Thursday, 14 November 2013

Singaporeans Don't Care

It's been a long long time since I blogged, weeks I think, and it's all thanks to excessive projects and stuff that I just can't find the time to go out, have fun and blog about. But whatever it is, I was on the bus home earlier on and it kind of struck to me about the 'inclusive' society that we live in. If anything, the key point in today's world, and especially in our country is that


We've developed this form of mentality and thinking where if it is none of our business, or it's going to implicate us negatively, the first thing to do is to risk aversion, or in layman Singaporean terms, to SIAM out of the way and don't kpo. This is a common calling and phrase you have kind of always grew up listening to anyways, and even education tells you that, as much as you want to question, no one's there to listen. Not convinced, let me help you confirm it. 

Go to facebook, twitter, instagram or any major online social media website now and say that you want to start a riot or strike on a relevant political problem and that it is something worth protesting about, say white paper or things like that, state the time, venue, and all the needed information. In foreign countries America, London, China, Malaysia, it is obvious people take issues like this to heart and would actually go for it, and shit like this actually go on the news and the protests go on for days and that military had to be brought in. But in Singapore, try doing that. I can bet with you with all my assets and assure you, you'll be the only one there. The police wouldn't even be bothered to give a shit about your mediocre, non-attention grabbing want to rally against anything. It's true. Why? Because Singaporeans simply don't care. Anything that will put us into a risk of danger, authority, we will undyingly 'SIAM' out of the way. It's true and undeniable that it is good or in fact clever to take yourself out of a situation where you might get in trouble with the law and as a result can forget about ever entering a local university or expect any job that has a remuneration higher than $2,000. This mentality is carried forward into our daily lives. And it is not wrong at all or cause a curious thought why Singaporeans are called 'kiasu' 'Kiasi' (Afraid to lose, Afraid to die, or get into trouble that is.)

Was in school today and Nyra told me about how there was once she was at taka's KFC and this girl spilled her cupful of pepsi and one of the workers there didn't see it or whatever and slipped, face forward all the way down. Ouch. By reason, anyone at all, strangers or what should offer to do something, or at least try to see what they can do to salvage the situation. What happened? Singaporeans 'BOCHUP' and just sit on their tables, fries on one hand half way in the mid air, and staring, like 'wtf happened', or continued talking, while a poor guy that was serving you fell in front of your face. This is what we are doing now. On top of that, we stomp it, as if we would be crowned social media royalty statuses thanks to posting photos like that. What's their mentality? 

'Woah jialat, fall down, should I help or not? Nahhhh, no need waste my energy, later get stomped then people think I push one, let me just enjoy my chicken wing, not my problem also, not my coke spill, not my relative fall down, don't need kpo, no blood right, then should be ok lah. *tweets about it immediately*'

Woodlands Spitting Incident, whether or not you live in Singapore, Asia or anywhere in the world, as long as you've been on the world wide web, you are bound to at least come across the Woodlands spitting incident. And as you can tell, there were so many people there and what did they do? Sit there and look, and what's even worse, is that people are taping it to put on youtube. I'm not saying taping it is wrong or anything, it's quite irritating how oblivious people can be to things and choose not to intervene. Even the personnels aren't doing anything but stand in awe. Why? It's our 'Don't involve ourselves inside'. Why? Cause in their mind they're like

'Got spitting all, let the poor woman just get spit on, better not try to help her at all, later I kena spit, never mind, one person kena better than all of us. Sacrifice that poor bitch it's ok.'

People can argue and say that put situations like this in other country, and the same will happen. Except it doesn't. I don't know if you have seen it, but there was this video, on how a person was racist to this customer, and another man in the queue spoke up against him and protect an individual he don't even know. Again, he could have dgaf-ed and just let the guy be humiliated, but he chose to stand up for what he believed, and stood up for what is wrong. 

Singaporeans just don't care, and honestly, it's not entirely a bad thing, it's just we are at a state where we are just ignorant, and we choose to not stand up to things that we should, and go with conformity.

I don't exactly know the reason why I decided to blog about this, but it's just a thought that flashed through my mind, so I thought I'd write about it. 

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