Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Class Outing - ish

So, my class, for some reason, decided to have a class outing, BBQ this time. First time actually. And the only only reason that we actually have a class outing was because our school gives us $10 each semester to go for outing. See, even our school knows, if not for the incentive, the class wouldn't even have an outing. Met up with Charissa before going, and I went because I knew she was going! And why was she going? Because she being the clever and nice girl that she is offered to buy Vodka since she went overseas and she can buy it duty free. Honestly, regretted going after the whole night ended. So, we were supposed to reach at 6+ 7. But we only left Northpoint at 6+. So it took a good hour or so to reach Bedok. Honestly, I don't know how that place works, the Bus Interchange is H-U-G-E! Like the interchange in my place is just 1/3 of what is there. We had no idea which bus to take, and figured that we should ask the passenger service. The uncle said alight after 5 stops. When we boarded the bus, we talked and lost count. FML. -________- SO after a few stops or so, we alighted. And it was so dark at night and there was nobody else walking on the street it's actually freaky. Me and Charissa was like 'OMG, eh faster leh'. The entire place was just eerie.

Finally got to the underpass, and that was the scariest, because in TV shows, that's where people get killed or the haunted places. But thankfully, nothing happened. PHEW. So after walking for about forever, we finally got INTO the park. And we walked, walked walked, from point A to B, and I sang a whole lot of songs so that it doesn't feel so scary. And even met up with Vinny. And we still couldn't find the place. And by the time we reached, it was 9+ already. WTF.

Initially, everything was fine, until people started drinking. So Lynn & Vinny got a little tipsy, while Syahman got dead drunk. Here's what happened, at 9+ going to 10, people started leaving and left with the few of us. Lynn drank a few cups and at first was ok, but got really jialat afterwards. Syahman got a 500ml can of beer and drank it, got tipsy. Drank a lot of vodka, and got DEADDDDD drunk. Vinny was tipsy, but sober enough to say the correct things into the phone. And after all that, it was late to the point, I had to cab home. Thanks to Tracy, got myself supper from the mama shop, which we all know, love and miss. Got in the cab, got home and slept.

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