Sunday, 3 November 2013

Monthly Photos (October)

It's another month, and it's time for monthly photos again, so here it is! I realised that the photos I post on Monthly Photos are mainly photos that are from my iPhone, especially front cam, since the quality isn't very good.

Went to celebrate Mun's birthday I remember, went to the KTV first to meet Nadz & Ain, and was so funny cause when she saw me she like screamed so loud. Then we went for dinner at seoul garden and spent 4 hours there, was so fun because we ate then talk then ate and then talk again, laughing so hard at so many things, one of the really really really fun days I had. 

Went to the Airport on Friday after school, since that day was a day the Running Man members were coming to Singapore. Super impromptu, like we discussed everything on twitter while I was in class. Didn't get to see them since we weren't super fans a.k.a saesangs in Korean terms. It was quite scary the number of people there, and they were running and chasing like MAD. Me and Mun were just laughing at the things we saw there. Fans go hard. Walked around the airport and had lunch at Ya Kun. AND THEN, one of the workers there like blacked out and fell down. OMG, so worried, and stunned because it happened IN FRONT OF OUR EYES WHILE WE'RE ORDERING. Again talked about a lot alot of funny things. And she was super nice taking the red line aka the long way since it reaches my stop first. Super good lah this friend. 

This concludes this month's MP. I have been procrastinating on my homework and this is super cmi. Like seriously. November's here already, and time's passing too fast. Cause A year's 11months done and I'm just at August. 

p.s Happy Deepavali To all Hindus! 

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