Friday, 31 May 2013


Last day of school, and I decided to spend it on blogging. As I'm typing, I'm in my Marketing module, how badass huh? I'm trying to catch every and any opportunity to blog before my 'holidays' actually start. Notice the inverted commas? Because exactly, it's not a holiday/term break, it's filled with fucking CAs. Think I'm exaggerating? Think again?

Visual Communications CA (Mascot drawing)
Professional Communications CA
Video Production & Digital Post CA (Script-Writing)
Marketing CA (Advertising research)
General Ed CA (Which I don't even know how or what my partner looks like)

How can you call this a term break when its just filled with work, work and work? NONSENSE. My aim from the start was to go out w/ friends and enjoy my 3 weeks off. But guess what? NO, Poly decided to be a bitch and fill me with CAs. FUCK MY LIFE. 3 weeks to finish, it's like asking me to climb the Great Wall in 5 minutes. Did I mention that I had a meltdown on Tuesday because I thought I couldnt finish all my work. And till now, I still think I can't finish, and ultimately fail.



Hope that I can finish my CAs within first week, with YuLing, Tamilyn & Charissa soon! I swear, I just want to finish all those nonsense ASAP, miss all my darlings in Secondary schools and Nadz! AND MOST OF ALL, I WANT TO SHOP FOR GSS.

I really don't know how to do all the CAs. Please kill and help me. Anyone from SP DTVM or scriptwriters, help me out please!

I know this post is very boring and so dry. So good on you if you actually made it here. I'll try to post something funny/interesting next time. But until then, be satisfied la sial

p.s I did finish the post before the last lesson ended!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bad Bitches

First post. I'll try to make it nice and not bitchy. So finally met up with ma bad bitches Asheera and Syazwani after too long. OMG I swear, they are the funniest person ever. I laughed so fucking much I thought i was going to get a cardiac arrest. wtf? Met Sheera & Wani at the interchange and chatted on how's life. (What's new?) Took the bus all the way to Thomson road to eat Udder's. Call me a loser, but after 17 years of living it's my first time there. I know, absolute fail right? The food there was to my surprise, not bad at all. I mean, for an ice cream parlour, you wouldn't expect really good food right? Ordered the Beef & Pancakes thingy, the call it the The Udder Beef. Isn't it cute? It sounds like 'The Other Beef' Took photos (duh?) and for one I decided to take picture of my food, cause I'm living the Singaporean spirit.

Come On, it looks not bad right? I think my photography skills
totally upgrade already. $11.90

And one cool thing about Udder's is that they have this cool 'glass board' that you can use their markers to write down anything you want! Wasted, didn't take a photo. But the food there was good, the pancakes are sweet nice flavour and the beef, really really good. One grub though, is that the portions were kind of small, which made it quite pointless to eat even. 

After Udder's, we went to take photos, and after location recce-ing, found a playground. And it's so weird because that area felt so secluded even though there were people walking by. I think it's because of the private houses, those run down, old old kind, that makes it that much more eerie and haunting. So happy that the playground had swings, cause the last time i played swings was donkey years ago. Lack of childhood.

For anyone looking for models, please.

We're such posers it's impossible. But my OOTD wasn't bad at all that day! Wore 2 layers in the crazy SG weather. I know that my face is ugly, wanted to photoshop the redness I had, but laziness happened, what's new? After the 'photoshoot', went to Salted Caramel, you know, the Ice-Cream boutique. Once again, first time there. #CountryBumpkin So excited to go in, cos everyone on Instagram, and my cousin was talking about how nice it is, and the photos of it looks really tempting. I thought I'll never go there ever, thanks to some of the people I know that will say something like :

 'Aiya, go thomson so far eat Ice-Cream, somemore so ex sia, just go somewhere near lah'

We all have that friend(s). Keep it real. I love exploring for new food, but people around aren't. SO HAPPY THAT SHEERA & WANI are those explorer type. 

Back to Salted Caramel, they have the most interesting flavours ever. They have earl grey, horlicks, chocolate&stout. Sheera & Wani ordered Double scoop ice-cream, Salted Caramel & Horlicks w/ Waffle. I ordered Vanilla Ice-Cream w/ waffle.

My photography skills really CanMakeIt right?
I mean it looks yummy boleh? $6.50+/-

The Ice-Cream was not bad, the waffle......pleasant. But they go well with each other, plus the environment is quite nice. Mainly because it's not that crowded, it's a nice place for you and your friends to catch-up and chat. Udder's as well!

After that, we wanted Starbucks, cause we live the high live. Haha, no, we just wanted a good place to chill. Managed to find an outlet near Thomson Plaza, but sadly it was super small, and already full! So we went into the plaza and got directions to go town. Sheera was like 'What if they say must take train or cab'. But amazingly, there is a bus to town! Stopped at lucky plaza and oh my my my my, there were so many SPG and Filipino dating eligible Caucasian men. Not trying to be mean, but the girls' face are damn scrap. They could do so much better like ME. Haha, who are we kidding, right? But honestly, is there a secret or way to have caucasian/eurasian people, if there is, I'm clearly missing out. Or is it that I'm just Ugly? 

Found finally a Starbucks, and there were a lot of empty seats. Sheera was damn funny cos she wanted the Starbucks member card, and then the counter girl said there were no nice designs then she asked her 'oh then should I just wait?' Funny af. Then we chilled and talked about  school and life. AND HOW WE DON'T HAVE CAUCASIAN FRIENDS. And the worst thing is Wani's friend has. 

Btw, super jealous that Sheera's going London in September for study trip. OMG all the Eurasian hotties she's gonna see, and perhaps One Direction! After that, took the train and talked abit and that was it. Super Fun day, and hope to have an outing with them soon! Lucky to have met these 2 amazing people!

p.s Asheera & Wani, if you're reading this, this is the time you go 'awwwwww' and cry tears of joy.  HAHAHAH!, Kidding

 p.s.s Last week of school tomorrow, fucking finally, it's about time.