Monday, 15 July 2013

Today's monday, and I love the weather, it's nice and cold, and it's like only 26C now, and LA is like 29C! Which means we're like colder than them! Which is AMAZING, never thought I'd live to see the day like that. As we all know, recently, or all the time, Singapore is so damn hot, 30+ degrees is like normal, and we be sweating and shit. And I sweat very easily, and I don't like to wear T-shirts, but they are I suppose the ideal wear for SG weather. I love sweats and shirts but my body will be the heat of the century! Today I went to school wearing my favourite type of apparel, SWEATSHIRTS, thinking that OMG, what am I thinking?!

And then, it is nice and cool, andI'm like warmed up and not hot, and I just love. Dear God, please maintain the weather like that. This kind of weather is great because it's cold but NOT RAINING!

I just love.

 Radio Sweats from H&M!

Short post, this is just like a filler, to make more updates, and you can see, the blog post above is more exciting. First time ever, I'm posting 2 entries in one day.

Sitting in Starbucks doing essays cos I didn't bother going to class since I'm late by 30mins alr.

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