Friday, 5 July 2013

Can't stand it

So, school started for 2 -3 weeks, and honestly, it's ok? I feel like I've settled in a tinny tiny bit more, not that I like it, but still, got closer to some classmates, and went from dislike to hate some mother fucking bitches. OMG LAME AF, I CANT. This week is rough, and as I'm blogging, I'm actually standing and blogging, because I'm a nice blogger who updates wherever I am. NO, actually my viewership is going down big time. So I decided, I'll update, furthermore, it's already July, and I haven't posted anything, so I thought I'd do that.

So as I was saying, school this week was painful, excruciating, why? We got back our CAs, and then i got only Bs and no As, this is so irritating. Also, we had a presentation and test later at 5. Which is so annoying because we didn't know what we are doing or studying. Furthermore, it's business, which I have no interest in WHATSOEVER. I got a good feeling that for the upcoming posts, it's going to be boring af, thanks to school, I've got no social life whatsoever, like every time I reach home, I have no more energy in me to do anything or go out with my friends. Furthermore, my close friend are in RP and they end at 4+ everyday or some are in JC. That makes it even harder! This Tuesday, I didn't go to school cause I was so out of it, like I was awake but I was THAT LAZY TO EVEN GET OUT OF THE BED. So lost out big time in Visual Communication. Everyone's on temper mood including me.

Nonetheless, I'm SLIGHTLY, JUST SLIGHTLY, thankful to have SOME, JUST SOME of the classmates that I have, and sad that some motherfuckers are just lame as fuck, like OMG, dear jesus save me. It's fucking irritating, cos class today ends at 2pm and the test starts at 5pm, SO MUCH TO MEMORISE. Ok, I'm just gonna update this Sunday if I manage to meet my BEST FRIEND NADZ, and btw, love love love her classmates.

OOTD yesterday and today, you will see what I wore today again and again in other posts, because I'm have that LITTLE CLOTHES.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, I LOVE FIJI WATER, I just do, the bottle is so nice and I just love the taste, even though it's just water. So deal with it.

Do I look better with my hair up? ;D

Make this face when you're annoyed at people.
Please don't my shiny face and over excess photoshop.

I know that the photos has no relation with the post, but um, just trying to show you how gorgeous I am. So, that's all for now, just pray that something fun happens in life so I can post it, or else you are just going to hear me and my mundane life and how much I loathe school. UNTILL THAT.


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