Saturday, 20 July 2013

Want Something New

Back with a post! I want a new camera! As you know, I have a DSLR, and it's not that great for bringing it around, and DEFINITELY NOT CONVENIENT for me, because I feel so burdened every single time I bring it out in public, like as if something bad will happen to it! So I want a smaller, like less bulky camera, that can like fit into a nice small bag or pouch. And I', am super scared to buy another mistake. I have this nonsense preconceived notion where I think all digital compact cameras will just take shit ass photos that I'll regret for life. SOOOOOOO after browsing through the website(s).

Panasonic Lumix LX7

 Love how they have white/silver

I love because it's super slim and I think that the Lumix series really is not bad! So I can carry it around so I don't have to keep using iPhone to take like average or shit photos. And I want to start vlogging maybe? And I think it's stupid to carry my DSLR everywhere I go. Like you know? But then again, I already got a Lumix. Price: S$549. The most affordable in the lot.

Nikon Coolpix P7700

 OMFG, this I just died, A FLIP SCREEN, rare as fuck for a system compact!
Price point: S$749

Olympus XZ-2

The colour is so pretty, and the price is like S$648

Now that the camera thing is done, now, more personal things. Gonna post and talk about food and stuff in the next post I think? So, it's finally friday, and I am just so over everything. So damn happy that PC CA presentation is OVER. Loved the top I wore since it's so nice and like you can the material is so light and soft I just UGHHHHHHH. Honestly I think other then time issues, our group is the most professional. After school ended, like finally, some girls in our class went crazy when they heard the SEP-HORA was giving out free make-up HAHAHA, and they were giving free medicures with they're own truck thingy and quite cool. See, our school is too cool right? Only thing is NO CAUCASIANS/EURASIANS, NYP have them in growing abundance, why can't we be like that? After school ended, trained to Bishan to meet Vernice and Janice, and chatted a bit and went to NYP again, to withdraw(I'll explain the LONG ASS STORY some other time), and THANK YOU VERNICE, despite having period cramps, she still followed me back and help me navigate, saw Tasmin again!  SO HAPPY, Love this joker! So funny I just cannot! So glad to have met people like them.

Fake Smile

Not sure if you can see what I wore.

Finally, got the withdrawal done and it wasn't that bad, wonder why I was dreading it all this time? After that, walked to Vernice's house to see her ADORABLE AF POODLE. OMFG, I am so jealous that she has one! But honestly, it is the cutest thing ever, it is so active and is it afraid of strangers! The cutest thing is, it can do some tricks like shaking hands and letting it sit! SO CUTE. For some reason I can't upload the video from my phone. While I was at her house, MTV was playing A.D.T.O.Y. by my 2pm, aka husbands. AHAHHAHAH And Sistar19. OMG. unffffffff. Stayed there got I think 1or 2 hour plus plus, then went to meet Nadzirah for dinner! Met her at around 6+, ate at Pizza Hut! And guess who we saw? MUNAH! For the second time, she's so pretty omg.

OHHH, and few days back, met Syaffy, Q, Tasmin & Hilmi! Missed them like crazy! Went to Swensen's for dinner and also to celebrate Syaffy's birthday, and gossiped about, A LOT OF THINGS, and insides about something I'd rather not tell in public. And also discussed how desperate we are since everyone around us got boyfriend/girlfriend and we're still single. But got to stay classi, cannot be slut , touch the shoulder then leg open. HAHAHAHAAHA OMFG. Didn't take a lot of picture with them though :(

Hmmmm, got a few more posts that'll be coming along, and lots of photos inside too! Don't wanna cramp all in one post, I mean, what's the point right. Probably gonna be about the time when we met up for projects, and misc stuff. 

New Video from them!
Love my classmates from NYP LAH.

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