Tuesday, 26 November 2013


''Impression isn't always done by someone else, it might often be given.''

Impressions, by layman terms, just simply mean the mental image that people have of you when they first see you. And impression plays a big part in everyone's life to be honest, but I think a lot of people tend to forget to zoom out and realise that they are also representing a bigger organisation of things.

Take this for example, I was in General Studies class, and we were grouped with half a class of students who were from another academic school, engineering to be precise. And during my time in those classes, all that I observed is that they lazing around, not serious, sleeping and snoozing off, not taking any effort at all. And to add on, when we had a project that took up 50% of the entire module, all that my partner did was dropping last minute bombs on me, and thanks to that, I only managed to avert the crisis, and slept at 3am that morning. And what did I get in the end? A fucking B+. 

Based off that paragraph that I just wrote, some people, might just decide to assume that they are lazy. Which is definitely true for a handful of them, I mean there was this one guy who was always absent last semester for GE classes, I've never saw him in class anymore this semester. I'm not dissing them and condemning them and say that they're lazy by the way, in case anyone would like to accuse me of. Because of that half a class, probably 13/14 people, my impression of the people in engineering school completely changed. My impression now of them are lazy people who don't give a fuck about things, and half of them are always smoking outside school, an 99% of them are boys. The impression of laziness or nonchalant-ness is not an impression that I made, but instead an impression they chose to give.

Another example, I'm from Communication school, and as you know, communication students are just born creative (nahhh, that's just bull-fuck), and people there take an effort to dress well, speak well, and do up their hair for school, or to put it simply, to look nice. And whenever I walk pass business school or the engineering block, ALMOST EVERYONE would just look/stare and start to whisper to each other once they've walked past me. YESTERDAY WAS EVEN WORSE, me and Charissa were walking past Starbucks, and these 2 people (most probably boring business students), one of them, this stupid guy, POINTED AT ME AND TALKED ABOUT ME when I was looking at them. Sure I loved the attention, but people are just plain stupid to do things like that. But, I digress. Back to the point, the impression that MOST (Not all. If you belong the the other side of the grass, then stfu good for you and move on.) people have when they see us is that we're bad influences who do nothing and have no future because we're doing communication. When they see me especially, with bright blonde hair, they'd just stare and be in awe, as if they're never heard of hair bleaching before. This happens in engineering and life science school also. This close-assed narrow minded people irks me because they're always the kind of people who tells people what to do in life but amount to little themselves. According to my friend, anything other than a T-shirt(School T-Shirt preferred), shorts, slippers, is way too overdressed in the eyes of BS students. Coloured hair, longer hair, nicer fashion bags, are just considered punk/bad influence/disgusting/superfluous. 

I have this schoolmate, who's in business school, and she hangs out with a classmate of mine. And her own classmates told her to stop hanging out with comm school students cause we're bad influences. When I hear things like that, the only impression I have are frogs in a well. 

So you see, the point isn't to rant and go on. It's to show how impression sometimes isn't made by the people around you, but something you offer to show people, and to make people feel nauseated by your actions. And all of humanity are 'generalizers'. WE LOVE TO GENERALISE, period. 

If you want to behave like a stupid, uneducated being, don't blame anyone when you're being labeled that. And don't blame people when they generalise the whole academic block, because if anyone you should blame, it's the black sheep that you should seek and vent your frustration on. Let me give you a few examples. Let's be honest, when anyone says they're going to an engineering course, how many would actually think that the individual actually has sincere interest in it and want to pursue it? Almost none, everyone would think they didn't so well, hence forced to study that. And some don't take pride in their work and hence the bad impression engineering courses and schools, in my school at least. When you ask someone which course they've gone into, and they reply 'Oh, I've been accepted to study Mass Communication/Business Administration/Applied Chemistry & Materials Science/Gerontological Management Studies', every one would applaud you and sing you praises and say 'Hmmm, very good, finally got what you want'.

