Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Blue Hair

So if you follow me on twitter, you may have known about the new hair colour I got. And if you don't, I think it's pretty obvious based on the blog post title. BLUE. You heard me right, blue. Why blue? It's because I'm done with dark and boring hair which I had for what, 16 years? Ever since being in poly, with the freedom of hair, I've been doing a whole lot of colours. If you didn't know what colours I've done, click here. Anyways, I'm going to go through what the process is. Sooooo, let's go!

The salon I went to was Kimage, not for any specific reason other than the fact that it is closest to my house. So I booked an appointment at 3pm in the afternoon with my stylist for the second time, Amanda. The first step was choosing the colour, I asked her which of my choices are better, I only can choose blue, cause the pink was not available. BUT ANYWAYS. She trimmed my hair, which turned out to be a lot of hair because it's now so much shorter! And started with the bleach. Please ignore my sad small asian eyes, didn't wear contacts that day. Wrong choices in life.

So after bleaching my hair with applied heat to speed up the process, my hair was blonde-ish, well, almost. As seen in the photos above. My stylist left a little bit of my hair nearer to the roots untouched, since I told her I'll be bleaching my hair for a long time, so it wouldn't damage my scalp! So next time if you plan to go bleached blonde, tell the stylist to leave some hair untouched! Next got it washed out and dried, and Amanda started on the hair dye. See the aluminium foil? Their the highlights, even though now I look at it, I can't really see anything.

 The hair dye HURT LIKE A BITCH, IT FREAKING FELT LIKE IT WAS BURNING MY SCALP. OHMALAWD.  Not trying to scare you, but yeah. It felt more like stings than burn lah to be honest, but what is nice-ness without pain. It makes me feel like I worked hard to deserve it. LOL WTF?! And it took a lot a lot alot of time for the whole process to be over, because hair dye and bleaching needs time! The stylist needs to take layer by layer, few strands at a time, apply the bleach and then move on, same for the hair dye. So next time if you're doing your hair, remember to reserve that day for hair only!

So after a long time, finally get to wash my hair, and the texture after that is HORRENDOUS, it's like dried fried grass. And according to my stylist,
''Dyeing won't damage your hair, but bleaching will dry you out''
Truth for you. After that, I got a scalp treatment which kind off soothes the scalp from all that hell I've put it through. And it's so cool, cos to kind of 'activate' the product, they place this machine on top of my head, which has UV lights and also nice warm air blowing, which feels so comfortable, since the salon itself was cold as fuck.

COOL RIGHT?! Please don't mind the shirt that I'm wearing, I know polo shirts, no one wears them anymore. And after 5 HOURS, I AM FINALLY DONE. And the bill was quite expensive, I won't say it here, or else people will start critiquing how stupid I am to pay how much I paid for hair. Anyways, bought a shampoo and conditioner from the salon, because the colour will fade. LESIGH.

Sebastian hair professional shampoo & conditioner for colour treated hair. But the sad thing is, after I used the shampoo, COLOUR DID COME OUT, LOTS OF IT. And the most fucked-up thing is that, I started having dandruff after using this shampoo, so I'm switching back to my old Kerasys brand. The conditioner however, is the most unique conditioner I ever used! You know how most conditioners have creamy, thick consistency and leaves the toilet floor slippery and oily after use. THIS IS NOT LIKE THAT. THE CONDITIONER COMES OUT IN MOUSSE FORM. LIKE THIS.

But I'm going crazy on leave-in conditioners, because no matter how careful I wash it, colour will just gush out like crazy! So, leave-in conditioners & hair oils is the way to go. And because it's so short, I have to wear beanies when I go out so it looks ok. SO HERE'S THE PHOTOS

OOTD!, Met Sheera, earlier on, will blog about it about it soon, SAW A HUGE CELEBRITY WHILE WE WERE OUT.

If it makes you happy, go ahead and laugh at my pathetic fail attempts steeping model, step cite step everything lah sia. For some reason, the colour came out super purple, but it's a deep blue in real life. Don't ask me why. It's 4am now. Night Basic Bitches. 

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  1. wow, its like you're modeling for a magazine xD. i like your hair colour a lot, show us your hair without the beanie next time.