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Nook | D.I.Y Pancakes X Walking Adventures

So I'm finally blogging about something fun, or at least that's what I consider. So, 2 days ago, Tuesday, met Munirah MunTiger Mun, which I was super excited about because we had so much to catch up on, and also to find nice cafés and places to go to. So we decided to go to Nook, house of pancakes, which people on the streets has been talking about for quite the time. Nook is a new concept of pancake houses which allows for customers to D.I.Y their own pancakes, let it be from doodling your own names or creating shapes, to full scale art making(that is, if you are a pro at it!). So deciding to stop living under a rock, we finally got to the place.

So the D.I.Y cooking concept has always been around, like Seoul Garden and some other Korean/Japanese restaurants, but for pancakes, it's the first! And I think it's the only one that Singapore has for now.

Located at a humble district that is away from the hustle and bustle from the typical areas that teenagers love to be at like Town, City or even Holland recently, Nook is by a small alley that was quite the walk form where we were from. Met Mun at Bukit Batok first, before boarding the bus to Bukit Timah. And unfortunately, the sun was blasting its heat that day, and I was praying my contacts wouldn't melt off! And I meant HOT, like you know the usual hot sun where you just feel the heat, but this time the heat was turning whatever we see orange and yellowish. That's HOW how it was!

One thing that is kinda cool though is during the walk towards Nook, we got to walk via the back alley, and it's cool to see places that you(I), never imagined Singapore would have. And in the midst of getting there, there are some shops/warehouses that looked pretty creepy to me, there's no one inside, pretty secluded area altogether. Which was great in a sense, I mean then there's no worries about it being too crowded or full house right?

 The 'cool' back alleys. For some reason, the camera didn't capture how burningly bright and hot it was!

One thing that I love about the place was the interior design of the place, so colourful and hippy, and young. That's always a good start. And they have friendly customer services, which is even better I think.

 As you can see, incredibly cut wall murals, or wall paper, or whatever.

So by the time we reached, it was 2:50, and we were told by the people there the buffet starts at 3, and it's much more worth it if we just waited till then, which we did.

Tried new frames that day, is it good? Hah!

Their menu is so cute, like it came in the form of the squeezy bottle that holds the batter

So 3 o clock came, finally. So for the Buffet deal, it's basically 2 flavours per person, free flow of batter, and toppings that we can get at the front counter. All that for $10! I think it is so much more worth it to come for the buffet than the normal timings since the normal a la carté is $10 per bottle!

So there are 6 flavours to choose from, we chose Banana, Chocolate, the original and Red Velvet. The other 2 are Pandan and Strawberry. Since its buffet, they come in half bottles first, and we can fill up if we want later.

As fun as it was trying to make names and patterns, we both found ourselves just doing the normal circle ones and eating it. I think, for me at least, it's fun for like the first 15 minutes, and that's it. But the toppings was a cute idea, like you could customise your own pancakes. 

The taste? Not that good. For some reason, they all tasted pretty similar to me, and all of them had a bitter aftertaste, which made me feel full after eating a few. The only way I managed to neutralise that was to fill them with cheese, which has a strong taste to cover the bitterness. Overall, I liked the ambience there, like it's cute and stuff, but the taste is pretty average, but the price of it makes it very affordable and worth it though. I think if you're like bored of going to malls and eat, you can give Nook a try. I mean you can walk along that stretch of shops and find some other that you like! 

While we're there, Me and Mun were talking all sorts of nonsense, which happens a lot. And we talked about the missing aircraft, which till now gives me the creep! I think it flew into another dimension, I know I sound crazy, but how is it possible for a plane to VANISH?! 

We shamelessly sat there from when there were quite a few groups of people till no one were there but us, but the environment inside was so comfortable! Like the air condition wasn't too cold, and it was just a nice place to chill, cause it's like pretty quiet, and you don't have to fight with the music and people to try to get your point across. 

Once we were done, and paid and left. We kind of don't know where to go, so we decided to walk around the area to take a look at how this place looks, and digest our food(despite not eating very much!). And it really is quite amazing, at how I didn't know such place existed before! But thank goodness by then it was getting to evening, and the weather cooled down a whole lot. 

After debating and looking at bus-stops, we decided to go to Turf City's new mall, the Grandstand, since there wasn't much to do anyways. And well done, we missed out stop. During our walk back to Grand Stand, we saw a lot of NJC students running, probably for CCA or smth, but it was so dangerous, like the walkways were super narrow, and the traffic was filled with cars travelling at great speeds.

And finally we reached Turf City, and the walk in was super long. I wonder how people can do this everyday.

So out of town and in to life we go. One thing I realised is that the mall is still pretty empty, mainly because it is new and most of the shops were closed and it wasn't even night time yet, and there was super little people there. One place we went however, was the Parsa Bella. In the place was basically like a lot of small mini shops in one big shop. I don;t know if you get it, but yeah. It's cool cause they sell every and anything, from candles to seafood! It;s cool because of the interior design, pretty western market-ish!

 Even the toilets are so nice! And according to Mun, the girls' toilet even has a gossip corner, which is a room for girls to sit down and just gossip. Hhahah!

 The highlight of our time there is almost getting lost, and COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT. So after exploring the first level, we decided to go up, and on the second level onwards, there was NO SHOPS opened, and we somehow got ourselves out of the mall and at the corridors. It was creepy as fuck cause firstly there was NO ONE there and there were so many doors and each opening to nothing. And the staircase tiles were old and weird. And its something that was straight out of a WW2 post apocalypse thingy. And one point we entered this door and there was aircon and stuff, but a dark alleyway that I just ran out and done. So if anyone wants to spend like a fun halloween, please go there, you will frighten yourself out.

But after a while, there really isn't much there. So we left for coronation plaza for Starbucks and rest. I was wiped out from all the walking I just wanted to sleep there and then. And the Starbucks there was pretty nice. The day was filled with a lot of laughing and I couldn't have asked for more. And Mun's gonna be real busy with the next few weeks, going to Krabi and Sri Lanka!

Oh and btw, after I reached home, I bathed and dunked myself to bed, and finally adjusted me body clock. Shit, now that i say it, I'll jinx it. FML. 

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