Friday, 17 June 2016


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Sunday, 20 March 2016


I feel like I've been on this case way too long, and bemoaned way too many times. After a great run at TSL, I feel like an exhausted runner at a marathon with fuel all burned at the big race. And even perhaps, a little too much.

It's funny because all I ever wanted to do was to write, and a big part of me still do. But I just somehow manage to run out of words to say - even when plenty of thoughts run through my brain. I told myself a quick breather and taking a back seat for a while will alleviate all that creative block and anxiety. But it seems like I'm still in that square called one.

At work, I interact daily with writers more than I do with writing, I read more words than I do actually writing them. Recognising I've so much to grow is outstanding, but parallel to that train of thought is the inability to do so.


When I write, I try to mimic those storytellers who can seamlessly put sentences together like a hot hit pop song that work. But I somehow fall short and get stuck between mediocrity and a few vocabularies that are just synonyms of, on google.

I sometimes wonder, more often nowadays if the path I set myself to commit is just not right in the first place?

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tokyo Adventures VLOG

So as some of you guys know, I was writing for The Smart Local for a little bit since last year, and one of the highlights was definitely the Japan trip during my last month. I really wanted to blog about ever since we got back, but a)I was too lazy to get started b)The photos aren't edited c)totally forgot to ask Audz to pass me photos from her side. 

And as of now, it's pretty much the same situation. BUT, there is some progress, thankfully. 

Before going for the trip I contemplated if I should even bring my camera, considering how mediocre it is and my inability to capture great visuals just adds to the list of reasons why I shouldn't. But even with that, I reckoned to just bring it anyway. 

I kinda had half a mind to do a vlog, but still pretty meh about it, cause I had no idea what I wanted to capture. So I just shot whatever I thought was relevant and could be used in the final video. Note: usually these footages just lie and rot in my hard drive. 

But this time around, I was determined to not isolate these wonderful moments to myself and actually make something worthy out of it. So I undusted my age old premiere pro and tried to fiddle and make sense out of this confusing software. This was also where not listening in editing class came back to bite me in the ass. 

But after hours of trying, I FINALLY CAME UP WITH SOMETHING DECENT. SO HERE IT ISSSSSSS. (Please watch it in HD)

So obviously it ain't nothing out of this world, but cut a bitch some slack alright, this is my first time EVER editing a video for real that's not via iMovie. But really I was so proud of myself like w0w I can actually edit a video. 

Alright, but in all seriousness, I really hope you enjoyed the video because I had quite an enjoyable making it and reliving the moments while reviewing the clips. This is just a glimpse of the great time we had and I hope I did the experience we had justice. The remaining parts of the video is still in the making so STAY TUNED, hopefully it'll be even better.

I'm gonna TRY REAL HARD to blog about it in text here before I go off to Melbourne at the end of the month. Someone remind me to get the photos from Audrey. 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Dazzling Cafe Hits Singapore and Here's Why It's More Than Just a Shibuya Honey Toast Cafe

Hello From The Other Side
Having 9 outlets all over Taiwan, popular dessert cafe concept Dazzling Cafe has FINALLY hit our sunny shores. Hailing all the way from the land where street food and great cafes are essentials to locals and travellers alike, this sophisticated concept has reasons aplenty why it should be the next place you head to when it's time to bring bae for a date or squad for a good ol' tea-spilling sesh.

More Than Just Brick Toasts
Having been in Singapore since April last year, you've probably seen photos of the delectable brick toasts - warm, toasted bread with a glorious coat of cream lacing the toasts as if snow over a cottage home; or a bread served like a brown box, inside with marvellous cubes of bread toasted to buttery perfection, only to be made better with a generous scoop of ice cream and golden honey. Yup, they're all the creations of Dazzling cafe.

If not, you've probably seen an episode of Hype Hunt on clicknetwork and saw instaworthy these how mouth-watering these desserts can make one. Note: not a good time to watch it in the middle of the night if you're hungry.

Unknown to many, Dazzling Cafe actually serves up a wide array of savoury options to fill up the 'regular' tummy before slurping up their famous brick toasts to satisfy the 'dessert' stomach. Here're some the delights you should order when you head over to the said cafe. So here's to no more racking your brains over where to go for lunch the next time.

1. Mentaiko Pasta

Seriously, it's like I could've just left this point unwritten. I cannot begin to tell you my deep love with Mentaiko sauce. My first run with it was at Koh Grill and Sushi Bar where I had their famous Shiok Maki and I. was. sold. I still remember telling my friends I would buy their sauce and put it with anything.

