Wednesday, 26 February 2014

For some reason, months ago, I would look forward to blog, on the little adventures I have, called life. But now, it seems to me, even if I wanted to blog, there would be nothing to talk about. Odd interesting, sanely sad. For the past few weeks, I was worn out, going home at 11 every night, and reach home and only past midnight, and as of 2 days ago, I broke my own record, leaving school at 2am in the morning. And even though that period was tough, I look at it only to remember it as fond memories with friends. I will update again soon, once I start going out and actually have a life. 

I never stopped writing, I was just less inspired. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Save Money with Monny!

No, it is not a typo. So recently I haven't been blogging a decent post, thanks to how busy school is and how there is 3 CA submissions each week and the recent one on marketing is the worst ever! But that aside. There was this app that I downloaded a little over a month and I think everyone should know it, especially if you are a crazy spender! I'm not paid btw, just thought everyone should know this app! 

So do you start of the day with money, and before the sun even sets, you open your wallet, and to your surprise, you ask yourself : 


Keep it real, there is always that time where you and your friends are just causally walking and somehow both of y'all will end up talking about how and why money come so quickly, but goes even faster. Admit it. It has happened to me too often of a time. I still remember talking to Nyra about it! 

BUT, there is this great app to help you keep track of your daily expenditures, which helps your control it! 

 Monny! And see how it is rated 4.5 stars? So it's not just me who think it is great, everyone else does! 

Monny is a financial managing app that helps you keep track of your daily expenditure, and at the end of each month give you a tabulation chart of how much you spend that month and also on where! Isn't that awesome?! And one thing that I think is super cute about it is that you are given 'missions' to complete, motivating you to keep track of anything you spend on!

For the 2nd mission, it is to fill up 14 days worth of money! The first mission being to fill 7 days! Apart from the fact that it is so great, it has super easy navigations and cute icons, which makes it even better visually and accessibility wise!

So how do you use monny?

So all you have got to do, is to tap on the plus button at the bottom and it'll flip

And all that's left for you to do, is to type in the amount you've spend, and which category it is under, and save! And then, you're done! 

Also there is the income tab, which allows you to key in your salary or whatever income you have, I guess it offsets your expenditure and minuses it. Didn't try that yet, can someone tell me if it has any effects? 

So I spend $5.50 on Macs this morning, and $3.50 for lunch, so just a few simple taps of a button, than viola! DONE. And 15 days into the month, and I have already spend almost $200! And I think that is after forgetting to input in all of my online shopping expenses! (Thanks ASOS!).

What you see at the end of the day will kind of shock you. Or at least I was shocked, I never thought I spent so much a day, until I saw it in physical numbers! I think ever since I downloaded this app I kind of am more conscious about my spending, like I will think twice before just splurging on things that are unnecessary, a.k.a Starbucks. You have no idea how much money I have invested on that! Whenever I go in, I will just have this urge to buy it! And having it in your school, doesn't help! 

Furthermore, if you go on to the sidebars, you can access certain more functions to better tell you where you are spending your $$ on. The ones with the yellow/orange tab will be usable if you buy it! And the app only costs a little over a dollar! (I'm just too cheap to buy it)

 And here it shows your your total expenses thus far, and gives you an average of how much you have spent overall. Isn't that just great?! Like this is by far one of the most productive app I have ever used! And according to Monny, my monthly expenditure is $178. That is just a tabulation of 1 and a half months, so sadly, it will go up very quickly, very soon.

This app, in a nutshell,


Finally got this post done, wanted to share with everyone about this awesome awesome app for a while, and in case you didn't catch it just now, I'm not paid to do this. 

And not that it mattered to anyone, but I just got a new high score for flappy bird, 82. SO HAPPY HAHA! And btw, did the creator of the game really commit suicide for the overwhelming success of the game. If he did, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, and also the stupidest thing to ever do. God, what is the world coming to in this age?


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

5 Positive Things

While I was stressing over how the impending CAs are due and I haven't really started, I was having an emotional breakdown, with my heart beating and brain just refusing to function. Until I somehow chanced upon an Asiaone article on Belinda Lee and how she records down 5 positive things everyday to be thankful for. I think it's something I should start doing, as when I reflect upon myself, I realise I have so many things to be thankful for, but I often turn to the negative side.

The 5 positive things that happened to me today. 

1. I got a long nice sleep, a rest that I needed

2. I finished my PC way before the deadline

3. My mum got me Macs breakfast

4. My mum understands the stress that I am going through

5. I got a good company of friends that stays back with me

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Late Everyday

So recently, I didn't blog, nor did I live. For the past week, every single day, I left the school only after 10pm. Everyday, I'm struggling to finish the CAs which due date is approaching very rapidly as I am typing this, and for the past week, and including this, Starbucks and FC5 has already become my second home, and I spend my waking hours here. To think, the only things I do at home is bathe, supper, try to do even more CAs, but obviously slumbering into a deep sleep minutes later. Initially, wanted to do an entry on this Awesome app that I found recently, and no, it is not flappy birds. But I guess all that would have to come later.