Even during after 'O' levels. Chinese New Year, you visit your relatives and they ask 

Relative: Eh Ah boy/Ah girl, which poly you going?
You: Ngee Ann/Singapore
Relative: Wahhh, so clever, go into good poly, O level must be very good lah!

Change the situation a little bit

Relative: Ah boy/Ah girl, which poly you going?
You: Temasek/Nanyang/Republic
Relative: Ohhh, *pauses, don't know what to say* ummm, aiya never mind, as long as you work hard still can do well one. 

 Another example, RP. Back in secondary school, if anything, it's RP that we want to avoid, since it was the 'ITE of all polys'. Even teachers shun away and push you to go on to NP or even SP. It's not true at all that this is the case, I have a lot of friends there, and they are doing very well! Who dares to deny it seriously. Again, impression, people don't just for it out of nothing, it's given based on what people see. Even if it's just a minority, that's more than enough to slate a impression. 

But all that aside, the people I've met and known in Nanyang and Republic poly are THE BEST PEOPLE I'VE EVER MET IN MY LIFE. They're people whom I want to know and keep in life years and years from now. 

I kind of not know why I've decided to post this, I think mainly cause of the pent up frustration I have for irritating people, but also partly because I think Impression is such a weird thing. So if you don't want to be categorised as a hooligan, think about your actions.

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Mean Person Comes Out

Every morning, especially when I am rushing for 8am classes, or go home from school after 5 - 6, the mean person in me just comes out, and it is actually quite sad for people around me, but I think it's not my fault at all because people sometimes just want to be stupid.

I am absolutely UNAPOLOGETIC when I'm on the train, especially when it is crowded, you have no idea how 'black' my face can get, and on top of that, the worst is when I'm just that unlucky to the point that I have to survive 12 long stops without seats. Today, just now was one of the most terrible one. SO my class started at 8 today, and I woke up late so I left my house only at 7:50 am. And the morning trains are just so crowded, and people keep on squeezing non-stop, and when the stop reached AMK, a shit load of people suddenly come in and I was holding on to a newspaper and this stupid fucking, Chinese man just knocks onto me and just walks off. People like that are the reason why I am absolutely unapologetic, because everyone else is also like that. After that, when I was on the circle line, I was next to this crazy lady watching her stupid videos and laughing out loud, looking stupid like an ass. I don't know about you, but when it's early in the morning, I'm irritated and annoyed, the last thing I want to see is a bitch laughing and exuding fucking happiness.  Later on, there's the ANNOYING bitch with a haversack and leaning on me the entire time. Whenever the train moves, she leans. WHAT THE FUCK DO I LOOK LIKE, a leaning bar is it? And she shows me 'the face' when I shove her back into her own space. TOTALLY UNAPOLOGETIC again.

The Mean Person Comes Out, when people want to be very annoying and refuse to be nice, or at least humane on the train.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Catch Up

Last friday, after a very tedious and tiring project, luckily, managed to catch-up with some secondary schoolmates, awesome people, in the names of Nadzirah, Irsyad, Sangeetha, Suba & Sheyna. And it's been a very very long time since we met, and if anything, we just simply don't have the time to meet-up, especially the beginning of the second semester, where projects and assignments are just oncoming non-stop. I was actually quite sad that day cause every friday classes end at 12, but that day we had a project, and was supposed to meet Mun & Ain for lunch, but sadly had to cancel, don''t know when I'll meet them, hopefully I can get the projects done ASAP, I need to start having fun and go out before I become officially boring. Oh wait, I'm already there. But I digress. But anyways, reached Yishun at only around 7+, yes that's how late I left school to reach Yishun only at 7+ At first Nadz was telling me that they wanted to eat at Mac, and I was in my head saying

'Dear lord, please go to pizza hut, I've been craving for their pasta for damnnn long'

