Thursday, 20 June 2013

How To Deal W/ The Haze Situation

So if you live in Singapore, or Asia, you most probably would have known or personally experienced the Haze issue. If you live in Singapore, YOU WILL BE AFFECTED. As you may or may not know, Indonesia, Sumatra to be exact has decided to start burning down shit and as a result, a whole lot of haze happened. And if you watch the local free-to-air television, you'll be given a live hour to hour update on the PSI. The PSI stands for Pollution Standard Index (Or at least, that's what I've been told). And for the past 16 years, it was never too high (I forgot exactly how high), and it's honestly my first time that I'm experiencing this, AND I FUCKING HATE IT. It made people around me and myself feel sick as fuck. And we are forced to be quarantined in our rooms or houses. And the worst thing is, WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT
How bad the Haze is (Photo from 91.3fm Facebook Page)

Exactly, it's that bad. And only as off just now, we have broke records, reaching a pollution index of 400 Honestly, I think Singapore is proud now, since they love to break records so much. LOL, but jokes aside, I think it's irrelevant to blame our government because they can't control the air. And it is not as if they did not do anything. THEY DID. They warned Indonesia about it. AND GUESS WHAT THOSE FUCKERS SAY? They said 

'Well, it's Singapore's fault to begin with, it is your country's businessmen 
that wanted to invest in our country, that's why we have to burn down the forests'

Are you fucking serious? First of all, be thankful that people are willing to invest in the country first. Second, don't talk like you are forced to burn down the forests, if you don't want, you don't have to. It's honestly unreasonable to blame it back at us, when it's your country's problem to begin with. Many people can't find jobs, well, isn't this an opportunity to create jobs to reduce poverty issues? Maybe my facts weren't exactly right, but that's my POV. And 


On top off the haze that makes me feel sick as my eyes feel dry and nostrils dilate in horror of the smell,  annoying attention whores strikes again on facebook. Don't get what I mean? Here's some examples.

Took this off the INTERNET, which means I'm not doing this illegally or shit
Everyone can see it. I took the liberty to be nice enough to blackout their last names.

People who posts this are also known as Attention seekers. Isn't the LMS thingy like sooooo 2000 and never?  Totally reminded me of this funny video.

Seriously, died from suffocating from haze. IF MY FRIEND WHO HAS ASTHMA, MY GRANDMOTHER CAN LIVE PROPERLY, STOP TALKING LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING. By posting that status doesn't mean anything but ridicule your immaturity. I'm sure there are many other dumbfucks doing the same. Chances are no one will like it, and they'll delete it in embarrassment, and wilfully think people didn't see it. Even if some people liked it, don't forget those that DIDN'T

NO. People saw it, and didn't give a fuck, and continued scrolling on. CAUSE NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR ATTENTION SEEKING POST. I mean, if you really want people to give you the attention, why not fly to sumatra, stand next to the burning forests, breathe as per normal, and die. To make things easier, why not just ask the locals there to throw you in and just cremate you there and then?

Enough of my incessant rants. And now, how to deal with the Haze.

1. Drink A Lot Of Water.
With the amount of impurities in the air, I've noticed that a lot of people around me complained of throat irritation. So keep yourself hydrated so you won't start getting sick

2. Keep Your Windows Closed & On Air-Con
This is to stop the hazed air from coming in. The air-conditioning is to help filter the hazed air out and have fresher cold air in the house. After an hour or 2, you can turn it off and just rely on the fan to keep you cool.

3. Eat Your Vitamins. 
With our bodies very new to the haze issue, we are susceptible to illnesses. So have your Vitamins, especially Vitamin-C to boost your immune system! I personally prefer Redoxon!

Drop It in, wait for it to sizzle, and drink!

4. Have Eye-Drops
I don't know about you, but because of the haze, my eyes get sore and dry really quickly. And it feels very uncomfortable. Furthermore, I wear contacts when I'm out. So have it handy!

I have these eye-drops that comes in small disposable packs. It's more hygienic that way!

5. Have masks
When I saw masks, I don't mean the facial masks, but surgical masks. Especially if you're in public places! I know look very unglam & hmmmm, but for the sake of health, just press on!

p.s My face was out of the picture because, I look ugly af.
p.s.s Yes, that's a Justin Bieber hoodie. I'm that type of idiot whom, blasts the AC and wear hoodies. If you wanna judge. Fuck right off.
p.s.s Next post will be on the study outing Me & Sheera had! That'll be exciting, and BETTER PHOTOS I PROMISE
p.s.s.s The Haze reached a record PSI of 371 this afternoon

 (Where I look MUCH NICER)

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