Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mu Parlour | Impromptu

So on friday, after a great night's rest, I woke up to see Sheera's message, asking me what should she do today, since it's the last few days before she enters Year 3 madness. And on that day as well, I had to go for a briefing for some school stuff. And after a few hours of planning, and while I was in school as well, finally decided to go to some café and just chill. And that day was humid as fuck, meaning on top of the sizzling heat, I have to deal with the humidity. Off my pedestal, so obviously I was having none of that. 

And after meticulous googling and searching for a café at Holland, we finally decided to eat at Mu Parlour. 

Photo Credit : Lady Iron Chef

Mu Parlour is a Café located at the second level along the streets of Holland, and if you're not meticulous enough(I know we weren't), you will probably miss it! There's only a narrow-ish stair case leading you up. But upon reaching, you will be delighted homely this place feels, not too big, not too small. If you're lucky enough to pick the right seat, you can glimpse out to have a liberating view of the streets outside, and see gorgeous ang mohs. HAHAHA. Kidding. But sitting beside the huge glass panels does have its benefits. The photos you take would be super bright and ethereal, cause god's light is shining upon us. Once again, I'm kidding. 

After settling down, we took a few minutes to catch our breaths and keep our cool, get it? Cause it's too hot outside? And when we finally do, we got to ordering! YAY! So hungry that day I don't even know why. 

Damn, iPhone 5s and the iOS 7 can really take good food pics huh! Like the filter 'Chrome' is just AMAZING. Like the photos looks super bright and enchanting. So I ordered the 'No. 1' burger, which is in short, beef, BACON, cheese and some other veggies. I mean how wrong can you go with that right? Chilli Sauce. Right. Next time, remember to ask! And Sheera ordered Something like this dish where there's eggs, bread, salad and fries, which is whatever you see in the picture. 

The burger tasted ok, though I can get it for much cheaper if I go to Mad Jack, which I seriously recommend EVERYONE TO GO, the beef there is just heavenly. Either that, or I'm just way too famished while I was there. 

What is a meal without dessert right? Exactly, so being the typical Café people, we ordered the classic café dessert, Red Velvet Cake. I always have a lukewarm response and impression of Red Velvets, like I love cake and stuff, but cream cheese frosting, hmmm not my cup of tea, or tub or cream. BUT, Mu Parlour's Red Velvet is just decadent, and speaking about it now makes it crave for it so much!

The cake is really moist, and the cream cheese isn't even that heavy at all, and one thing I cannot love more about this cake is how there is a distinct chocolate undertone. Meaning there is enough cocoa powder! Red Velvet is usually just sweet, but the chocolate undertone really off sets the richness and slight tartness of the frosting. Just really nice.

After a good hour of talking about politics and people, and by that I just mean on school and new acquaintances, the sun finally started to set a little bit and the weather got a lot cooler, which also signifies Holland Village's exciting and vibrant night life X T.G.I.F. One thing that I raved about is Holland Village's night life scene. It feels exuberant even to walk past the alleyway. It feels like for the 1 minute of walking, you're taken out of Singapore and to some place else. 

Once we're done 'touring' Holland V, decided to take the train back, and we initially decided to go back to Northpoint, Starbucks, to grab a drink and just continue talking, but alas, seats were all taken. I should've known right? Exactly, and poor thing Sheera trained to Yishun with me! Haha! But after walking around Northpoint and buying pajama pants, it was time to go home and hit the snooze button. Great time meeting her because god knows when I'll see her again because she'll be very busy with her school stuff since she'll be graduating! Oh my my, soon enough she'll be off to university!

Gonna end this post off with the photos we taken!

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