Saturday, 31 August 2013


So, last thursday, or few days ago, went to school in the morning to finish up my project, and I had to wake up at like 8 in the morning, which made me so tired, like TIRED AS FUCK, and I thought seriously, I'll become blind from wearing my contacts, cos the lack of sleep and wearing contacts for prolonged periods dried my eyes out. But anyways, my outfit was so cute that day I just can't. I was so worried in the morning cos I thought I wouldn't be able to go cos the submission was the next day, and I was like not even near finishing it, like editing and other things not done! And we're suppose to reach school at 9, but we only started doing stuff at 10+! Lucky enough, the movie started at one and The Cathay was at Dhoby, so thanks to our not so efficient train services, I could get there fast enough. Had Subway for breakfast, and the flatbread and the breakfast menu is really nice! I seriously think everyone go try it, cos it's really nice! My favourite is the Sausage and ham flatbread with bacon. Although I think the fact that they cook their egg in the microwave very dubious and that eating it for long gives you cancer. I drank White Chocolate Mocha w/ Hazelnut syrup. It tastes damn nice, but I dk why, why everytime I wear it, my stomach will feel damn uncomfortable, and when it gets cold, IT IS SO SWEET. So, I think it's a drink you should drink like on the spot, and QUICK! And I saw Rayne's Brochure, it's sooo nice. Somemore he got all As.

So left school after that, and my shirt was being and ass, and the back was so airy and baggy, and I tucked the front and leave the back out. And when I FINALLY REACH dhoby, I had no idea HOW TO GO, and I was roaming around and thankfully, I found the place and cinema and found Sheera & Suvi and Sheera's friend. Soooo after that, waited for Wani to come, and WAS SO EXCITED, because it wasn't just the 1D Movie, we are watching the debut screening in Singapore! Hello?! DEBUT SCREENING. And then we were gonna be late since we're abit late, we were rushing there alr. AND THEN WE WERE TOLD we had to BUY the 3D glasses.

Shocked as fuck, since like if you go to 3D movies, you are usually handed the 3D glasses, so we rushed down to get it. And there were 2 people in front of us. And the the girl who was manning the cash point was SO FUCKING SLOW, and i do mean it. And the uncle who was in the queue was so irritating cause he keep asking a shit load of questions, even when the cashier ALREADY TOLD HIM WHAT IS HAPPENING. So when we went in, the movie started already, yeah, so fucked up. The movie was 1hour and 30 minutes, and it was SO GOOD, it was 90 minutes of PERFECTION. NIALL WAS CUTE AS FUCK. HE IS SO FUCKING CUTE, I'm like falling in love with Niall already. Since Zayn is getting married. Sill think it's stupid choice, but whatever.

But the movie was so good, and the 3D moments were perfection, they were staring into the camera and they come to 'life'. Melt ah. I think every directioner and normal people should watch it, super nice, and you get to see the other side of them, like the parts where they are not 'world famous sensation boyband', but instead 5 boys from the United Kingdom. Such a cute movie. But after that, went to take photos with the standees and go into 1D world, and finally got to write on the wall. And talked to the manager and stuff, and apparantly, THEY ARe COMING TO SINGAPORE IN 2014. Totally not surprised since I expected alr. But anyways, gonna go there again anyways, and I think I'm gonna buy something lah. Despite thinking and KNOWING that it is overpriced. They have a super adorable cup set.

Sadly, Suvi had to go off , back to school, since she has projects, so the rest of us when to eat at Four Fingers, which was my first time there, and the food there not bad, quite nice, although, it is pricier than the average fast food chain, but it's definitely worth the try, I mean the novelty of it makes it kind of worth it I guess. And we were lucky enough to get seats since I head it is super crowded like all the time.

