Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sleeping Problems

One thing that is more obvious than ever recently, is the fact that I haven't been able to keep up with time as well as I should, and this is taking its toll. Is it a result of over-stressing? That undying need to get a good grade, pressuring me so badly I can't even turn my brain off loud thoughts and stressors that is in my head. Like recently, I'm having less than 4 hours of sleep a day, because I simply can't get to sleep. And today, I only had 3. When I entered class, my brain was dead, I hear words, but it doesn't make sense to me. Even when my classmate asked me about some simple english question, I hear only words, but don't understand it. It's like I'm going crazy. 

My fear of dark and its paranoia is getting out of hand. Whenever I turn off the lights, this scared feeling kicks in, and the weirdest thoughts come into my head. One thing I can hope, is that it doesn't happen to only me. The more I don't want to think about something, the more my brain wants to drill on it. It scares me, because I don't want to open my eyes and see things I don't want to. 

I just need a good night's sleep, and get my body clock back to normal, and god bless that'll work.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Habitat Coffee X The Coffee Daily | Sheera's Birthday

Finally back on to blogging, and boy have I missed doing this. Recently, or at least for the past week and more, I lived the life, of having no life. I spent one week straight without going out, guess I'm a sucky friend then :/. Which is why I didn't blog, because I have nothing to talk about. I mean, y'all seriously want me to tell you about how I spend more than 22 hours in the 4 walls that is my room?(allegedly)

Went to school earlier that day for some preparatory course for my diploma plus course. So glad I found fun people in my group! Speaking of which, I was so unmotivated to go that day cause the first day was pretty boring, and I had half a mind to quit. But glad I went tho' since the activity that day was pretty easy, and super nothing one. Ok, we are given 4 hours to ask 9 people some questions.

Photo Cred : Raffles Press

A little café along the streets at upper thomson road,(opposite the prata house!), Habitat coffee is a humble haven for those that look for a good meal and ambience. Took a bus from Marymount and I almost missed my stop, I could've sworn my heart skipped a beat, thank goodness I managed to get out! When I walked to the entrance of the café I saw a cardboard sign,(under the the OPEN), 'Please wait to be seated'. And I took a glance inside, and there was a nice crowd there, so I just STOOD THERE FOR 5 MINUTES LIKE AN IDIOT. Which was why I was a bit confused when the workers inside were just looking at me and not doing anything. HAHA, #fail. 

With 10 minutes to 5:30, and with Sheera wanting to try their banana pancakes, rushed to order hers first since the breakfast menu ends at 5:30! One thing I like about Habitat is that it feels very homey and cosy, albeit the noise can get a little overbearing. Also, the loud music didn't help. Kind of reminded me of Strangers' Reunion. ughhh. And it was before soon, the remaining 3, Sheera, Wani and Suvi reached. 

The Menu! Ok, does this remind you of Strangers' Reunion's menu or what?!

Strangers Reunion's Menu! 

After contemplating what to buy, actually not really, the menu was pretty simple without much to even think about, and once you cancel out those that doesn't contain meat in it, I only had a few options left. 

 At $10, reward yourself with a little piece of heaven. Thick thick thick pancakes with caramelised bananas and a drizzle of chocolate and strawberry sauce. It's gonna be a party in your mouth. Kinda wished that I had ordered it too since it looks really really good. Sheera said it's super fluffy! 

 Ordered the tiramisu coffee, since the people there told me that it was a popular choice among people. And either my tastebuds were numb or something, cause it tasted like normal milk coffee. Hmmm, mediocre, but for $6:50, it's not bad. Mai hiam lah(don't be fussy!)
 Truffle fries and Suvi''s cuppa cuppa. The truffle fries were ok, tasted like ummmm, truffle fries. The box reminded me of the ones they have at 4 fingers, and if you remember when you go for camps in primary school where you have to cook your instant maggies over mini portable bunsen burners. Ahhh memories. 

Both me and Suvi ordered the creamed pasta with sausage and bacon. If this was from like a hawker centre for like $6, it would be like not bad. But at $16, it was lacklustre. And when I looked up in to their pantry, I see them opening and closing the Microwave. Which told me straight up they pre-packaged the food and it wasn't even fresh. And the sausages had a tough skin I couldn't even bite through it, even more obvious it was microwaved. Disappointing.

