Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Unluckiest Day

Today, is by far the worst day that I have experienced, ever since this year happened. It is so ridiculous, the stupidity of it isn't real ok. So the previous night, I wanted to wake up earlier at 10 - 11 so I could get some school stuff printed. And as expected, I woke up late, not only for the printing, but for school! So being late, I decided to cab to school, when I got into the cab, the taxi is only driving to AMK, so I just stuck on to it and went to school from AMK, which thankfully, I still reached on time. For the first time on a Tuesday class, I was sleepy throughout the whole lesson, as if I couldn't absorb everything properly.

So when class ended at 5, and I was planning to go and print afterwards. But some of my classmates decided to stay back after school to finish the projects, but 20 minutes later, they decided not to. I know. -_______-. Anyway, the printing shop is at West Coast Plaza, which is a few bus stops away from Clementi. But the thing is, I have only ever been there via taxi. So when I reached Clementi, I decided to be a brave bitch and try to take a bus there. But after trying to decide which direction should I take, I couldn't. So deciding to give up, I went to wait for a cab.

Except........ THERE WAS NO CAB. I waited for a good 20 minutes, and all the cabs were either hired or just driving past. And the sun was shining in my face, and I had sweat all over my face. And one thing I hate is the sweaty feeling, somemore all over my face! T______T. So, stupidly enough, I decided to search online on what buses I can take, and it said 168. So seeing a 168 reach, I just boarded it with much thought at all. When I was in the bus I looked around feeling more and more lost. And I took a search on google maps, and realise I WAS TAKING THE WRONG DIRECTION.

And mind you I was so tired, sleepy and sweaty, I felt so pathetic, like 'OMG, did this seriously just happen.' And I gave up hopes of even getting my stuff printed. But with the graces of god, I didn't wander off to some suburb in Eunos or Bugis, and the bus service ended at Bukit Batok. Feeling hungry and hopeless, I whatsapped Mun to ask if she was in the BB area since she lived there. And after no reply, I relentlessly tapped in to the train station ready to go home.

EXCEPT, she replied. So I had to tap out again. #OMFG fail max. And that was 0.77 cents wasted. ahahahahah! But I guess it was good, since I always wonders, if I tap in and tap out without going anywhere, will they still charge me since I didn't travel at all. So turned out, yes they do!

So thankful we met cause if I had went home, I'd be the most sour person on earth. The feeling is something I'm never wanting to experience again, I SWEAR. So, yeah, this post is about the most stupid thing that happened today.

 Awkward Couple at the back dating. caught in action. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

I have 525 friends, yet I'm lonely

Please watch this life changing 5 minute video. And share this post. 

When was the last time you really had a long, deep-er conversation face to face with someone you can call a friend?

I was just randomly browsing through social media(more specifically, Facebook), and I chanced upon this video. The words said drove tears tingling by the corners of my eyes. And how true, the point it is trying to prove. I think we humans, are living in a digital age, where we no longer have to feel 'alone' and awkward while being by one's self because we pretend(or not!) to be so engrossed with whatever that is tweeted or tumblr posts. And through the process of that, we miss a lot of thing that we could've seen, people we could've met, lives we could've otherwise lived.

Digital Technologies has created a phenomenon that what used to be norm : social interaction in real life, seen as social cues to label one weird. In the past, people can go to a restaurant by themselves, but still meet and make acquaintances through over-the-table conversations. But now, everyone's reduced to having plate in the front and phone behind the plate, looking at stuff. And the moment someone turns over to try to have small-talk or just ask you a simple question of 'hey, how's the taste?'. You nod or totally ignore then go on to tweet about 'the freaked that tried hitting up on me'.

There are far too many meaningful things that are being narrated, so I'll end this post with the ones that we should really think about, and consider.

'I took a step back and opened my eyes, looked around and I realised this media we call social, is anything but when we open our computers and doors we shut '

'A world where we're slaves to technology where WE mastered'

'Be there for your friends, and they'll be there too. But no one will be if a group message will do.'

'No one wants to talk to each other for the fear of looking insane'

'We're a generation of idiots; SMARTphones and DUMB people'

'We have a finite existence, a set number of days, don't waste your life being caught in the net, as when the end comes, nothing's worst than regrets'

p/s I re-watched the video, and I got really teary eyed. Because everything that is narrated is telling so so much about the society that we ourselves choose to live in. The above quotes are those that really struck me.     

Monday, 5 May 2014

How does it feel like, to be someone's priority, a first choice, to be on their mind at first glance? How does it feel like, when someone cares about you? How does it feel to have someone, or a few people, a few  contemporaries to be worried for you, and concern about how you are? How does it feel like to be loved? Sometimes, I just wished I had felt like that.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

My dead iPhone 5

Ok, for some reason my phone never fails to give up on me before I could lay my hands on a new one. And this by far is the WORSE. So my bad luck with phone started years years years before. I've had my phone drop into water, phone dropped into water, soaked in it and then realise. And I've left my phone at bus-stops and lost it ever since. SO I'm in the pendulum of either losing my phone or damaging it. Or sometimes, have shitty phones to begin with.

So my first official 'atas'(high class) phone was the iPhone 4. I wanted to be extremely careful with it, being super gentle with it and stuff. Coming from a Sumsung touch screen phone, and I'm not talking about S series, I'm talking about the generation before that. To put it simply, touchscreen phones, but not smart phones. The Sumsung Preston if you remember.

So me being careless, I always used force to press the home button, until one day, it stopped working. But thankfully there's always the assistive touch and the unlock button on top. And being an idiot, I would always panic when the battery is at 50%, then would charge it till it's full. Then by the time I knew it, my phone's battery drained out faster than I could expect.

When I got the iPhone 5, I was super careful when it comes to the home button, like all I dared to do is to just gently tap it. And it still works fine, until the countless times I DROPPED IT. And one fateful day, it dropped in an angel when the first crash point was the lock button. And thanks to that, my lock button is spoiled. IT IS LIKE GOD FORBIDS ME TO HAVE BOTH FUNCTIONING AT THE SAME TIME. Kidding. But honestly, I think god is watching over my phone cause like looking at the number of times I've dropped it, is it wrong to call it the lord's miracles that it has NO screen scratches and NO cracked screen?!

But obviously, when you  keep on dropping it something is bound to happen. AND IT DID.


WTF is happening to my phone?! Now typing is becoming a problem. Also, look at the bottom of the screen, there is like lines on it. How can it survive till iPhone 6's release?! My plan is to buy a second hand BB Torch, since I wanted to have it for like FOREVER. And it'll hold for at least until I have a new phone when the contract finally ends. Thoughts?

As of recently, the hole got bigger and bigger, and the screen went crazy, switching between apps by itself. And after using the BB Torch for 6 days, I decided that using my old iPhone 4 was so much more convenient. There goes a wasted $130. Should I purposely drop my i5 to see if it will revert back?