Monday, 22 June 2015

Like a Rubber Band, We Can Snap Any Moment

Now I know, this song has been out for eons, well, 5 months on video that is, and in teenage and radio top 40's point of view, is ancient already. But I haven't paid attention to this song until like 2 weeks ago? Which rabbit hole did I fall into this time, right? 

But if anything, one lyric that stood out, actually there's a few, you'll see. Songs have long been a companion to everyone at any age, for many reasons. Just to name a few off hand, great melody, sung by our favourite singers, blah. But perhaps at this age, being young, insecure and only want to have fun, certain songs stand out for its emotion and ability to connect. At a point of our lives, or used to be. 

"I'm like a rubber band, until you pull too hard. Yeah, I may snap and I move fast"

When it comes to many things, different things, we all have a limit. Great thing is, that limit can be stretched, with the passage of time, it can get thicker. Your patience, you tolerance, through the events and people you encounter, you either become a most elastic band or one with breaks with a slight tug. 

That is why when people with short temper burst, you get annoyed, you roll your eyes. Because it does hurt, it tickles you with irritation. 

When people with great limits snap, you don't expect it. You get shocked, and you 'don't understand.' But don't you see, these people with great limits are bands so elastic, being able to stay at ease at times when everyone else is flocking around like chickens. It's people like these you think won't ever burst. And you keep on pulling. And the further you pull, the more it hurts. Take a rubber band and try snapping yourself.

"You won't see me fall apart, cause I got an elastic heart."

Quite empowering, right? Well, at first glance, that was exactly what I thought. You won't see me fall apart. I thought it was telling the other I'll be so strong and tough, I'll never fall apart even if you hoped for that to happen. But really, what it meant was putting on a mask in daylight. Falling apart, and dying inside when the doors are closed. What's amazing is that stories like that happens right now at this very moment to everyone around us. When you meet up with that friend of yours who is always so cheerful and you know for a fact has nothing going wrong in their lives. 

And maybe you're right. But maybe, every night, their minds drift to the one or few things that cause them grave sadness. It could be an ex-lover, it could be a death of a close friend, or simply a sad news. And we die a little, even if we don't want to. 

Cause I got an elastic heart. You simply can't break something that's already broken. 

It seems like we all have issues that we find hard to resolve, and it's even harder at this age where everything makes sense and doesn't at the same time. Wouldn't this utter sadness make everyone just want to commit suicide? I read Twitter once, that "people who kill themselves didn't want to end their lives, they wanted to end their pain."

I then wonder, how scary it had to be, to experience pain so badly. One that isn't physical or tangible. Like an entity, it sticks with you, replaying scenes that may not even exist in your head. An image so excruciating you wished you slept forever. 

But somehow or rather, we are a lucky bunch to know that at the end of the day, no matter how much pain we feel now, we'll get over it, and we live with the hope that it'll get better. 

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