Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2 and a half S

Recently met up with my 2 and a half S, Suvi, Syazwani and aSheera. Get the 2.5? Because Sheera's name is actually Asheera, but we call her Sheera all the time. But, I'm not gonna explain you why, because I simply cannot be bothered to do so. But anyways, the last time we met was again, the last week of holidays months ago. What is with me and only managing to meet friends during holidays?! Isn't poly supposed to be free time everyday, all day? Apparently not, I mean, if you've read the previous posts, I'm sure you know how all I want to do after school is to go home and sleep.

Ever since the holidays, my body clock simply broke down and my sleeping patterns is the same as Vampires, if they exist that is. I sleep when everyone is awake, and awake when everyone is asleep, so I didn't sleep that day, and the effects kick in later on. As like always, I was late again, this time I have no excuse for since I'm usually late because I oversleep, this time I just don't know what went wrong. It's so ridiculous because I looked at the time and it was 12:25, and I was like 'Ok, I still got time', looked away and looked back again, it's goddamned 1:05. How the hell?! Well, hell has frozen over and comes in the form of time! Luckily, everyone else except from Wani is late, is that a good thing? HAHA, but when I reached Suvi is still on the way, so PHEW, glad I wasn't the latest. The moment I sat down, we started talking about school and life in general, because, it's us. But, so great that even though we didn't meet for so long, time seemed to have never passed us on, and we can just chat with no awkwardness. Coolio! So, after a while, realised that Sheera got her braces off! Totally didn't realise, I mean, talk about blur-ness. But Suvi reached quite soon after, and we embark our journey to find the café ;  Strangers' Reunion. I'm quite sure alot of you heard about this place since it's like a well known café for whatever reasons.

So apparently, we went out from the wrong exit, and had to TRY to make our way to the right place, which was god knows where, because it was the first time we were there. We were from Outram and had to make our way to Eu Tong Sen street (Is the spelling right?). SO we made out way to the nearest bus stop and looked at the bus directory, so we were supposed to take the bus XX, the bus came and when we board, THE DRIVER ASKED US TO GET OFF AND WALK! What in the flying fuck, laughed so hard because we were like 'Ok, what just happened?' So the story goes, a group of friends decided to venture to China and back. Nahhh, so we decided to walk, walk and walk, and we lost our ways so many times.

 This condo is just so fucking nice, and cool, I mean, the sky garden is midway up and is also a connector between the two blocks, I mean, just unfff cool to me. But accidentally fall from the highest level, it's death in an instance. Ouch.


Even though the weather was super humid when we're there, I think the view is super nice, and it is super vintage-y, asian mix with a tad bit of Victorian designs. Sad thing is that no ones will ever come here since there is nothing there for anyone to go. The only thing I remember seeing in that stretch of road we walked is the abandoned Chinatown mall, super creepy btw, and hardware shops that unless you are renovating your house, a pointless place to even want to go. Apparently, there is a hotel there, so maybe there are indeed business going on. Who knows? Nobody cares. After super long, we turned, and realise we were exactly where we were in the beginning! Felt so stupid and irritated, thanks to the weather, and we decided that, that's it, we're cabbing there. And while we were walking, we saw so many cabs, but then when we were queueing, none came! Talk about bad luck! But eventually we got into one, and the air-con was just everything. Got there after a while, and thank god we didn't try walking there because it was kind of far, opposite the SGH, but far enough. 

 When we finally reached Strangers' Reunion, it was full house, not that surprised since it's like quite raved about, so we seat outside and took a look at the menu, and honestly, I was not impressed because none of their dishes appealed to me. Like, at all. So not knowing what to eat, we all decided that we will each order one thing off the menu and share it. One thing though, is that they hung up this Christmas wreath that was giving out very strong floral smell that I really don't like. For some reason I have this phobia for touching plants. Just thinking about it now makes me feel nauseous.

Was a while before we got in, and the first cockblock was that their AC was not even cold, it felt so warm and stuffy any worse I might have left there and then. In the end ordered the truffle fries, buttermilk waffles with passionfruit white chocolate, coconut zest, apple crumble, and some crepe dish that I forgot the name. The service was ok, super normal, so nothing to talk about there, the girl just took our orders and left. One thing that I really don't like is that it was so noisy that day, like all the customers there were talking so loudly and the loud music doesn't help, either! Anyway, it was Wani's Birthday recently, so Suvi, Sheera and I decided to get her a gift. Well, actually Suvi picked it, all I did was pay my part. It was some Make Up kit from Sephora, so, glad she liked it! 

The drinks came by first, and the drink is not bad I have to say. I ordered some chocolate drink with Ice Cream on top, and the rest ordered something else, I can't remember, but they said it's pretty good too, so good! 

If anything that is good about their drinks, it is the Vanilla Ice Cream. I am a sucker for Vanilla Ice Creams and I know a good one when I have it, and this one is umffff. Honestly think it's better than Baskin Robbin's Vanilla. It's super rich and creamy and you can actually see the specks of vanilla seeds in the ice cream!

