Saturday, 7 December 2013

Monthly Photos (November)

December's here, not only that, but 7 days has gone past it, and presentations and submissions are all over. And 4 weeks of holidays have finally started. I thought I could just slack and do absolutely do nothing, but apparently that isn't going to happen, with written assignments for CA, Visual Communication prep work, and for filming project, they gave me the role of sound designer, which means they want to see me fail.  -________-. But anyways, photos!

 Presentation day outfit! Speaking of which, I think our group did really not bad, since we (Me, Nyra & Natasha) have no problems with presentation, and I think we are quite dynamic and stuff, so hopefully we'll get an A, I need it to save my GPA. 

 This photo was taken at FC5 one day before my presentation the next day. It was almost 10, and YOU KNOW that it was late, because THE AIRCON turned off! And all the shops are closing/closed. #Life

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACYY! So on Thursday, after class, I invited myself to 'celebrate' Tracy's birthday, as it was on that day. They said they wanted to go to Westgate, which I have no idea what it was, and it was A NEW MALL NEXT TO JEM. LIKE WTF. A NEW MALL BESIDE JEM. Isn't JEM the mall itself relatively new? If that's the case I want to live in Jurong already, near school, and 5 malls that is literally in proximity, walking, no not even that, shorter distance. Jurong Point, IMM, then you reach JCube, cross the goddamn street and you reach JEM, and through the JWalk connector, YOU REACH WESTMALL. But their opening was so unofficial and so incrdelously incomplete. Alot of the stores are incomplete, and are still under construction. The only shop I remember opened are the new Borders and Starbucks. OMFG STARBUCKS, speaking of this really makes my blood boil. There is one starbucks in JCube, another in JEM, and now there is another HUGE HUGE starbucks that requires the space of 2 stores in Westgate. I'm not sure if there is Starbucks in IMM or Jurong Point, but I'm sure as fuck there is. Got 'Love & Misadventure' by Lang Leav, and manged to get the signed copy, so good for me. But obviously not as good as Faiz who got a signed copy on the day Lang came to Singapore.

After that, went to Delifrance to have dinner? Ironic since we wanted to eat at Westgate, but shops were simply not opened. And how do you know a mall is not halfway done yet? The lights at the concierge were not even working, like I could see that the frontdesk people working without the lights, kind of sad and pretty goddamned funny. Went to Jem's Delifrance and Ordered their sandwich which Faiz said is pretty nice, and ohmygod, so disappointed. Why? I initially thought that they're oven the sandwich so that cheese could melt and everything would be warm and toasty, but it was not. The cheese was hard and kind of bitter, ti just made me feel like I'm eating some sort of healthy food, which I'm not. After that, we went to Baskin Robbins to try their Ice Cream, because I have been living under a rock for the past forever, and it's my first time there. Honestly their Ice-cream is really average, I mean better than your normal store bought kinds, but really not bad only. Maybe I haven't tried their signature cotton candy flavoured one. So hopefully the next time I go, it'll be available. So had their Vanilla & Birthday cake.

This is surprisingly or not, THE FIRST TIME I WENT OUT WITH MY CLASSMATES in tertiary school. Except for with Charissa, but after 7 months together, this is the first. Sad and pathetic or not, you can decide. But it was really fun because Tracy always has her random outburst of anger towards things, and it is just so fucking funny I can't maintain. 

As you can tell, the level of self-centredness of me is over the roof. But since your only young once anyways right?? 

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