on you is technically hot air. It's quite popular there also, so make sure you go early or it'll be packed during lunch hours, evening time, and weekends all day long since café hopping is kind of the in-thing to do now and every teenager will probably start going too! Also, I think it's a great café to go with your muslim friends since it's halal and you don't have to worry if the food you ordered will contain not halal stuff!

Once we're done eating, walked down the haji lane and saw all the small boutiques/blogshops, and the place was just really nice, and colourful and each small boutiques were really nicely decorated, from floral prettiness to something off the streets of paris, and if you're lucky enough, you just might see some shirts that sells for amazingly cheap prices! It was hot all day, and when we left for Starbucks, what happened? It started to rain. WTF. HAHA, walked to the Starbucks in Raffles Hospital, and I didn't even know it existed, but it doesn't look like a hospital, at all, looked so much like a regular business building. But honestly, I love it when it rains and I'm in Starbucks, like I'm chilling with my hot drink and the rain outside makes everything very dusky and nice. This is what is more commonly called #LivinDaLife. Was still hungry, I know, how idiotic right, could've ate more at I Am Café but didn't. Both of us ordered Mushroom & Cream Pasta, and she bought the Mango Black Tea while I bought earl grey. Sat down and just really chilled, and did nothing but eat, because we both were wiped out from the terrible heat. 

 We talked about a lot of stuff, stuff that I should have wrote down long ago, cause I can't remember now. The pasta was kind of disappointing because I love love love cream & mushroom pasta, and that was just meh, done and over with. But I wasn't expecting much anyways, most of their foods were pre-packaged and frozen I assume. Talked about her modules and school basically, and I have to say, I am so jealous of Mun, because she has great company, in terms of schoolmates, something that I obviously am not doing very well at. I think RP people would be my kind of people, cause we are allllll ghetto, like you know, hood. Had a more personal talk about the problems that me and my best friend has recently and our rift. AND WE ARE OK NOW, so for those that want to gloat over my tragedy, it ends here. The next few hours were just spent on laughing and judging people (I know, so fun right), and singing, plugged onto our headphones and sang along, and thankfully for me not a lot of people were there. And Mun sings well, like it is legit good. The rain just keeps on coming it's unbelievable, like compensating for the hot weather just now. Well, the remaining time were spent of eating, drinking and laughing, and of course singing. 

It was I think almost 8/9, we decided that, OK, the rain isn't stopping, YOLO, walk to the train station in the rain. I know right, so badass I can't right now. Had a great day that day, finally. Can't wait for the next!

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