Thursday, 11 July 2013

Worst Few Days Ever

So yesterday or two days ago, it was Tuesday, also fucking known as they day of the devil. Motherfucking, gooddamn, hell, if one day I get admitted into the psychward, you know, YOU FUCKING KNOW, that it has to be tuesdays and wednesdays. Why? Tuesday, VC module, I almost broke down and cry. We had to use softwares that I have no idea how it even works, and for some reason, my softwares just isn't cooperating with me. And shit starts happening. On top of that, there's a bunch of CAs that's due soon, and I just simply can't. I'm done. And it's like I can't even behave like myself, thanks to all these shit. Next time someone says Poly is fun and easy, slap that bitch in the face. Because it's NOT.

Wednesday came, and we had Psychology, and I feel fucked. FUCKED. Like we were given this paper to fill in the blanks, and out of 13 questions and even more blanks, my mind was as it is, BLANK. I had no idea to ANY OF THE ANSWERS. NONE. And in a few weeks time, there's a written test. I'm fucked, for sure. Today was so stressful, after my class, my lecturer asked me 'ARE YOU OKAY' and she told me to 'Take it easy'. I'm thankful that she say this to me, I mean, sometimes I just get so stressed I CANNOT. I think Ms Kwa told me things that helped me a lot.

 I entered poly with a thinking that I'll score a easy perfect GPA, it's NOT THAT EASY. In fact, it's so difficult, I just can't. Up till now, I've got only 1 A, and alot of Bs and B+s. And the A I've got, is the one with least modular credit. So, yeah. I just can't with this week.

But on the bright side, the presentation for business just now was good, at least Mr Ken said my points were good. I'm just a wreck of emotional shit today. And thanks to ALL THESE STRESS.


VPDP tomorrow, honestly, I got a good feeling, it's gonna be shitty af, and I'm just gonna be so grumpy! Walau eh. 

Speaking of which, for the upcoming week/months, as we or some of you know, it's the fasting month for muslims. I'm gonna be fasting with my muslim friends cos I'm a good friend. Firstly, great opportunity to get skinny, save money and also to support your friends. This is called developing a sense of EMPATHY OK?! Today was the first day, and nothing really kicked in yet, so maybe we'll see how well I do in a few days/weeks time. And based on today, I can tell you, don't piss people who are fasting, it really is annoying, because the hunger really isn't a good feeling. SO PLEASE RETHINK BEFORE YOU BUY AND THROW FOOD INCESSANTLY AND THINKING IT'S FINE. Honestly, I think everyone should fast for a few days, seriously gives you how privileged we are to have food around us so readily. Since I have no photos recently, I'll just post the photos taken last thursday!

 This photo I just can't, all stepping as if we're paying attention. Totally look like those drama commercial right? Looks away and stares upwards.

 This photo I just love, I mean we all look like fetus version right? If we can't go back in time to take photos, this will just have to do.

Feel free to examine my flaws and realise how beautiful you actually are. AHAHA, nah, just fucking with you, I AM GORGEOUS. KIDDING. But my two friends above are gorgeous aren't they? Hahaha

OMG speaking of which, I think it was a day or two back, I was in the train to school, and I saw this aunty,  40+ minimum. She had golden and blue hair, AT THE SAME TIME. Wearing see thru' clothes and tube inside, white tights and Dr Martens boots so high. OMG, the visual of it. This is a good example of stepping, missed the step and fell. I mean, being 40 is about being classy, not step sexy and make people involuntarily gag . 

That's it for now, I might post again tomorrow, if something happens, or if I face stress and can live to see the end of the day. 

I need to get me a new camera, that is compact and good. I mean, I want to take good quality photos of like like, but it'll be stupid to just carry around a DSLR around right? I mean, it's great when I take photos at home. Is there like an recommendation, a good mirror-less camera? NOT THOSE COMPACT CAMERA THAT WASTES MONEY AND TAKES SHIT ASS PHOTOS.

ACHIEVEMENT: I finished another level of Korean Class, waiting for the new term to start! 

p.s When are all my ASOS ordered shirts/pants/jackets coming. 
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p.s.s.s To My dear friend Natasha, I hope you feel better! 

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