Saturday, 15 March 2014

Carpenter And Cook | Fun Times

Finally got to it and met up with my 2 and a Half S group, and do I miss them or what? The last time I saw them was the last holidays! Exactly, it's like we only meet once every holidays! And guess what? Sheera and Suvi are going to be Year 3 students once school starts again. Weird and amazing how time passed so quickly and also how we all know each other for 2/3 years. So for this time, we decided to go to Carpenter and Cook, a café obviously. And coincidently, it's 10 steps away from Nook! So it's like going to the same place 2 days in a row! The one cool or weird thing about the shops at that area is that, it looks small and confined, but the moment you step in, it's actually pretty big! So since we wanted to buy Suvi a present first, we met at Jem, which I too manage to gift myself, with a H&M shirt, while waiting for Wani and Sheera to come. And yes, for once, I am the first to reach.

Totally managed to catch up with school drama and progress pretty quickly when we met. And after a good search around what Jem had, we settled with a Victoria Secrets' perfume set. Once we're done with that, we leisurely walked around the area, and decided to go to C&C first since Suvi's gonna be late, and we'll fetch her when she has reached. Thankfully, the weather wasn't as bad as the day before, even though it's still burning hot. And I was wearing a sweatshirt!

One thing that I love about C&C is that their exterior design is so incredibly cute. 

And upon reaching inside, I love how it has a vintage kind of feel, with wooden cupboards and exquisite floorpapers, which made the whole place feel really nice and cosy. And also the lighting of the place was not too bright, which felt good, but bad for photos. Hah!

And while waiting for Suvi, Selfies!

 With the pretty ladies. 

Once Suvi arrived, we went to look at their food. And this really is a Café. Meaning they only sell pastries and desserts, so if you are really famished, I don't think this is the place to go. They don't have a paper menu, because everything is presented at the counter, which is good, meaning you get to see how your food will look like. And after considering, I bought the croissant and a rolled bun, along with earl grey. While the rest ordered some other stuff.

 Isn't it so pretty, like the cups they give you with tea. Like nice dainty british tea cups. Great, it's tea time anyways!

How does it taste? The ones that I bought were really good, the croissant tasted pretty ok, like all of the things a croissant should have. Thankfully it isn't soggy and chewy with NO crunch. Love how buttery it is too! As the for the rolled bun, pretty not bad too, it's extremely dense, almost like a cake-bread if that made any sense. I managed to try Suvi's and Wani's as well. (Suvi's top left, Wani's top right). Their's were ok, though Suvi's one tasted pretty bland, but just ok lah.

And in case you wanted to know the drinks, its Ice Latte, Ice Chocolate, Earl Grey and Mint Tea.

The food may be average, but the ambience was amazing. It felt extremely homely and cosy and a great place for groups of friends to gather and catch up while having tea time with great drinks and small bites, let it be pastries or sweet treats!

If you remembered earlier, we talked about getting Suvi a present right? Here's the entire process. In images of course!

One thing I realised that is great about cafés, or at least most of them is that their air-condition is not too crazy freezing, which is great, like usually when you go eat at restaurants or food outlets, the AC is turned to Elsa from frozen's playground, which leaves your stomach shivering from inside out! 

So after we're done with food and talk, we left for other places, or at least take a walk to digest all of that yummy goodness that we just ate. And by that, I just meant going around taking photos. And iPhone 5s' camera and its filters are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Like just perfect, and it is super clear also. I was super satisfied with the photos taken through Sheera's phone. Ughhhhh, just PERF OK. 

 ^ I love this photo, like it's just so cute! haha!

 Tourists, form somewhere

After C&C, we somehow landed ourselves back in town, to have 4fingers, since they weren't full from just eating pastries, which I agree. Haha! Once we were done we basically continued to walk around and enjoying views we all know too well. So much fun when I'm around them, and I'm ending this post with a quote by American writer Phyllis Christine Cast:

“If you have good friends, no matter 

how much life is sucking , they can 

make you laugh.” 

And clearly, they are good friends like that. 

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