Monday, 22 July 2013

A Painful Thursday

Soo, 3/4 days ago, which was Thursday, was one of the hardest thursday that I have ever had to go through in quite a while. As you may know from the previous blog post, we had a CA presentation on Friday, and it was already Thursday and WE WERE NOT DONE. Furthermore we had our Video Production module from 1- 5pm which took up the entire afternoon! So we were suppose to meet at 9. Which didn't happen for me, since, I mean, come on, since when am I actually on time. if you read my post months ago, you know I can never be on time. In case you haven't, click here.

 Reached school around 10+ if I'm not wrong, and honestly, I thought I was the latest, AND I WAS PROVEN WRONG.  Natasha & Nyra were there alr, met them at Starbucks. See, that's the life in our school, we have Starbucks. But honestly, we did a bit of work, then stop, and watch video/eat/buy drink/take photo. Went to buy drinks and we don't know what to buy, so the person recommended this drink, which is super interesting, and it is called the Caramel Macchiato w/ Raspberry syrup. And it is the most interesting thing I EVER DRANK. I mean firstly, you taste the actual Caramel and coffee, and only after you swallow, the raspberry kicks in. It is so weird, and interesting. And the most amazing thing, IT IS PINK IN COLOUR.

HAHAHAHA, The barista just Photobombed me! Didn't even know until he said! So sporting!

Isn't the colour pretty? It's all nice and pink!

SO after 3 hours of trying to get things done. To clarify, WE DID GET THINGS DONE OK. WE went to filming class. The 4 hours went kind of quickly I guess. Cos we didn't have to do much, it's just listening, then answering a bit and we're done. Quite happy recently for filming, because the initial weeks were hell, need to know how to use the camera and shit. I mean as long as the camera can take, why must know all the technical stuff? And then for once we were on time for class during break because we didn't really go anywhere. And I helped setting up the lights, good student.

 For some reason, her hair was nice that day.


After filming ended, which was 5+, totally delayed due to the last assignment, which was super funny when Tracy got into a Brawl with Natasha, I the class was in a fucking laughing fit I just can't! Now Tracy scares me sia, her and her random out bursts of anger and energy. HAHAHA. And there were 6 of us in the group, 2 of which for whatever reasons can't stay, the other 2 because they had to break fast at home, so ME & NATASHA were the ONLY ONE WHO STAYED. 

And the night was soooo long, tried to research on the topic and found almost nothing, and mid-way through, one of the foodcourts was on FIREEEEEE. I swear someone must be behind all the burning that is happening in our school I'm not even kidding. And I was quite shocked how happening the school was when night fell. I mean the school was more crowded, and then I realised the CCAs are being conducted now. FOR ALL THE GIRLS AND BOYS, if you want see hot guys and hot girls, stya in school till late, that's when all the hot people will start appearing EVERYWHERE, in abundance. It's amazing. Anyways, got most loose ends tied and only left school at 9 -10+. I think I deserve so much respect please. HAHAHHAHA.

I swear, I look damn fetus in this pic. I mean, right?

It's Sunday again, and I'm freaking out once more, with another CA due this friday, this actually not too worried because I have quite reliable group mates. It's the monday CA that I'm freaking out, because of the fact that it is a PAIR WORK AND I really have very low confidence in my partner. I'm sorry if you're seeing this, but yeah. School is weord, cos I love it, and hate it even more. AND WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO FUN PEOPLE. Can't emphasize how lame people can get nowadays. Speaking of which, my Korean class is starting soon again, actually tomorrow, so that's good. Actually this post mainly is to post the pictures, since I don't want it to go to waste.


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