Just what is with me and my bad choices when it comes to choosing food at cafés.

For Wani, she got the truffle fries and Churros, along with melted chocolate. I managed to try some, and it tasted really good! Overall the experience is ok for me, the ambience is not bad, the service there was friendly, and the food would be good if you are lucky enough to choose the right thing to order. TIP :  If there's a chance it is coming out of a microwave, DON'T BUY IT. 

 Smile for the photo!

So it was a day in advanced before Sheera's 19th birthday, so the 3 of us decided to get her a gift. Well, technically they decided, I just paid my share of the gift. Ehhhhhhh, it isn't some cheapo gift ok, it was a CHANEL LIPSTICK OK. CHANEL LEH, we're upgrading, one step at a time. HAHA! 

After we were done, the rain as if on cue stopped, so we had to utilise that time to take photos, as always. And btw, my outfit that day was quite nice right!


One thing that I really couldn't hate more is the shitty humidity after it rains. Like it get so warm and the air becomes so stale, and I feel so sticky all over. Since it was still early, we decided to go to the coffee daily, which is at the Serangoon area. Took a bus to Bishan interchange so we could train out way there. And guess who I saw! Zephaniah! The last time I saw and talk to him was before I graduated! Saw him another time too but again was passing by! 

So when we reached Serangoon, night basically fell, and it was pretty dark. The café was located along the shophouse area, which I am nothing but a stranger towards, I have almost never been there. While walking, Sheera was telling me about her ideal boyfriend. Ok, so Sheera's idea boy man 

Has to be street-smart BUT not too smart
Has to be fit BUT not too muscular
Has to be good looking BUT not too handsome
Has to be tall BUT not too tall

Some I think I made up myself, but you get the point. Anyways, as we walk walk walk, we soon found ourselves to be in this district of bungalows. And I thought like woah, the coffee daily so coolio, their shop is actually inside a private house? And alas, I was proven wrong, we were lost. But we did walk past Wimbly Lu Café and it looked so so sooooo incredibly cute, definitely wanna go there one day. 

Instead of following google maps and 'walk for 8 minutes', we knew better and took a cab. AND HAIL LORD for that decision because the cab ride itself was 8 minutes, or more. And I think we all know how I fair in hot weathers. NOT GOOD.

The café was empty, so that was good, And the reason why was because IT WAS SO HARD TO ACCESS IT.

The place was nice and spacious, and this is a great place to do some net surfing or get some work done, since there was plugs and I think there is free wifi. Definitely wouldn't mind going to just chill all day. I think the great thing about this place is that since it is not that accessible, it makes it easier to get a place and seat there without having the risk of being chased out or travel so far to a full house.

Suvi ordered the rainbow cake. AND OMG, I HAVE NEVER TASTED A WORST TASTING RAINBOW CAKE EVER. The presentation is cute and the colour is pastel-ish, either what they wanted or they were scrimping on the food colouring. THE CAKE WAS DRY AS FUCK AND TOUGH. It was terribly over-beaten, and the cream for some reason felt so hard, like it was left in the fridge for too long. It just tasted dry and pathetic. Worst of all, it costs $10. Small in size, shit in flavour. I would eat it for $1. Off my pedestal. 

I ordered the waffles with Ice Cream. That was nice though. Forgot to take a photo of it, but as much as it is nice, it was overpriced. Which is what coffee daily is. Overpriced. I guess if you do want to make your money worth, go there early in the day and get a drink and use their free wifi and powerpoints. 

Took a bus to AMK after that, and when I reached home, all I did was bathe, surfed the net and slept till the next day. I wonder how I can handle school since my body is conditioned to just relax and chill. 

BTW, I NEED A NEW PHONE, my iPhone is dying. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Puking in Public

I puked in public. As crazy as it sounds, it happened. And by public, I don't mean public toilets, I mean in the middle of a mall! This happened to me like few years ago, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. 

