Friday, 22 November 2013

The Mean Person Comes Out

Every morning, especially when I am rushing for 8am classes, or go home from school after 5 - 6, the mean person in me just comes out, and it is actually quite sad for people around me, but I think it's not my fault at all because people sometimes just want to be stupid.

I am absolutely UNAPOLOGETIC when I'm on the train, especially when it is crowded, you have no idea how 'black' my face can get, and on top of that, the worst is when I'm just that unlucky to the point that I have to survive 12 long stops without seats. Today, just now was one of the most terrible one. SO my class started at 8 today, and I woke up late so I left my house only at 7:50 am. And the morning trains are just so crowded, and people keep on squeezing non-stop, and when the stop reached AMK, a shit load of people suddenly come in and I was holding on to a newspaper and this stupid fucking, Chinese man just knocks onto me and just walks off. People like that are the reason why I am absolutely unapologetic, because everyone else is also like that. After that, when I was on the circle line, I was next to this crazy lady watching her stupid videos and laughing out loud, looking stupid like an ass. I don't know about you, but when it's early in the morning, I'm irritated and annoyed, the last thing I want to see is a bitch laughing and exuding fucking happiness.  Later on, there's the ANNOYING bitch with a haversack and leaning on me the entire time. Whenever the train moves, she leans. WHAT THE FUCK DO I LOOK LIKE, a leaning bar is it? And she shows me 'the face' when I shove her back into her own space. TOTALLY UNAPOLOGETIC again.

The Mean Person Comes Out, when people want to be very annoying and refuse to be nice, or at least humane on the train.

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