 So, yeap! After lunch, Me & Wani had to leave cause of project/exam. So the day came to an end for me. Sad that I had to leave early, but then I'll still see them tomorrow to go to 1D World again! So excited for that. Quite a lengthy post, but I guess this compensates for the recent posts that really were nothing but for stress relief. Few more exciting posts coming up soon! Since HOLIDAYS OFFICIALLY STARTED and that I have more time to go out. But how long will enjoyment last? Hopefully for 7 full week! 

There's suppose to be more selfies, but I got lazy to edit, so I'll just find someway to post it on some other entry lah. Yay! Managed to post another entry before the month ends! 

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Life Woes

So, I'm in school now, and I think I'm quite fucked. Why? Let me tell you. So a week ago, we had an assignment and if you read my previous entries, you would know about it. And we had another 2 weeks to do it, and we're left with 2.5 days to finish it, and for me, 1.5, since I have something on on Thursday. And I was about done, like seriously almost done, and then, consultation with the lecturer happened. Almost all of the things that I captured (Photographs), has some problems in it, and let me correct myself, A LOT OF PROBLEM, the photo was

too bright
too dark
eyeline wrong
too blur
too tilted
not centered
not straight
bad lighting
bad angles
camera placement wrong

And guess what? The mentioned above are just tip of the iceberg. Kill me please? wtf. And it's not like essay where you can rush at home, you have to take it with your friends as models and the environment must be based in school. I almost died when I heard all these. Because, I HAVE AT LEAST 100 PHOTOS THAT I HAVE TO TAKE. And after doing for 1 week straight, I thought mine's really not bad, BUT then, reality happened. I'm so crazy tired, and I hope that I could get some things done before I leave school today, like I'm back at square one. Lord jesus save me. I really don't know how I can finish it without hitting the deadline, I mean it takes time for the photos and also the angle and stuff, and thanks to my clumsy hands, all the photos are tilted and blur. FML. And I don't think I have to sleep tomorrow, or today as a matter in fact, and I have to rush everything, print it out, and then submit on friday. And to be honest, I am so tired right now. I brought all my camera, wasted my train fares and energy, and in the end, ALL WASTED.

Remember how I was rejoicing and going on and on and on about how we had 2 weeks of extra holidays? Well, it was all a lie by the school ok?! Now all that I've been doing is coming back to school and stressing the fuck out. I can't look for ward for the premiere or the holidays thanks to this. MY BIGGEST FUCKING FEAR IS THAT I HAVE TO SACRIFICE MY TIME MEETING SUVI, SHEERA, & WANI TO WATCH THE 1D MOVIE PREMIERE AND COME BACK TO DO THE PROJECT. If that's the case, my heart will bleed. FML.

Mainstream Shirt. I bought it because it was on sale.


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Saturday, 24 August 2013

After forever.

Finally, after about forever, actually it's just 2-3 months?; finally met up wit Sheera & Wani, and god, missed them so much! And once again, I was late. Felt so bad, because Sheera reached super early and waited for us for AT LEAST 30 minutes. Some more she like not angry at us. THIS KIND OF FRIEND WHERE TO FIND?! But met Wani first because the train station was so crazy crowded cause it's 7+ in the evening and Singaporeans be a bunch of crazy bitches and start to run for trains and bump into people, so we met in case anyone got lost.

 Lucky we met first, cos I have no fucking idea where or how to go to wherever we're suppose to go. So after roaming for eons, finally found her! So happy. And I brought my camera, so expect photos/vlogs later in the post. But since when I never post photos! So walked to Plaza Sing, or some mall, and wanted to eat at four fingers, which I never ate before, but then the crowd was so full and no seats left, and we decided to go to LJS instead. Honestly, I never really liked LJS, but it's always empty and nobody ever goes unless no choice. The standard dropped yet again. They use to serve their food in like plates and at least it looks presentable. But now?. They serve it in ugly ass paper boxes that looks straight out of a take-out cater.

