Monday, 29 July 2013

As of now.

It's been a while since I blogged since I really have nothing much to blog about. I mean with school work, I really hardly have much time to go out. Or maybe I have too little friends to want to hang out with. And projects. Maybe my blog would be more interesting 3 weeks from now? When my 7 WEEKS HOLIDAYS START. Hopefully I can meet up with my friends, secondary and outside ones, not my classmates now. FUCK NO. Maybe some? But highly doubt so. I mean, finally I can just NOT SEE THEIR FACES FOR 7 weeks, why would I voluntarily want to see their face? So, last week, we had a CA to complete, a photos-essay to be exact, and we had to pass it up today. And my partner was being nothing but a jackass. So we split the workload into half, and I got my work done by Saturday. And he, only passed me like 2 our of the 12 photos he was supposed to take. And then, on Sunday, he told me he was going to give it to me by 6pm. And then, NOTHING. NOTHING CAME. And I asked him to send it to me by 9pm. NO REPLY. I text him to send me EVERYTHING BY 11 FUCKING PM, and finally, some photos were sent to me.

And then, there were 3 more photos he was suppose to send me. You know what happened? HE DIDN'T REPLY ME UNTIL 12:30AM. And guess what he replied 


Well Done, come, let me clap for you, at 12:30 am in the morning, you tell me that. IT WAS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get the work done, and if you can't you should have told me much earlier so I can do something about it. Actually, I even covered a lot of photos he was suppose to take. The worst thing is that, for the next module, we're in the same class. Please god forbid group work. I'm not discriminating people from that course, but my point is, if you're in a course to study, even if you only need a 1.0 GPA to graduate, can you please not be so complacent and settle for a D. Especially if you're grouped with a student from another Diploma, please have some sense of responsibility and maturity. Furthermore, he's older than me. Ugh.


YES I PHOTOSHOP, stop using it against me, it just reflects upon your stupidity.

So last friday, we had a CA presentation, and I think we did well, I mean well enough, to get a decent grade. But still, fingers crossed. I just wanted to say this, because I wanted to show how cute my top was that day. 

I know this entry was really nothing much, but to rant. But it's my blog so I have the rights to do that, if you're not happy with it, DEAL WITH IT LAH SIAL.

Look forward to my next post, might be on the Final One, since we're given vacancies to go. Or maybe not, since I don't follow the show at all. Although my cousin was one of their back-up dancer. 

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It's About Time

Last saturday, got to meet up with my favourite secondary school darlings, and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I MISS THEM. Like, the last time I saw some of them were during results day which was what? Half a year! Initially, I was super not confident of the outing since no one bothered to reply. In the end, at 4+, we decided to meet at 5:30 at AMK hub. And I took the liberty to bring my DSLR along.  And with much bravery, I DIDN'T BRING ALONG A BAG, so it was me, my phone, earpiece, wallet and the camera. I was scared that I would just drop it or knock it hard on something. thank god that didn't happen.

Met Jane & XiYun at ArtBox, and walked from AMK to Jubilee a few times, since we don't know what present to buy for Vernice, since it was her birthday, in a few days, but advance celebration! Bought the stuff and met Fudeen and went to her house.And it didn't don on me that we've been celebrating Vernice's birthday for 3 years, since secondary 3! But since this time a lot of us couldn't make it, we settled for Pizza Hut. Which I was happy about, because BBQ always must wait, and then the things always are either burnt or uncooked.

But really, I just wanted to see her dog, a poodle named Jojo, it's a male. I thought Jojo was a female name? Maybe its Mexican? But it has got to be the CUTEST THING EVER, OMFG, it's so fluffy and so active. OMG I just cannot! Before we went to pizza hut, went to her house to put down bags and things. And Jojo was so welcoming and active, and I just love it. Before we left for PH, we were busy playing with Jojo because IT WAS JUST THAT CUTE. And I managed to take a photo where


 OMFG, look how innocent and cute it looks! OMG. I'm dying.

Finally hunger set in, and we decided to go to pizza hut, and I didn't know that Pizza hut was so far from her house, I always thought it was either in Jubilee or AMK Hub. But finally got there! And waited for 10 minutes to get a seat! And when we were ordering I think the waitress waiting on our table got pissed at me when I told her that we want a glass of water for each of us, she gave me the glare. 

Talked about life, and how school was, and how each of our classmates were, and by the looks of it, Vernice is having the time of life, she and her classmates were getting along like water and water, and me and Jane & XY were complaining non-stop how we hate ours! And I realised despite not meeting up for a long time and each of us being in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SCHOOL, XY & Jane in JC, different ones, Me, Vernice & Fudeen in different Polys. But no one changed, which was great. Felt so blessed to have friends like that. Cause as you know right, when people enter poly/JC, they start to change and forget about old friends. Like it was yesterday! Amazing.

Finally done with dinner, and we walked back to Vernice's house, sadly it was quite late alr, like 9 or 10+, and Fudeen was living quite far from AMK, so he had to go first. T_____T. 

And finally, we reached Vernice's house, and we were super shagged and sian. Took photos and videos and played with Jojo of course, I just cannot emphasize how cute that poodle is. I JUST UGHHHHHHH.

It was 11+ already and Jane said she felt super lazy to go home, which was spot on what I was feeling, because eating and got cute dog to accompany us, OF COURSE WE DON'T WANT TO GO HOME. And Vernice said we can stay if we want, which I didn't think was going to happen. Because I didn't think the others can. And the XY had to call her mum to make sure. I was quite sure, cannot one. AND THEN, HER MUM SAY CAN.

After that, basically, spent the night on the couch, watching Running Man, since every saturday they have a marathon till 5am! GOD BLESS CHANNEL ONE. Also took to the time to chat about school and how we hate a person from our class. It was I think 2am+ before we all called it a night and slept, the 3 girls slept on the couch and me? ON THE SWING. Sleep on a swing cos I'm posh like that. Woke up next morning and left at 7+ cos of some school projects I had. D: But it was super fun! Can't wait for the next time to go camp at her house again. Next time I'll bring my shirts to change and stuff, cos Saturday's was so impromptu, was so unprepared. 

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