Monday, 29 June 2015

The Writer's Curse

I had a thought, for quite a while now. But I never really had the motivation and mind to put it in words. But fact is, or for the most parts, all writers - let it be authors, poets, bloggers, essayists and anything that belongs to the spectrum are cursed. Cursed not in the way a horror movie would, but instead, by the thoughts in our own heads.

All writers are overthinkers.

Overthinkers by short, revolutionists by further. Constantly surrounded or plagued by thoughts, both real and fiction, we all have a complex. From deep dark secrets & intense dreams to light-hearted drama to clever one-liners we develop an entire script for just to fit that in, we just have a brain that doesn't stop.

And in too many of times, it has served more bad than good. Paranoia, sadness and believing something that may not have actually happened, we developed more conspiracy theories in a single day than the ones created in a year. In things we cannot find someone to confide in - neither a friend, a lover, and parent, we find comfort in words, both in type or paper and pen.

Take the world's greatest writers for reference, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath & Arthur Koestler.

More than an actual platform to share anything, it really is a venting space to release a little bit of tension. Maybe not on the web, but in a more silent corner offline. Words are a man's release to how tears mend the sadness of a child in pain.

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