Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Catch Up

Last friday, after a very tedious and tiring project, luckily, managed to catch-up with some secondary schoolmates, awesome people, in the names of Nadzirah, Irsyad, Sangeetha, Suba & Sheyna. And it's been a very very long time since we met, and if anything, we just simply don't have the time to meet-up, especially the beginning of the second semester, where projects and assignments are just oncoming non-stop. I was actually quite sad that day cause every friday classes end at 12, but that day we had a project, and was supposed to meet Mun & Ain for lunch, but sadly had to cancel, don''t know when I'll meet them, hopefully I can get the projects done ASAP, I need to start having fun and go out before I become officially boring. Oh wait, I'm already there. But I digress. But anyways, reached Yishun at only around 7+, yes that's how late I left school to reach Yishun only at 7+ At first Nadz was telling me that they wanted to eat at Mac, and I was in my head saying

'Dear lord, please go to pizza hut, I've been craving for their pasta for damnnn long'

And when I reached, Nadz called me, and told me they're going Pizza Hut, and I was like, THANK GODDD. Surprisingly, it was not that crowded, like we didn't wait very long, 15 minutes? That or we're were all catching up and that the passage of time was blurred. SPEAKING OF WHICH, my concept of time is very blurred recently, like I would think it's 4pm in the afternoon, when it's already 6, and when it's 12, I'd think it's only 10, and my time is just 2 hours behind Singapore altogether, hence explaining why I sleep late and cannot wake up and also why I'm late for almost all my classes. Well, FML. But going back to the story. Finally got a seat, even tho' small and cramped, we compromise, and just say, cause we all knowhow slow Pizza Hut in-house service is slow on Friday Nights. Ordered pizza and pastas. Chatted on how life was and sitting there, it's so odd, because just a year ago, we were all laughing in our uniforms during recess, go back to serious learning mode and stay back in school till 6pm and 10 for night study, and now we're all here, coming from classes from our different institutions. One year on, and here we are. 

It was fun because it was a lot of reliving old school memories that it was great to relive it together as a group of secondary schoolmates. Like the old times and things teachers did, pranks that people did to them and the result to that. Very funny, very missable. 

The Turkey Bacon Carbonara from Pizza Hut is damn mmmmm dap, it's like ever since I bought that from them, everytime I go there, I would order nothing else but that. Once we're done, went to pay and walked around and took photos. Went to sit around at some areas and heard Irsyad say more ghost stories cause all the stories are not he heard from other people, but like he personally experience from, so fucking scary, my face turns white cause it's that scary, it's a dark night somemore. 

Speaking of which, a funny thing happened in class just now, Charissa came into class and the first thing I said was like 'EH you look like Christmas tree' , and it's funny cause she didn't even plan to dress to look like this. So Christmas-y burgundy red top with snowflakes and green pants.

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