So me and this insignificant individual were at this mall, and I was having lunch and stuff, and then out of nowhere I felt my mouth giving me warning sign that it's gonna puke, salivating a lot(does that only happen to me?) By the time I knew it, I wasn't able to make it to the toilet on time. So I puked into the bin. LOLOL, wait, wutttttt. Yes, I PUKED INTO A FUCKING BIN IN A MALL. And I wasn't like puking stomach acids or liquids, its a legit meal ok! To makes things worse, it was lunch hour ON A WEEKEND, so obviously A LOT OF PEOPLE SAW, and I can feel them looking at me. Hurray, finally got the attention I always wanted.  All this time I was puking out the contents of lunch, what did the person that I was with doing? He went off and tell me to meet him at the place. What shit ass kind of person huh? But anyway, I think my aiming skills is superb ok, like all the puke went into the bin without splattering anywhere. But after that I went to the toilet to rinse my mouth and collect back the face and composure that I've lost. I actually stayed in the toilet for like a good 20 minutes. I was so embarrassed by the incident ok. And when I came out, I was praying no one remembered me. That was easy then, I had black hair and was uglier. And why did I not make it to the toilet on time? Because the person was asking me to hold his fucking drink while he puts some shit stuff he has in his bag. Now I am for helping people hold stuff, but seriously, I'm feeling so sick already, how heavy is a bottle of drink? Pathetic. 


Ok, isn't that exciting? Incident Story #2. This time I didn't puke, but still, it's about puking in public, so why not just say it here. So I remember it happened somewhere last year, I was late for class already, and finally I'm at Jurong East, got off the train and stood by the platform with the least amount of people. While looking at the new jeans that I bought(and wearing it!), and just minding my own business. I heard like WATER SPLATTERING sounds, and instinctively, I turned around and so did everyone else #SGKPOs. And a kid next to me PUKED ON THE GROUND, like I can even smell it, it was so nasty and gross. In my head, I was like 'OMFG, this fucking kid better not get any vomit on my jeans or it won't be my glare that burns through his skin'. And thank goodness, it didn't. You have no idea HOW CLOSE HE WAS TO ME, and how much closer the vomit was! It splattered ok, SPLATTERED. The horror. But I felt bad for the boy also. His father just glared at him for 5 seconds without doing anything then just signal him to walk away(to the toilet I hope) to clean up or smth. Honestly, I didn't get why the dad was pissed. It's not like the boy wanted it to happen. When I got to class, I was thinking how lucky I am, even though I was marked absent for being late. #WhatIsLyfe


As for story #3, refer to the previous post, by either scrolling down, or if you're lazy, click here

Ok, gonna end this entry off with a Glozell video. It's absolutely stupid, but it's regarding puke anyways. Enjoy! 

p.s psst, if you want, you can leave comment below on the times you've puked in public! 

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Should have posted this long long time ago. #LateForLyfe

Pukes. This is our new whatsapp group name. How the hell did we even get that? Keep on reading and you will know! Kind of sad, but funny that the same time. 

So weeks ago, I know. That was when Jane and XY had their holidays, meaning I'm posting this 1 month later. Pathetic, I know! Hah! Finally met up with you know who. And this time, we decided to go eat sushi at Cine, since it's cheap af, or at least that's what I was told. It was called Nihon Mura if my memory didn't fail me. And everything was $1.50, so eat away!

Initailly we wanted to go some café and chill and talk, but Jane suddenly told us it's his dad's birthday so she got to go early, around 5+. And we only met at 2+. :(. The funny thing was, I woke up like early that day, like 8 or 9 in the morning, and my mum asked me if I wanted Macs breakfast, and everything got delayed and she came back a bit later, and by the time I finished having my Macs breakfast, I just nice left the house as well. And by the time we reached the place, I was already full. LOL like wtf.

 Flat Hair Don't Care

The food there was ok only. I think I still prefer Sakae Sushi. As much as it is cheap and stuff, the conveyor belt WAS SO SLOW. Slow as in, there is only 1 LONG ASS conveyor belt for the entire restaurant, meaning that if you miss what you want, you got to wait still it gets pass the whole restaurant first before it will come back to you. And in the midst, pray that no one takes it, cause if the do, here comes the long wait. Again. 

One thing though, is their desserts. It is good! Like, in that aspect, it's much more worth it and nicer than Sakae. They have Japanese cheesecake(which is the same as those you buy from breadtalk), chocolate eclairs(these were really good!), mochi, and along some other stuffs. And for the first time, I tried sashimi. You know, raw fish. First and last time trying period. The pathetic thing was I only took such a small bite. The mushiness and texture still give me shiver just thinking of it. Ughfff, off my pedestal. 