And when I reached, Nadz called me, and told me they're going Pizza Hut, and I was like, THANK GODDD. Surprisingly, it was not that crowded, like we didn't wait very long, 15 minutes? That or we're were all catching up and that the passage of time was blurred. SPEAKING OF WHICH, my concept of time is very blurred recently, like I would think it's 4pm in the afternoon, when it's already 6, and when it's 12, I'd think it's only 10, and my time is just 2 hours behind Singapore altogether, hence explaining why I sleep late and cannot wake up and also why I'm late for almost all my classes. Well, FML. But going back to the story. Finally got a seat, even tho' small and cramped, we compromise, and just say, cause we all knowhow slow Pizza Hut in-house service is slow on Friday Nights. Ordered pizza and pastas. Chatted on how life was and sitting there, it's so odd, because just a year ago, we were all laughing in our uniforms during recess, go back to serious learning mode and stay back in school till 6pm and 10 for night study, and now we're all here, coming from classes from our different institutions. One year on, and here we are. 

It was fun because it was a lot of reliving old school memories that it was great to relive it together as a group of secondary schoolmates. Like the old times and things teachers did, pranks that people did to them and the result to that. Very funny, very missable. 

The Turkey Bacon Carbonara from Pizza Hut is damn mmmmm dap, it's like ever since I bought that from them, everytime I go there, I would order nothing else but that. Once we're done, went to pay and walked around and took photos. Went to sit around at some areas and heard Irsyad say more ghost stories cause all the stories are not he heard from other people, but like he personally experience from, so fucking scary, my face turns white cause it's that scary, it's a dark night somemore. 

Speaking of which, a funny thing happened in class just now, Charissa came into class and the first thing I said was like 'EH you look like Christmas tree' , and it's funny cause she didn't even plan to dress to look like this. So Christmas-y burgundy red top with snowflakes and green pants.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Singaporeans Don't Care

It's been a long long time since I blogged, weeks I think, and it's all thanks to excessive projects and stuff that I just can't find the time to go out, have fun and blog about. But whatever it is, I was on the bus home earlier on and it kind of struck to me about the 'inclusive' society that we live in. If anything, the key point in today's world, and especially in our country is that


We've developed this form of mentality and thinking where if it is none of our business, or it's going to implicate us negatively, the first thing to do is to risk aversion, or in layman Singaporean terms, to SIAM out of the way and don't kpo. This is a common calling and phrase you have kind of always grew up listening to anyways, and even education tells you that, as much as you want to question, no one's there to listen. Not convinced, let me help you confirm it. 

Go to facebook, twitter, instagram or any major online social media website now and say that you want to start a riot or strike on a relevant political problem and that it is something worth protesting about, say white paper or things like that, state the time, venue, and all the needed information. In foreign countries America, London, China, Malaysia, it is obvious people take issues like this to heart and would actually go for it, and shit like this actually go on the news and the protests go on for days and that military had to be brought in. But in Singapore, try doing that. I can bet with you with all my assets and assure you, you'll be the only one there. The police wouldn't even be bothered to give a shit about your mediocre, non-attention grabbing want to rally against anything. It's true. Why? Because Singaporeans simply don't care. Anything that will put us into a risk of danger, authority, we will undyingly 'SIAM' out of the way. It's true and undeniable that it is good or in fact clever to take yourself out of a situation where you might get in trouble with the law and as a result can forget about ever entering a local university or expect any job that has a remuneration higher than $2,000. This mentality is carried forward into our daily lives. And it is not wrong at all or cause a curious thought why Singaporeans are called 'kiasu' 'Kiasi' (Afraid to lose, Afraid to die, or get into trouble that is.)

