Monday, 15 July 2013

Something Exciting!

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It's Sunday Night! And it's crazy how fast time passes. I mean I was dreading monday to start and next thing I know, SUNDAY NIGHT. Why must good times and good weekends fly past so quickly? Anyways, finally for once, other than stress and complaining about school, I finally have something else to write about. This might be the only interesting thing until the many posts later!

So on thursday, had video production module, and I was very reluctant to go as like all thursdays, since my preconceived notion is that all we do is learn HOW TO film and how to adjust the camera and lighting, which if you don't know, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST whatsoever in. All I want is to be in front of the camera. And first thing we did, sit in a circle, not by choice, our lecturer asked us to. For some reason, the moment I entered class, I just wasn't feeling the day, like I was moody to the max! And then our lecturer asked us about our modules and class. And I was almost fuming when he asked about how our class is and how we are getting along. IT IS SO OBVIOUS WE'RE ALL NOT OK, and that we have some sort of issue between each other. BUT EVERYONE DECIDED TO BE CONCEITED RATCHET FAKE ASS MOTHERFUCKERS AND PRETEND THAT IT'S FINE and like 'Oh no nothing, everything's good, everyone's good friends with each other' and those politically fake ass but correct answers. OhMyFuckingGod. My face was as black as black as black can get.

I'm like can we just not pretend that we all like each other and are getting along fine please? Then my lecturer asked me for my opinion since I am 'very honest'. I just shook my head and said nothing. Not because I think everything is fine, because if I did open my mouth and said something, I would've scolded almost, ALMOST everyone, I would've pointed to the people I didn't like and have a Britney moment and be like 'Fuck you, Fuck you, You're lame as fuck, you suck, I'm done.' That's why I didn't. And a serious of fuckery happened which I don't want to go through because I don't wanna start a fight, YET. ;)

I'm sorry, you have to read all these and my life problems.


Guess what perfume this is? 

Came friday, and we had a presentation, 8am class. But the great thing is that I think our group did the best, our lecturer had almost NOTHING BAD TO SAY about our group. So great start to the morning! After marketing module, which I was happy that it was over! Went to BV to eat the famous taiwan dessert shop Blackball! So excited to go there, I mean I keep on seeing people like my cousin Instagram about it, and it looked SO YUMMY! So after school me and Charissa went there, and at first I thought it'll be like a dessert shop where you just buy and sit down and eat, I mean like got space to sit, OMG, only got 3 tables. And it's like a bubble tea shop kind of thing, where you just buy, wait for your number, collect and go. LUCKILY, someone left and we managed to get a seat, because it was so damn hot the weather. So I ordered the Blackball signature, and it is nice! I mean, the great thing is that it actually fills you up a little bit, so not bad! I thought BV was the nearest from school, until she told me there's actually one at Clementi! HAHAHA Took the time while we're in there and asked her to teach me the lessons I've missed! She's a super nice friend I swear, I think if she didn't teach/help me for VC, i'd be a dead piece of bitch right now!


So since I THOUGHT i was wearing damn nice that day, asked Charissa to help me take OOTD. StarVista has this really nice sky-garden! So must take advantage of it! 

Untucked it during the middle of the day, since I thought it'll look better that way.

So that's Friday I guess, super duper tired when I reached home, slept quite hard! 

And on Saturday, which was yesterday!, Met up with secondary school classmates Denise & Kimberly, after super long, long enough lah, to go eat Sakae Sushi, totally remember how we use to go for lunches on weekends and holidays before poly started. And while eating, who did we see? MS CHONG, our literature teacher, super love her lessons, miss literature class alot! I think they were from school? Since she was with another teacher also! Chatted a bit and yup, great coincidence meeting her there! 

OMFG, this is the bomb! I dk what it's called, it's just this fried fish, where you can eat the whole thing, OMG JUST SOOOOOOO YUMMY. Ordered it twice!

Was great meeting them! Catch-up on school and how's life, and me basically ranting, again. LOL. I didn't realise how much or how bad of a camwhor-er I am until Ms Chong, Denise & Kim told me, on how my blog is crazy with my own photos. AIYAAAA, ONLY YOUNG ONCE! Must take like crazy! Wait until I get my nose done, then OMG, nothing but camwhore. LOL Which is why, this entry is like every other, more photos! Notice I wore brown contacts? ;D

Dry hair, I know, I need to do something about it.

For some reason, I think god must be with me that day cos most of the photos I took looks not bad! And when I decided to camwhore, I already was in my home clothes, which is not presentable for blog photos, so I just wore a denim shirt over, the 'idgaf slack look'. HAAHHAHA, I'M SO INNOVATIVE. A lot of the photos I think I'll put on Instagram in the end LOL. Yup, that's all, OMG, I think this is the longest entry in a while. Trying to post often, but school.

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Rest In Peace, Cory Monteith. And I hope that everyone prays for Lea Michele, because it is going to be so hard for her, emotionally. 

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  1. HAAHAHA i almost died laughing. man, you should've just had your Britney moment, would've been epic. anyways i hope that the situation has gotten better since this post, or at the very least, that you've stopped being upset over ratchet ass mofos :)

    p.s, you are all sorts of fabulous btw. just sayin'.

    1. Exactly, I should have had the Britney moment, ugh the life choices I make. Haha! Yes, it has gotten a little bit better, but a little is better than nothing right? #Life Hahaha!

      p.s Thanks! You are too kind!
      p.s.s btw, Love love love your blog!