One thing that I am thankful for is the company that I found. That they too, are trying to do CAs, and that being at home just doesn't cut it cause productivity is non-existent. It's tiring, but kind of fun. But i hope that the efforts placed into the CAs will bear good fruits of labour. I am done with Bs and B+s, it's time for me to start getting some As!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Them shitty days

When one thing goes wrong, IT GOES ALL WRONG. Today was just those times where it was one down, and many more after. So when school ended, me and my classmates went to Starbucks to get some CAs done, since submission is rapidly approaching. So, at then, I had a very uncomfortable stomach ache, which didn't help at all, as it happened after me getting a drink, which meant I didn't even finish it. Then, we had to go consult my lecturer for one of my writing modules, and we got back our CA for a previous CA, I really thought I did not bad, good in fact, and in the end, I didn't even manage to get a B+, just a pathetic B. To make things worse, people around me go so much better scores. That's the thing I hate about myself, like I just have to always compare myself to someone and the minute I don't do as well, it takes over my life. I brood about it over and over again, worrying for things that has already became concrete, reality. 

To add on that, during my consultation, I kind of thought my written works were quite well done. And then after the consultation, I looked at my work, and hated every part of it. Too plain, too boring, too unappealing. And while we're there, my lecturer talked about blogging, and how we should use it to practice writing. And as if planned perfectly by god, I got my first mean comment on my blog. Which till now I don't quite get. 

And the bad luck doesn't end there. Me, Charissa and Vinny wanted to find our lecturer for some filming CA, and we thought he would be in his office by 5, since his class ends around that time. But it didn't, he had 2 meetings, so we sat, sat and sat, and we only got to meet him at 7:30pm. 

At foreign language class, I was so sleepy and didn't revise prior, so practically I learned nothing today. 

And I feel like I'm once again in those situation, where no matter how hard I try, I will forever be trapped in the B grades. Not that it is that bad, but who doesn't want a good grade? And the worse scenario is when you get a B grade, and half the class gets As. Which happened in Social Psychology, more than half the class got A. And I got a B. At the end of the day, I'm just unwilling to let it go, just like that, despite my efforts and trying my best, all I get is a run-of-the-mill grade, while I see other people get their distinctions so easily and seamlessly. 

And at that point of time, I really am in those state of minds where I can't help but just feel this self-sympathy, like do I seriously have nothing, am I just useless. Those times where I just wished it would be much easier if I just didn't existed. And the bad things that ever happened to me just start flooding back. It's like no matter how hard I try to improve myself, I just can't get it there, and people just keep on saying and criticising. The endless questioning of what did I do wrong, why am I just not good enough. 

I worry, day and night, and it is absolutely pathetic. I never enjoyed life, because I'm always thinking and being anxious about stuff. Probably why I'm still single, I'm in a relationship with worries. It's plaguing me to no ends, and it really sucks. Like for once I just want to not give a fuck. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Month On

When february came about, I honestly got a shock, about how yet another month just passed like that, how 30 over days once again sped past me. It is absolutely crazy, that it is 4 days in february, and that Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and I once again, will be single for the 18th year in a row. But anything before that, how was Chinese New Year? I'm sure if you read my blog long enough, you would know that I made it a life mission to ink type and record my outings and happy stuff, and seldom enough, sad moments. And the reason why I didn't do a CNY post is because, it didn't happen. What? Yup, it didn't happen at all. I didn't celebrate it, not because I didn't want to, but because we didn't have a whole lot of relatives, and then, we just didn't bothered. So for CNY, on the eve we had steamboat/BBQ, a very typical CNY tradition. And I was having none of it, cause I was so tired and bored.

But at least I got to meet my Stayover group for early CNY-ish dinner. Speaking of which, Vernice did whatsapp us to go to her house for CNY this weekend. But XY probably can't make it, which makes me and Jane, and Vernice's classmates. Not that I mind, until Vernice said she wanted to ask her East Coast group(bff). That point, I just didn't even want to go, like at all, LOL. There really is no point for me to go to her house and pretend to like and talk to people whom I obviously don't like, and their feelings are mutual. So, don't bother. One thing about our Stayover group I think it's great is that when we go out, we have to make sure all 4 of us can make it. Its a great feeling actually, that sense of cohesiveness. 


So, enough of blabber blabber, let's talk about hair, because I really lack of life, that's all I can talk about. But it has been a month or so, and my hair, as seen in the previous post, is vibrant and just gorgeous, but then, for some reason, whichever colour I dye to, it will just fade. And I genuinely think it's cause my hair just can't absorb the colour. Which is why platinum blonde is my forever go to choice, cause like if the blonde dye fades, it will still fade to the bleached colour. #Life. Actually as of now, there really isn't much colour at all, super duper pastel and light. Which thankfully, still looks not bad. But those black roots, lorrrd have mercy on all of us. 

 THIS PHOTO ABOVE, is like my life. And for some reason, the photos I took that day, was like damn nice, but this particular one. feels so advertisement-ish.

As you can tell, the neon pink is no longer, and the purple, just tints of it which is almost not even there. A month on, and the colour faded to that, actually even more, and god knows how badly it will go in the long run, for 3 months, on top of fading colour, black roots. Looking good, not an easy task, at all!