Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Term, Same Shit.

So the 3 weeks term break ended, and it's only 3 days in, and I AM FUCKING OVER IT. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I dread school and fucking not want it to start, as seen here.

As we all know, I'm just done with school. And it's not the classes and teachers I can't stand, it's SOME of the classmates I can't. And see now I caps the word 'some'? Yes, not all, but still, majority, and their existence annoys me to no end. I mean some of them are so fucking lame I can't believe it's possible, and on top of that we have to be in groups for projects. And the fact that I am stuck in the same class for 3 goddamn fucking years just hurts my heart and soul I just cannot. So look forward to very boring posts since the holidays are over and I'll be going out with my friends less and start bitching about school life. I'm gonna post about why I can't stand school sometime later. BUT ANYWAYS.

DURING THE HOLIDAYS, Natasha & I hope that we could get an intern the next holidays, since we're free af, and my lecturer says it's good for our portfolio anyways, so hopefully I can intern at MTV, E! entertainment or some kids channel network or some radio station! For 3 - 4 weeks So if anyone has any 'lobang' or know how to get an intern in the above companies, please e-mail me at We don't mind NOT getting paid. Will appreciated a lot!

Ok, that'll be all now, super short post, because I'm in Business tutorial now. Yes, I'm so bored that I'm actually blogging in class. I'm being a good blogger, constantly updating, if you don't like, that's NOT MY PROBLEM. Thanks for reading though.

On a random side note, I'm just gonna post a few photos. I didn't bother to photoshop, cause ugly photoshop still ugly what, no point.

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