Friday, 12 June 2015

Why Loving the Wrong Person is like a Blind Man Climbing A Mountain

We were a perfect match, maybe that's why we burnt out

Caught in my thoughts, social media and uber boredom, I had a thought; Love is a beautiful thing, but if you do it incorrectly, you're a blind man climbing a mountain. Metaphorically. I had this thought for a while, and archived it in a corner of my mind. Until just recently, I was talking to a friend, whose cousin had a bad breakup. Boyfriend of 5 years left her for a girl he known only for a week.

Think about it. Loving someone who doesn't love you back, is a blind man setting a quest to conquer a mountain, to reach its peak. With each step you take, you can only get higher, the feeling more intense. The closer you get, the more thirsty you are to get there. You keep on climbing, with no real sense of direction, but as long as you are moving, you believe you're making progress.

Moving; time, progress;texts, hanging out, dinner.

You keep walking, and there's no turning back, right? You've too close to look back. And before you know it, you reach the top, the peak. Mission accomplished? A love so intense and obsessive, and the additional flirting that makes you feel so pretty and comfortable. That's what you were looking for.

And in the moment, the blind man takes another step, believing that he is just getting closer to the peak. And down goes all that was built up. Loving someone so intense to the point you tipped off, and you just can't do it anymore.

Sure, you could recover and do it again. But would you?

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