Sunday, 30 June 2013

Monthly Photos! (April - June)

So after thinking of what to post this time, I've decided at the end of every month, if I can find the commitment to do it, I'll post photos (mostly selfies or with classmates), that I didn't blog about because it just didn't fit or because there's too less to even post. Since school started for 2 months+, and I haven't started a blog yet, I'll just post everything for the whole of 2 months! I don't think I'll comment or talk a lot on this kind of posts. Maybe a few lines on certain photos? Ok, here we go! Oh, most if not all the photos are not photoshopped since they're from photobooth and the quality is ok only!

Before I start, let me show you a clear photo of me to prep you for the horror you see later.
A.K.A a teaser photo for my next post.

I remember this few photos, because it's me, Nyra & Natasha acting cute!

I LOVE THIS FEW PHOTOS, it's taken with my NYP classmates, even though I was there for a few days. I think I'll K.I.T with them because they're so coolio! Made good friends even though i was there for so short, and everyone was so cool and fun. Unlike the sad and boring that my class that I have in SP. EXCEPT FOR SOME. 


  I DIED LAUGHING AT THIS PICTURE. Look at how SiJia conveniently photobombed me.


 My Justin Bieber Hoodie! Bought it 2 -3 years ago. Super love it! I love sleeping in it with air con. I know lah, on air-con wear jacket. What nonsense right? 

With my same mind buddy, Tamilyn. Same mind because if I don't know anything, chances are she won't also, vice-versa! 

Ok, that's all for now. Wanted to post the photos I took during VPDP last lesson, but I'll post it with the video assignment some post later! That is if I can get it. But until then, CONTINUE TO ADMIRE PHOTOS LAH SIAL. Anyone wanna hire me as model now? OR ACTOR? YES IM SERIOUS YOU KNOW! 

On a random sidenote, I've decided to show y'all some funny ass videos i saw recently.

Miles Jai - Mariah VS NICKI.
This is funny as fuck, JUST WATCH IT.

In addition to my previous post, which you can see it clicking here, this is the remix, which sent me laughing so hard. JUST WATCH IT.


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