And this is like a dream come true for me. The Mentaiko Pasta($18.90) has cod roe infused with their house white wine cream sauce that mixes my favourites of both italian and asian flavours. With every strand of al dente spaghetti coated with the savoury sauce, the dish is paired with a healthy pile of seaweed.

2. Truffle Mushroom Risotto
The truffle trend is in full swing and the Truffle Mushroom Risotto($24.90) is Dazzling's spin on the bandwagon. Unlike truffle dishes at most restaurants or cafes that'll have you wondering where the truffle is, this one actually shaves real truffle slices to promise you they're not using any of that imitation stuff. And to amp up the decadence, thick slices of parmesan cheeselaid atop the gooey and outstandingly guilty delight.

3. Mushroom and Zucchini Fettuccine
Heading out on a Saturday but cheat day's on Tuesday? Before you start taking out your tupperware and embarresssingly eating out of the box while your kakis slurp on a plate of tempting pasta, here's something you can actually enjoy without the guilt. The Mushroom and Zuccini Fettuccine ($16.90) is pretty self-explanatory. Wild mushrooms and sliced zuccini tossed with flat pasta drizzled in extra virgin live oil. 

The aromatic mushrooms adds to the brininess of the entire dish while the Zuccini adds another texture of crunch to the dish, making the dining experience not too cloying at all. 

4. Spicy Seafood Tom Yum Tomato Spaghetti

Don't be fooled by the unassuming front of this dish. Well it does very well just look like a seafood carbonara, the Spicy Seafood Tom Yum Tomato Spaghetti($22.90) is one dish no local can say no to. Exclusive to Singapore, this localised concoction will have you wanting for so much more.

A holy trinity of shrimp, mussels and squid, the al dente pasta is tossed in Dazzling's homemade tom yum tomato sauce that brings forth a sea of robust flavours. Both spicy and sour, this dish is extremely appetising so be prepared to order much much more after finishing this one!

5. Mango and Coconut Toast

No meal is, or can be ever completed without a hearty dessert. Remember about my theory of how we have 2 stomachs? One for food and one for desserts, yeah. This other SG exclusive dish is none other than the Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast ($18.90). A half loaf of bread is first hollowed out, then filled with cubes of butter toasted bread that's crunchy on the outside while fluffy on the inside, this creation is finished with chunks of mangoes anointed on top and a big scoop of coconut gelato as its crowning glory. 

Plus a whole lotta shavings and honey to add on the IG-worthy meter. 

6. Matcha and Azuki Beans Toast

Following the hollowed brick concept, the deconstructed set-up of the Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast ($19.90) is a visual stunner by every means. After half a loaf is cut into 3 and placed strategically, the scoop of green tea ice cream is landed on top before the entire structure is heavily drizzled with softly airrated cream and matcha sauce, only left to be completed a dainty green tea macaron to make the rubble one that's with more grace. 

There really isn't much left to do other than digging in and make this mess even a bigger one. Of course the story ends with everything ending up in your tummy. 

Make Every Experience Count!

Located at the Capitol Piazza, Dazzling Cafe is great for a quick getaway from the mundane office life during lunch or an ideal spot for the younger crowd to flock to for an alternative dining experience that's away from town or cafe streets.

Though the prices are a little steeper than usual spots, the novelty of it all makes it worthwhile, but either way, bring a friend or two to even out the costs. Plus, the portions are pretty big so it doesn't hurt to share. But whatever it is and however huge your appetite is, just be sure to bring along your trusted camera for it'll be a gigantic waste should you leave the cafe without a heap of photos before digging in. And I'm talking about the food, of course. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

My Last and Favourite #TSLTeamThemedThursdays

Themed Thursday for the last time and guess what was it? Neon! Initially 'tourist,' Wednesday called for a redraw when we thought the theme was too hard? In case you're wondering, when it comes to deciding #TSLTeamThemedThursdays, there's no sit-down discussion but instead, all newcomers think of a theme and throw it in a paper bag - and the week's winner, get to pick the next week's outfit of the day. 

It was absolutely hilarious and warming to see some of the people dressing as me with their wigs, sweaters and shorts. But Keiji stole the show with the white shirt, folded jeans, blue hair and brimmed hat. 

This is undoubtedly one of my favourite themes of ALL the themes we had during my short time here, and it was incredible to see how well they got the outfits right! 

Outfit on fleek?

I think they got it all locked down, from the outfit to the attitude. Gonna miss these 2 damn much