Friday, 14 November 2014

Free iPhone?

A long long loooong time later, I actually am back to write. So this actually happened weeks ago, but I finally got around to write about this. 

So I met up with Nadzirah and Mun for dinner, to catch up and talk. Really had great times with them. 

After dinner we opted to go to Star Vista's 'balcony', 'sky garden' or whatever you choose to call it, to just sit and chill and talk. If you've ever been to the Star Vista, you know that the tiles they use are wooden planks and with gaps in them.

We settled at a spot near the edge where you can lean against the it and feel the cool breeze. While talking, I came to realise that my iPhone 6 was so thin it can drop in between the cracks if I was careless. So I said 'Eh OMG WTF my phone can drop in'. So Nadzirah having an apple too, went ahead and tried as well, and with hers being an i5, she was like 'AHAH mine cannot'. 

So we chatted and just chilled and Nadz was I guess toying with her phone and then suddenly. 


So that's the story. Initially I thought I heard a pen drop, and when Nad screamed 'MY PHOOONE', I thought she was trying to be an ass and rub it in that my phone was at risk. And then I turned over and saw it. And Mun? She lost it. 

Look at this tragedy. 

For 5 minutes we were in disbelieve, like is this actually happening, wtf, omg, that's it gone, maybe it's a sign, maybe it's time to get new phone, eh take picture later can blog about it. So many thoughts were like in our heads, the latter being more exclusively mine. And after all the time that has passed, Mun was still laughing. 

We ran down to the concierge, even though I thought that it would have made no difference if we walked to tell the people about it. 

But after getting the concierge service, they sent one technician and security guard over and it was so funny because they were like 'aiyo wtf is this, what must i do, I dk how'. And they started conversing in their mother tongue, probably cussing us out and wondering how clumsy we were. 

And after evaluating, they told u 'THIS ONE IS SET ALREADY WE DK HOW TO TAKE IT OUT.'
There goes an iPhone. 

Nadzirah was basically like 'omg pls ah, I'm gonna cry already, please help ah'. Guess her charms worked, and the security guards and techncian got the operations manager and the whole team of 4 or 5 basically came over and were like standing around the area not knowing what to do. Cause this was the first time this ever happened!

But they eventually got down to work and here goes the long hour of trying to get the elusive iPhone 5. 

The thing is that the wooden tiles were actually not just placed in there. But metal clasps were wedged in between each plank so that it would be like one long piece of 'wood fabric' if you get what I'm trying to say. 

Good thing is underneath the planks was another layer of concrete, imagine if it just fell and end up on the roof top of the lower level, then there's really no way of getting it back. 

And while Nadzirah is panicking and going into fits, praying to the high heavens that she can get her phone back, me and Mun where....

Gloating over this and taking selfies and all sorts of bullshit. Opposed to being caring and concerned trying to soothe Nadzirah, we went on a conquest to look through every gap and find if there's any other things that people might have slipped in. 

We found a pen, 50 cents, 20 cents, EZ-link cards, and I think if we search hard enough, we might find another phone. 

One thing I have to point out though is that the operations team really took pride in their work, and did all they can to take it out. Because to be frank, it was late at night, it was 9+, and if they wanted to, they can just say they can't do it and let it pass. But they went taking all of the tools and equipment and started to knock the metal clasps off the wooden pieces. I mean their dedication to get the job done shows professionalism. This kind of reflects Singapore's service and work ethic. Sounds odd, but it is what it is. 



We were like sooooo relieved when that wood plank was finally loose enough to be taken out. But their dedication to their jobs is just one thing that made me go like S A L U T E.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

November Nouveau

Nouveau : Being up to date,

Now that November has arrived, it is still apparent that there is a wide disparity between my concept of time as well as what time is. Things is, the concept of time is a thought, a lovechild of pessimists and optimists, more specifically; realists. On one side, we're sitting by the sidelines, listening to the constant sermons on how we only have on life to live, and that we can't just ponder upon and just merely dreaming about dreams, but instead actually take actions to fulfil it.

2014, and we're left with around 60 days, barely legal but I am.

It still feels peculiar that school began, and then the work and projects start coming in. Maybe it is a good thing, to get lost in the work and just be less aware of what going on around.

The drama never ends, but life does. So why am I still wasting my time and energy wrapping myself around it?