Sunday, 1 December 2013

December's Here

WHATTTTTT. It is fucking december already. How the fuck did 11 months go past me so quickly, it honestly still shocks me. It feels so August, as if only a few months has gone by. Honestly I think it's because school term started in April instead of January, so technically April was my January, but that doesn't matter, and school now, being in poly, is so different from secondary school, timing gets really flexible, and classes are more interactive and fun, lecturers were so great, I couldn't be more thankful to be frank. Friends wise, I only made a few new ones, hope it'll improve over the next 30 days, or else 2013 will be such a waste. But anyways, it just feels very unreal that we are at the finishing point of 2013.

VERY FORTUNATELY for me, the next week is the last week of school already, which means after that I would have 4 weeks of holidays, holidays which is free of exams, tests, and assignments. Well, technically, except I have to edit and revise on my written works for one of my modules, which I fucking pray and hope to high heavens I get a decent grade in. One lesson that I've learnt, consult, consult and consult, then lecturers will like you and even if you get a sad 78, they will, give you the extra 2 marks out of pity, and appreciation of how hardworking you are. HAH. Even though it's the last week of school, I have 2 pieces of tests presentation, which I am nervous about, especially Psychology module, since they expectation is pretty high I have to say, and I need to do well or else my GPA can just forget about it, then I would have to quit school and go be a stripper. Oh I forgot, I'm ugly, therefore cannot. Time to be a homeless hobo. Oh well.

My GPA is reaching new lows, and I am simply having none of that. But whatever it is, have to continue to work hard. I still remember how a year ago I was doing. Enjoying my post O levels, and not giving a shit about what course to go, how my results would be like, working at H&M oddly enough, and just going on like that for a while, and now, studying. Now that I think about it, I quite like being a student, the process of it is so carefree and just fun. Ughh, how I just wish my classmates would be my secondary friends, BFF, Sassi, RP Friends, then it would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T. But, you can't have the best of both world, want a good school, good lecturer, then no friends. SAD BUT TRUE. Oh, I am so happy to realise that my school is the only school out the 5 polys to have 1 month worth of break. The rest just sadly have 2 - 3 weeks.



So she's one the the 3 (others being Sheera & Suvi), that I've met during this 1D LAME contest by 91.3, where this group of 7 - 8? fans met to do it together, after that one outing, the 4 of us clicked and the rest was history, the rest of the 3 -4 were a bit uhhhhh, boring lah, can barely remember their names and faces. But that's another story for another time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANI. She's super fun to be with, full of nonsense just like me, which is why I think we clicked so quickly, and all of our makcik moments that come out of absolutely nowhere. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANI, stay AMAZING, FABULOUS, as like always! 

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