Tuesday, 11 March 2014

 'Grades does not determine your intelligence, it tests on your obedience.'

Is it just me, or has this phrase been retweeted too many times on Twitter and hanging by the mouths of almost every teenager. Now, I have seen many stupid things said my many stupid people, but this phrase by far, is the worse, and I cannot DISagree more. 

Of course grades and exams.tests test on your intelligence. On whether or not you have the common fucking sense to know what is priority and how much you value education. When you get a bad grade, you fool yourself saying you're smart, just that you're too hipster and chose not to conform to social standards of studying. You then need to quit school and go fuck yourself. I don't get how people are STUPID enough to use this as a excuse and lie to themselves about their own personal failure in prioritising what is important and what isn't.

And I'm saying this because people who uses this kind of EXCUSE are those lazy arses who does last minute work and assume they have done the world's greatest effort in studying. 

So I say grades does determine your intelligence, not in the book manner, but your intelligence of WISDOM to understand what is important at hand. Because honestly, you really think that someone is going to look at your qualifications, only to see a bunch of C,D and Fs, and have the benefit of doubt and believe that you are smart and hire you? Keep it real please, there are plenty of people who are so much smarter than you, knowing how to prioritise what is helpful to and for them in the long run. 

So please, do yourself and I a favour, stop being ignorant and use that phrase to your defence, cause I just broke it down for you on the 1001 reasons why it's just plain stupid. 

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