Monday, 4 November 2013

Thor : The Dark World

Last week Friday after school, I finally met up with Mun, Ain & Nadz, for movie. And honestly, when I went I was kind of not feeling it at all. That's because I personally am NOT A FAN of watching movies; I think it's nothing but a waste of precious hours with friends. But I digress. Met them at around 4+ at Causeway. And we quickly went in. God knows why quickly, we weren't even late. It's always super fun around them since they're so funny! When we got in and settled onto our seats. I was initially wondering why we didn't buy popcorn, and just as I was thinking about it, a woman came towards us. At first I thought she was a patron, like she was assign the inside seat a.k.a 'the seat that makes it impossible to go to the toilet'. But NO, it was one of the staff passing the food they've ordered just now. TOTALLY LOVE THIS SERVICE BY CATHAY please. I think it's absolutely great cause you can snuggle nicely in your seat first then have them serve you the food. I mean do I have to tell you how many times I have popcorn, chips on one hand, drink on the other, and in the midst, pathetically holding on my ticket and trying to find my seat. And when I try to settle down, I pray to the high heavens that my drink won't miss the drink slot and just splash onto the ground. (A fear that I still carry).

One thing I hate about theatres is how freezing cold they are. So lucky I decided to bring my jacket out that morning. Mun was freezing and it was so funny because she TOOK OUT HER LABCOAT TO USE AS JACKET. HAHAHAHAHA!


So the movie for a person who didn't watch the first instalment, I thought the movie is focused on like some ancient era however high-tech at the same time, something like Harry Potter or LOTR. Super not interested in those type. But later I realise its basically a few dimensions co-existing. Thor lives in one dimension, and Jane Foster(Natalie Portman) on planet earth, as a scientist. It begins on how the people in Thor's world : Asgard are living in harmony and that now something is threatening it (STANDARD), and that Thor has to save the empire/world. It the goes to Earth and talks about Jane and the people in her world, and that part was forgettable and boring. They venture into this abandoned building and find mutant children whom can do and have special abilities. Why they show that, I still don't know. Jane later goes to explore the place herself and gets sucked into this vortex where she faints and then wakes up some other place. (Ridonkulous). But then the police gets involved and tries to arrest Jane & Friends. However, Jane develops a powerful antibody which send out energy bursts that attacks the policemen. Then Thor suddenly comes to earth and brings Jane back. (WTF?)

The story just goes back and forth for awhile and how they say Jane doesn't belong in Asgard and BLAHBLAHBLAH. Then Thor realises that he needs Loki's (His imprisoned brother) help. So, the few of them decided to fly away despite the objection of higher powers. Then asgard people themselves chase after them (for fuck?!), and obviously, they got away. They find themselves reach this place, desert-ish where Loki betrays Thor and stabs him and they just go at it, while Jane just tries to stop them, and did it work? No. But from nowhere, the enemy arrives. And absorbs the antibody that Jane has that supposedly will make the enemy more powerful. At this point Thor screams 'NOW!', and suddenly Thor's hand recover and that all of this was a hoax to confuse the enemy. And they attack the enemy, in the long fight, Loki died(?). Super sad scene since he was really doing everything he could to help in the entire process.

Fast-forward, the nine planets align, and that in movies always mean something, and in this instance, the enemy can like absorb a whole lot of power and get stronger. But Jane & her team of scientists gang manage to spot the location where the enemy will go and race them to it all the way at London. To make sure they shut down the thingy, she find the coordinates and needs 7 minutes. So what happens. They fight for during that time. To make things funny, or an attempt to, they somehow a this point 'don't know' how to work the machine and sends everyone into different dimensions constantly. Funny? They tried. At the end Thor triumphs and they live happily ever after. Except, they don't. When the credits finished rolling, 1/4 of the crowd was gone, thinking that the movie ended. But it didn't, cause the side lights haven't been turned on yet, so for sure we know shits' gonna happen. And then a 2 minute clip of something that still didn't make sense to me but promises the audience that there's gonna be a third sequel to this. Film ends.

Overall, I do think that this is a good movie, as in, it's not so common since they were dimension/era hopping non-stop, and they did inject humour in, some of which were pretty funny! Definitely a movie worth watching, the action was good and not like the Hobbit, which made me want to do nothing but fall into a deep slumber. I'd say, IT'S A PRETTY GOOD MOVIE.

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