Saturday, 6 June 2015


For the longest time on social media, teens who think they know better would challenge the rationale of school by mounting years of education, leveraging to a piece of paper. Work and study like dog to get a piece of paper. Sounds familiar? Well, it's no surprise. But in all honesty, I think that is just a state of mind.

I think school to be irrelevant and see nothing in it but chasing papers. But that is only you. You chose to view it that way. You choose to see no colour in it. You choose to disregard the things you have learned. Yes, there are things, too many in fact that serves little or no purpose. But if not for this mess you call school, would you have met the people you met. Would you otherwise find purpose and contemporaries?

You could be confined in your four walls and desperately trying to find purpose, and get you opinion mattered. So you see, even though you spend years chasing papers, you spend the same time building your life, and create connections and moments that you'll carry with you for a long time.

The good times, the bad times. You need them both. Without the bad times, you would never comprehend the value of good times. With the bad experiences, you'll cherish good times so much more.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into this. But as I look back in my 2.5 years in school, there's really nothing much I would change if I were to redo it. I've just learned too much to do any different.

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