Was in school today and Nyra told me about how there was once she was at taka's KFC and this girl spilled her cupful of pepsi and one of the workers there didn't see it or whatever and slipped, face forward all the way down. Ouch. By reason, anyone at all, strangers or what should offer to do something, or at least try to see what they can do to salvage the situation. What happened? Singaporeans 'BOCHUP' and just sit on their tables, fries on one hand half way in the mid air, and staring, like 'wtf happened', or continued talking, while a poor guy that was serving you fell in front of your face. This is what we are doing now. On top of that, we stomp it, as if we would be crowned social media royalty statuses thanks to posting photos like that. What's their mentality? 

'Woah jialat, fall down, should I help or not? Nahhhh, no need waste my energy, later get stomped then people think I push one, let me just enjoy my chicken wing, not my problem also, not my coke spill, not my relative fall down, don't need kpo, no blood right, then should be ok lah. *tweets about it immediately*'

Woodlands Spitting Incident, whether or not you live in Singapore, Asia or anywhere in the world, as long as you've been on the world wide web, you are bound to at least come across the Woodlands spitting incident. And as you can tell, there were so many people there and what did they do? Sit there and look, and what's even worse, is that people are taping it to put on youtube. I'm not saying taping it is wrong or anything, it's quite irritating how oblivious people can be to things and choose not to intervene. Even the personnels aren't doing anything but stand in awe. Why? It's our 'Don't involve ourselves inside'. Why? Cause in their mind they're like

'Got spitting all, let the poor woman just get spit on, better not try to help her at all, later I kena spit, never mind, one person kena better than all of us. Sacrifice that poor bitch it's ok.'

People can argue and say that put situations like this in other country, and the same will happen. Except it doesn't. I don't know if you have seen it, but there was this video, on how a person was racist to this customer, and another man in the queue spoke up against him and protect an individual he don't even know. Again, he could have dgaf-ed and just let the guy be humiliated, but he chose to stand up for what he believed, and stood up for what is wrong. 

Singaporeans just don't care, and honestly, it's not entirely a bad thing, it's just we are at a state where we are just ignorant, and we choose to not stand up to things that we should, and go with conformity.

I don't exactly know the reason why I decided to blog about this, but it's just a thought that flashed through my mind, so I thought I'd write about it. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Thor : The Dark World

Last week Friday after school, I finally met up with Mun, Ain & Nadz, for movie. And honestly, when I went I was kind of not feeling it at all. That's because I personally am NOT A FAN of watching movies; I think it's nothing but a waste of precious hours with friends. But I digress. Met them at around 4+ at Causeway. And we quickly went in. God knows why quickly, we weren't even late. It's always super fun around them since they're so funny! When we got in and settled onto our seats. I was initially wondering why we didn't buy popcorn, and just as I was thinking about it, a woman came towards us. At first I thought she was a patron, like she was assign the inside seat a.k.a 'the seat that makes it impossible to go to the toilet'. But NO, it was one of the staff passing the food they've ordered just now. TOTALLY LOVE THIS SERVICE BY CATHAY please. I think it's absolutely great cause you can snuggle nicely in your seat first then have them serve you the food. I mean do I have to tell you how many times I have popcorn, chips on one hand, drink on the other, and in the midst, pathetically holding on my ticket and trying to find my seat. And when I try to settle down, I pray to the high heavens that my drink won't miss the drink slot and just splash onto the ground. (A fear that I still carry).

One thing I hate about theatres is how freezing cold they are. So lucky I decided to bring my jacket out that morning. Mun was freezing and it was so funny because she TOOK OUT HER LABCOAT TO USE AS JACKET. HAHAHAHAHA!


So the movie for a person who didn't watch the first instalment, I thought the movie is focused on like some ancient era however high-tech at the same time, something like Harry Potter or LOTR. Super not interested in those type. But later I realise its basically a few dimensions co-existing. Thor lives in one dimension, and Jane Foster(Natalie Portman) on planet earth, as a scientist. It begins on how the people in Thor's world : Asgard are living in harmony and that now something is threatening it (STANDARD), and that Thor has to save the empire/world. It the goes to Earth and talks about Jane and the people in her world, and that part was forgettable and boring. They venture into this abandoned building and find mutant children whom can do and have special abilities. Why they show that, I still don't know. Jane later goes to explore the place herself and gets sucked into this vortex where she faints and then wakes up some other place. (Ridonkulous). But then the police gets involved and tries to arrest Jane & Friends. However, Jane develops a powerful antibody which send out energy bursts that attacks the policemen. Then Thor suddenly comes to earth and brings Jane back. (WTF?)