Sheera ordered the grilled chicken with rice, which I no longer have confidence in ever since that time I ate it with Nadz months ago. AND NO, I'M NOT WILLING TO GIVE IT ANOTHER CHANCE. It was so salty I felt like I was eating high blood pressure, instant heart attack for the unhealthy ones. I ordered the new teriyaki chicken with rice. And the taste was super so-so. Not worth the money at all, paid $7-8+. The only thing that LJS sells that is worth the $ is the fries, chips & cheese sauce. Everything else? Save your money to spend it on something else much more worth it.

Even that it's not nice, I take it and make it seem so decadent. 

And also in september, Sheera is going to London! So jealous, can't wait to see all the London loots she has when she comes back! And Wani is going to Turkey. And where the fuck am I going? NOWHERE, staying in Singapore. Oh lord. Why like that?! #Life. Walked to 1dWorld, and it is SO SMALL, I just can't believe, it is so nothing, just like my 17th birthday. -______- And by the time we reached it was 8+. And the person told us it was CLOSED. AFTER ALL THE TROUBLE, IT WAS CLOSED. But the british man who was in charge let us in nonetheless. But I got a feeling he doesn't like me.


I know it looks it is super big and alot of stuff. BUT THAT IS ALL. Nothing else.

The shop was so crazily small. And there wasn't no atmosphere, and the cashiers were grumpy assed aunties. And then the things there were so incomplete and they were overpriced. The onesie, was $100! That is nonsense. And then, to make things worst, there was this OLD AUNTY, who was just flaunting her wealth right at us. FUCKING ANNOYING. And we were just talking, as in me, Wani & Sheera, and then, OUT OF THE BLUE, she started talking to us. And she was like 

''I buy everything related to One Direction for my daughter, this boxes, 
I have the entire set. This year for her birthday I thrown her a 1D party. 
My daughter is the biggest one direction fan.
I went to London & Australia to buy things not available here. If they were to come
to Singapore, I would most definitely let them go, no matter how much it costs

OhMaFuckingGod. DID ANYONE OF US ASK. NO RIGHT, you tell for fuck? Sorry madam, you are entering menopause, YOUR DAUGHTER IS NOT EVEN 10! You and her can touch them for all I care, but will they remember you? NO. So you can throw all the parties you want, but ain't nobody gonna remember yo ass. 

I apologise for the rant, but I'm not done.

"My daughter is the biggest one direction fan."

Oh spare me from your bull fuck. How, dare she have the audacity to say that?! Just because you are rich doesn't automatically make your daughter the biggest fan. Dear lord, ask her to finish studying and get a 'O' levels then talk lah, chances are she doesn't even know that Zayn & Perrie are engaged, and if she does. REALITY BITCH. Perrie's getting the man that she want. Sorry for being crude. But, let's be honest.

Now that that's over, after we went off, we went to Starbucks and just chill, and I bought a drink, which I customize. I ordered the White Chocolate Mocha & Java Chip. And chat/chill and played 'Heads Up' and we laughed like there's no tomorrow. Oh god. Took a video which you can see at the bottom. And then took photos and then went home. 

Yes, my hair colour is fading BIG TIME, not by choice obviously, but I'm gonna do something new in sometime soon. So look out for that vlog/blog entry. AND YES I PHOTOSHOP, NO POINT USING THAT TO ATTACK ME SINCE I ALREADY ADMIT. But please, I look bomb as fuck in my photoshopped photos please. BUT I'M NOT THAT UGLY IN REAL LIFE THANKS.

BUT, I'm gonna see them again this thursday for the Movie Premiere, This is Us, and I already know what to expect, irritating Chinese girls, in uniform, squealing when they see the boys. If they are near me, YOU BEST BELIEVE I'M THROWING POPCORN IN THEIR FACE.

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p.s If you are bored/smart enough, you might find 1-3 photos in this post that are NOT photoshop-ed
     kudos to you if you found them, but it also reflects upon how you have no life, to the point where          you actually went to find.