Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Stop and take a breather

I was on the way home from school a while ago and since it was still 3+, I thought that instead of going home and just rot there and most probably do nothing, but waste time on social media websites and just slack yet another day away, why not go back to Northpoint and get some school assignment done? Which I did, and during the bus trip to there, the bus I boarded would go one round the Yishun neighbourhood and the experience was amazing. With this year being somewhat hectic with so much changes that I have to adapt to, like new school, meeting new people, being separated from old friends. I really kind of forgot to focus on the positive side to life, which is to stop and take a breather. For the longest time, especially 2013, I kept on self blaming for not achieving as much as I would like for myself to achieve and not take a good look around with what I have. One lovely thing to take a bus trip in the afternoon is that you get to see the neighbourhood at it's calmest, as the day gets lazy for just a little bit, and leisure time and kicks in as the city goes into a 'half-day-nap'. With the bus going through each stop, I feel more and more foreign to a place I've lived in for almost a decade. Like a tourist, everything I saw was so new to me, and that everything, place feels so interesting to me, and it's the time where children where happily at the playground playing, reminding me of how the smallest thing would make our entire day when I was young. Perhaps. And through some other alighting points, I have memories flushing back, of places that a group of friends and I once spent fun times together at.

I never really realised that through the year, I missed out so many minute details that makes life that much easier. I always thought why life was so hard. Truth is, it's not, just how you see it. Time to really remind myself. Take a breather.

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