Friday, 19 June 2015

Korean Munching All Day Long

After all the thought-provoking/depressive posts, I'm finally back with an outing post. A mixture of perfectionism and insecurity and photoshop made it forever before I could post anything with photos(read:selfies) But after the longest time, the term break was upon us. Which only meant one thing, time to hang out, right?

After watching 987tv's review of this Korean fried chicken shop called Chir Chir, I totally got sold and had to head down to try it for myself. But then again, how many people can say no to fried chicken hor?

If you watched the video above, you would know that Chir Chir is pronounced Chee-Ray Chee-Ray, which is like the sound of chicken when it's fried. (Please note that this post will have less selfies[:(] cause on that day it was like my second-day using snapchat and I snapped the entire afternoon. With that said, may be a a good thing for you.)

While waiting for Vernice to draw money, there was this candy shop and while looking around I saw this.

I dk what this really is yet, but that time I saw an ep of Tried & Tested on clicknetwork(yes, I watch that show, don't judge), and it's like basically Nutella with rice krispys or something, and I'm like omfg, I actually found it. And then I looked at the price tag, $8 for a small jar. I was like "Ok I don't want to carry a jar all over so aunty later I come back and buy." I forgot about that totally. 

So off to the basement of 313 we went and this was it. From the video I kept on thinking that it was at Cine, but anyway. It was a weekend and the place was relatively crowded but nonetheless no crazy queues, so we didn't have to wait that long before we got a seat. 

When we sat down the waitress was pretty nice to us, and told us how it works, and when we;re ready to order, all we have to do is to hit the buzzer and they'll come to us. Buzzer is that white thing on the table. Which I thought was quite smart. At first glance you might be unpleasantly surprised at the prices of the dishes they have. Most of them are $30 & up. But the portion they serve are nothing short of generous. 

While I was reading up on this place online, I heard that in Korean dining, it's all about community and eating in a group, that's why you should bring a group of people when you go Korean dining. #funfact

After contemplating, we settled with 3 dishes and a decided to try out and share the beer. Knowing that I'm shit with beer and probably will pussy out and won't drink a lot, I took the liberty and got a coke just in case. Fucking weak omg.

And with all its golden glory, the full-sized beer, a full sized pint? I don't know what is a pint but they have 2 sizes nd teller glass and a small one. What's cool is that they serve it with whipped cream on top, which is homemade btw, which is a little bit creamier and smoother. And as you stir it the beer gets cloudy. (Duh.) And as expected I pussied out big time. The taste of it straight out made me cringe physically. 

Not that I want to be some alcoholic bitch, but I think its pretty good to drink once in a while. I have no iudea how but Jane and Vernice downed it like a champion.

 tong-ish things to get the meat out without dirtying our hands. umm, A+!!

So we got the fried chicken, garlic baked chicken and cheese fries. And there was plenty to go around. The cheese fries was ok, nothing that is out of this world, but nonetheless better than KFC's one.

BUT THE CHICKEN, is mindblowing. What are the criteria for successful fried chicken?

1. Crispy on the outside
2. Moist & tender on the inside
3. Hot

Hello, all 3 marks hit and more! Freshly fried, deep-fried chicken, that is piping hot. Oh my gerrd, the skin is so incredibly crispy. And the meat inside, crazy moist! Honestly, I was not expecting that, at all. I mean, yes I did have that mindset it should be better than your usual fast food outlets, but it was just too amazing.

As for the garlic baked chicken, it was also pretty good, but I prefer the fried option. But it was a very close battle! The faked that it's baked made it even softer and more moist since the moisture is just left to, bake. There's really no other words to describe it.

On top of that, garlic bits sprinkled all over with butter(?) sauce, and a side serving of potato and egg. Now that I think of it, the only reason why I didn't have this as the top pick was just a personal bias, and that is I love, LOVE fried chicken skin. It's like legal crack wtf.

And in the meantime we were digging into our meals, the usual happened. Updating each other about all the shit school is giving and how much life is being a bitch. But through moments like these, we, or at least I just feel uber appreciative of the people I have around me.

The bill totalled up to like $20+ per person, which wasn't to bad, considering how we were all filled. 