The story just goes back and forth for awhile and how they say Jane doesn't belong in Asgard and BLAHBLAHBLAH. Then Thor realises that he needs Loki's (His imprisoned brother) help. So, the few of them decided to fly away despite the objection of higher powers. Then asgard people themselves chase after them (for fuck?!), and obviously, they got away. They find themselves reach this place, desert-ish where Loki betrays Thor and stabs him and they just go at it, while Jane just tries to stop them, and did it work? No. But from nowhere, the enemy arrives. And absorbs the antibody that Jane has that supposedly will make the enemy more powerful. At this point Thor screams 'NOW!', and suddenly Thor's hand recover and that all of this was a hoax to confuse the enemy. And they attack the enemy, in the long fight, Loki died(?). Super sad scene since he was really doing everything he could to help in the entire process.

Fast-forward, the nine planets align, and that in movies always mean something, and in this instance, the enemy can like absorb a whole lot of power and get stronger. But Jane & her team of scientists gang manage to spot the location where the enemy will go and race them to it all the way at London. To make sure they shut down the thingy, she find the coordinates and needs 7 minutes. So what happens. They fight for during that time. To make things funny, or an attempt to, they somehow a this point 'don't know' how to work the machine and sends everyone into different dimensions constantly. Funny? They tried. At the end Thor triumphs and they live happily ever after. Except, they don't. When the credits finished rolling, 1/4 of the crowd was gone, thinking that the movie ended. But it didn't, cause the side lights haven't been turned on yet, so for sure we know shits' gonna happen. And then a 2 minute clip of something that still didn't make sense to me but promises the audience that there's gonna be a third sequel to this. Film ends.

Overall, I do think that this is a good movie, as in, it's not so common since they were dimension/era hopping non-stop, and they did inject humour in, some of which were pretty funny! Definitely a movie worth watching, the action was good and not like the Hobbit, which made me want to do nothing but fall into a deep slumber. I'd say, IT'S A PRETTY GOOD MOVIE.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Monthly Photos (October)

It's another month, and it's time for monthly photos again, so here it is! I realised that the photos I post on Monthly Photos are mainly photos that are from my iPhone, especially front cam, since the quality isn't very good.

Went to celebrate Mun's birthday I remember, went to the KTV first to meet Nadz & Ain, and was so funny cause when she saw me she like screamed so loud. Then we went for dinner at seoul garden and spent 4 hours there, was so fun because we ate then talk then ate and then talk again, laughing so hard at so many things, one of the really really really fun days I had. 

Went to the Airport on Friday after school, since that day was a day the Running Man members were coming to Singapore. Super impromptu, like we discussed everything on twitter while I was in class. Didn't get to see them since we weren't super fans a.k.a saesangs in Korean terms. It was quite scary the number of people there, and they were running and chasing like MAD. Me and Mun were just laughing at the things we saw there. Fans go hard. Walked around the airport and had lunch at Ya Kun. AND THEN, one of the workers there like blacked out and fell down. OMG, so worried, and stunned because it happened IN FRONT OF OUR EYES WHILE WE'RE ORDERING. Again talked about a lot alot of funny things. And she was super nice taking the red line aka the long way since it reaches my stop first. Super good lah this friend. 

This concludes this month's MP. I have been procrastinating on my homework and this is super cmi. Like seriously. November's here already, and time's passing too fast. Cause A year's 11months done and I'm just at August. 

p.s Happy Deepavali To all Hindus!