Thursday, 6 June 2013

What's next?

So, Obviously, I didn't keep my promise of posting an interesting post. Sorry. But I'm stressed now. So once every 4 months or so, I'll visit to the the salon to change my hair and shake things up. In short, I just go back to the salon, cut my hair, and change my hair colour. So 2 years ago, I've got sad, schoolboy, black hair, but ever since I've graduated High School/Secondary School and when on to Poly, I've done Blonde, Deep Orange/Red and now light-orange because it faded BIG TIME. FML. So the problem is what colour should I dye next? If you happen to read this post, please give me some suggestion cause I have no idea. BUT definitely not black/dark brown. I mean seriously, might as well not dye. I want something bright. HAHHAHAHA. I'll leave y'all with my hair chronology!

2012 (Pre-O Levels)

2012 (Post O Levels)
And honestly, that's when I became fake as fuck. 
Hair bleaching, eye contacts. And what's next? Nose job maybe?

2013 (April)

2013 circa now
Look at how much the colour faded. .____.

So this is it. Sorry to bombard your life with my problems. But congrats on making it here!

p.s. I need to go to NYP to withdraw ASAP
p.s.s I need to finish my CAs or else I'm fucked.

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