After about finally, our food is served. Even though the presentation is not bad, but the taste........

 The crepe thing. $15++. Didn't taste good, AT ALL. It tasted pretty gross, with tomato and cream cheese, and their salad, was not even edible for goodness sake. But Sheera loved it. Paired with their Homemade jam that tasted like shit! Like honestly, not only did it NOT taste like sweet jam, it carries a bitter under and after taste I had to rinse it down with a big gulp of my drink. What a serious waste of money. I don't think we even finished it.

 Apple Crumble. Honestly, it tasted superbly average, a run-of-the-mill apple crumble that could be bought anywhere, and frankly, could be done by myself. The apple crumble's top crust was kind of soggy and everything kind of just came apart when we tried to dig in. The only compensation was that they served it with a scoop of Ice Cream. Once again, a waste of money.

 The truffle fries. What it is essentially, is just fries fried in truffle oil. Absolutely terrible to be honest. When we ate, the fries is cold already, and that is the absolute worst type. For me, and most I assume, like their fries super crispy, or really soggy for me. But this was just ew. It tasted like fries that was supposed to be crispy, but left out in the cold for too long, it just tasted cold and chewy that I couldn't eat anymore after a few sticks. The dish did come with it's own mayo mix. I love love love mayo, but theirs was just absolute horror to what I thought mayo was. It firstly didn't taste anything like mayo, and it tasted slightly spicy, and I kind of doubt what kind of dipping sauce it actually is. The only good thing is that it comes in a big bowl.

Didn't take the waffle, but you can see it above ^. Once again, not my favourite, the entire thing was just weird for me, as it tasted like passionfruit coming right at you 2000000%, and the coconut was quite overwhelming. It is ok. Just ok. Not worth the money, once again.

It's very disappointing for me because I've heard a lot of good reviews on SR, but to come and experience it myself and have such an opposite reaction is just..... One thing that is sad is that sometimes when the food in a café is not good, they always have good ambience, so at least it would be worth the money, but this time, NOT AT ALL. Over-jarring music, too loud, too hot, no atmosphere at all. Worst thing was, we were hinted to leave once we're done. Ughhh. 

Finally left the place, and don't think I'll ever come back by choice given such a sad experience. Walked around to find places to take photos. While walking, we walked past this stairway leading up to a 'massage parlour' and we saw photos of women(ugly) scantily, and I said loudly to Suvi 'THIS KIND OF PLACE IS ALL THE PROSTITUTES ARE THERE'. And then an uncle sitting there looking at me. Then I confirmed it is those places that guys go to get a massage but actually pay for sex. THe uncle is like the guard-dog in case if police come. BUT HONESTLY, SHAME ON THEM, so disgusting that places like that actually exist, can't wait for one day for them to get caught and all sent to jail. 

Walked to this nice alley and took #OOTD and honestly they are all super great photographers, because they will like scout for location and angle, quite funny and cute actually! 

 My shoes that day were just perfect. Hahah, nahh, wore my creepers finally!

 Why do I look so awkward?!


 IG-ed this photo, and honestly, so proud that I look good for once. Showed Faiz the photo and she said looks like it's from NYLON MAGEZINE! OMFG OMFOMMFOGMOFMOFM, I made it to the promised land y'all! Haha!

 So funny when Sheera saw this photo, she said 'OMG, my hand looks like I want to Kidnap Neon.'

Once we're done with our 'photoshoot', took a bus to town because seriously, there was nothing to do at that area. Walked around, and that was the time my no-sleep-at-all was kicking in. Felt super sleepy and felt so bad because finally I could hangout with them and I had to be sleepy. FML. Went to Knightsbridge's Topshop, which had nothing much, and the to A&F. Call me a loser, but it was my first time going in. And as expected, nothing much to see. One thing about A&F is that the smell of their fragrance is so fucking strong I felt like choking! I mean people who work in there long term might die of lung cancer please! But one thing that is cool is the concept of the store, so dark-ish, reminding me of like glamour mightclubs back in the 80's, not that I've been to any! After walking around, it was dinner time, and we just walked to ion and ate @ Four Fingers. So crowded that day, but luckily we got a seat, and if you've been there, you know how limited the space is there. For some reason, my shoe started to hurt like a bitch, I had to take them off! We ate and somehow talked about how sad it is nowadays with so many people having sex at a young age and with anyone! It's sad isn't it? Like how desperate and thirsty do you have to get? 

The stupid-est thing happened when we were going home! Wani and us took different direction while taking the train. WE TOOK EACH OTHER'S SIDE! Sheera's initial reaction was 'eh not bad ah, got so many seats'. Until we realised. Had a great day that day, and my sleep cycle is finally starting to make some sense after that day. Really really really hope to see them again soon! 

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