Shopping time! Cuz GSS is here! Naw, we went to Muji after lunch to get rid of the food coma, in my case I would think of it as a food-total-paralysis. Literally I just not want to walk and just stay there for the remaining of the day. Which is essentially me at home on a weekend. Eat & sleep. Both happens in bed. Posh or ratchet? You decide.

And at this point I figured out I haven't taken any photos, and thought it'll be great to take. So, I took it. I believe that in these photos, I thought I look pretty damn good. But what yo see here is digitally enhanced final product. Albeit different, but very much the same. (please embed this into your head and think i actually look this better IRL. thanks)

Ummm, yes pls. A long one too. 

After the quick Muji round-up, we, or I wanted to go to a bookstore to find some random ass book by JohN Wyndham. I know, this reading hobby hit me so randomly, just like how cracked up Miley Cyrus hit the old Hannah Montana, but I digress. 

But in my effort to be more cultured and get actual literature and novels, I left the bookstore, once again as all my bookstore trips had been. I leave with more stuff when I went in only wanting to buy 1, ONE BOOK. And the saddest part, I bought a book and a few magazines. I lie to myself that it's for magazine inspiration for my project. But I know too well, it's just an attempt at being hippy. (and we know what buying more books mean, bitch is getting more broke.)

Amazingly, we spend an entire hour and a half at Kino, but as always, a great experience and rather fun time. We came across this book, which is the book to answering all the questions you have in life. First you place both hands on the book, think of the question and open a page. Clever one-liners make you infer yourself whether or not the answer make sense. Superbly clever, so expensive one would really be dumb if they bought it.

Since we were at at Taka anyway, we reckoned to just slack at Lady M or some random confectionary and chill. But really, I just wanted to find a place to sit, after all that standing in the bookstore, anywhere really, is a great place.


With the death of Llao Llao, comes the rise of Honey Creme & MilkCow, and with the impending death of that hype, Korean snow ice, also known as Bing Su. And since going to Korea to have the authentic one isn't going to happen(read MERS), we agreed that we should head with the trend before it died down. I give it 2 months. 

Somehow or rather, we made it back to 313 again, where the place was. O' ma spoon it was called. 

With different types of shaved ice(read : a classier cousin of the ice-kacang), and 'brick' toasts. We settled for one of their highlights, the 인절미 빙수. Which is a nut & ricecake bing su. And also the choco-strawberry honey butter toast. 

And in it's mighty gloryyyy, there it is. Super recommend you bring a friend or more to eat this because it's pretty damn big, and if you think about it, it's all just water, which bloats you pretty badly if you have to much. And that little pot on the side, watered down condense milk. I saw on Instagram some shops just give you the condensed milk as it is.

The first thing I think of when I tasted it was muah chee, a local snack at pasar malams.

 The choco-strawberry honey brick toast, such a waste of money. Extremely overpriced, and can be so easily replicated in your own free time, and best thing is, you can probably do it under $5. By the time we started eating this, it has turned cold and became very chewy and tasted mediocre at most. So if you are planning to have it, eat it while its warm. 

This day kinda turned into eating korean stuff, which was pretty cool. On a side note, we went to Zara at one point and I saw this really nice shirt, and I dk why I didn't buy it </3

so cute, and I didn't get it. wtf was in my mind?


  1. Oh. My. God. This whole post was so on point omg I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha forreal tho, your posts just keep getting better and better, I can't even deal. Your photos are freaking fantastic and your writing style is just really a super pleasant read, I'm so serious. I'm not just saying this ok!! Truth be told it really is quite wonderful, having been reading your blog for quite some time (including stalking your super old archives HAHAHA shhh!), to see with each new post that your blogging is just progressively getting from great to straight up AWESOME. 100% honest about this k, no one is paying me to say all this nice and borderline mushy, disgusting kiss-ass kinda shit LOL

    Just wanted you to know that you have a giant supporter in me, hehe :))

    Can't wait for the next post!! HOORAYYY~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh ya and I really wanna smack you when you keep saying your pics are v edited and you don't look as good irl. YOU ARE FLEEKED TF OUT 24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR LAH OK, PLS HELLO. lmao

    but forreal gurl u fine as hell