Maybe it's the environment or something, all the food was kind of warm. I don't know if I'm right, but don't you eat sushi cold? Like, so that the food doesn't turn bad? That's why they put it in the chilled sections when you're in the supermarket right? And for the record, warm sushi, doesn't taste good. 

So after eating, we were walking and deciding where else to go. As I was craving for My Parlours, amazing Red Velvet, I was suggesting if they wanna go there. But it's already 4:15, and Jane has got to leave at 5. We decided it was pointless and opted for somewhere nearer.


From that photo I think you can tell we went to Baskin Robbins, and after all my times going to BR, FINALLY THERE IS THE COTTON CANCY FLAVOUR. Got the Kandy and Cookies and Creme, while Jane for the Kandy and Blueberry Panna Cotta. It's an interesting flavour, it's like a creamy berry flavour, it's hard to tell you the exact taste. Guess you gotta try it for yourself to know. But you gotta admit, the colour is gorgeous right? Reminds me of my bubblegum hair when I got it just dyed. Sigh. The cookies and creme is mediocre, something I wouldn't pay for again in BR. I guess when you go to Baskins, you got to try the more 'exotic' flavours to make your money worth. But if you're living the high life, try the conventionals. 

Oh, and if you're reading this Baskin Robbins at Dhoby, please crank up your air-condition, because I was sweating until I gobbled the Ice Cream up. Deciding it was too stuffy inside, we went to walk around Plaza Sing. 

 That warning sign finger. LOLOL


Ok, so by this time, Jane was supposed to leave right, then she called her sister, and her dad is not feeling well that day, SO IT IS POSTPONED.T__________T, WE COULD'VE WENT TO MU PARLOUR. NOOOOOO. But since we were there, we had to decided somewhere for dinner. And after last minute google searches, we decided to go to the Raffles(?) area.

And after a long enough walk, we landed ourselves at Millenia Walk. The last time I was there was never I think. And it was such an empty place. Like many shops were closed and there weren't many people there at all. Perhaps cause its a weekday? I mean it wasn't even that late. It was just evening or smth.

Finding a small humble café(that thankfully is still open!), we found ourselves at Patisserie G. 

A small humble café that has all of it's baked pastries laid upon first sight. Isn't it a beauty? Actually next to the cakes it's all the macarons, didn't bother taking it, you guys know how macaron looks like. And I realised I'm those hipsters(?) that doesn't like macarons. 

Decadent. So initially wanted to order the ham and cheese croissant, that was sold out, then settled for the Sausage Brioche, that was out too. Giving up I just asked, 'so umm, what do you have that is not out?'. Simple. In the end, got the Croque Monsieur. Basically it's like a fancier name for ham and cheese sandwich. And for $7, it tasted pretty bad. The first thing is that the size is literally for kids, the butter was scrimped, the cheese and ham was ok, and the bread was dry, and terribly UNDER-toasted. Honestly, I think the grilled cheese I make tastes so much better, and well under $7! 

As for the cakes, it's Caramel and Chocolates. One thing though is that the cakes are super rich, so I guess it made sense to make it so small. Now that I think of it, everything they sell there is small. 


I know from here it looks like a normal cup, but the height of the cup(is it even?) is the same as your index finger. And halfway through eating the cake, I had to keep drinking water since it was so rich, and I felt really bloated in the end. And also, not shitting the day before didn't help.(What did I just say? LOL.) And the thing about feeling bloated is that it gets worse with time. And whenever I feel too full, I can feel the stuffiness in my gut. And in the end I had to go to the toilet and puke it out, but I felt so much better after. And for your information, I stayed in the toilet for 30 minutes because I tried to puke but nothing came out. 

Which is why the whats'app group name is called Pukes. I know, there's not really a link, kinda disgusting, actually gross, why am I saying it. And in the meantime, they meddled with my camera and took so much photos until my camera's battery died. So thanks.

Gonna end of this post with (some of) their selfies and groupies!

This is like my favourite photo that was taken that day. Cause I look nice. LOLOL