Monday, 28 October 2013

Day Out

Finally back on to blogging, and recently, even if I have posted recently, they are all sad and short ones. And it's not necessarily because I have no time, but it's more of because I just don't have the energy and motivation to do anything thanks to school. Weird or not, each school day feels longer and longer, and my motivation for it falls rapidly. But anyways, enough of that, few weeks ago, on Sunday, finally met up with The Stayover group, and it has been quite a while since I saw them, that's cause XY got exams and finally it's over! So was suppose to meet them at 2 or 2+. And the weather that day was crazy hot, I cannot bring myself to leave the house, so well done, reached only at 3+. Met them at scape since Jane wanted to buy a pair of shoe there, and sadly it was closed. I just reached and then Jane said we have to go to Bedok cause her mum asked her to buy something there. Wasted, should have just gone bedok lah! HAHAHA. But anyways, that days weather is ratchet as fuck, cause the afternoon was hot and sunny until I couldn't leave the house, and on the train towards Bedok, it started to rain! And the rain gets worse and worse. And when we finally reach Bedok, the rain was CRAZY. On top of that, there's no bus to bedok point. So we had to manoeuvre around in sheltered area to finally reach the place. We thought we could only buy the item there since there was an event there. As soon as we enter the mall, we hear the host say

'You can buy this at all Popular Bookstores'

HAHAHAH, like so sad, all that travelling when we can buy it at Popular bookstores all over the country. Once we're done in Bedok, we walked our way back to the train station, and around that time, the rain stopped. And if you know, after it rains, it gets so damn humid and irritating and I'm started to sweat again, FML. But after that, we took the train to City Hall since Jane is collecting some Korean Magazine there. And went to get drinks while waiting for the supplier to arrive. And OMFG, korean magazines are fucking crazy thick! Like the cosmopolitan magazines here are like normal, but theirs is so THICK AND HEAVY, so mind fucked. Once we're done with the magazines, walked thru' citylink and ate at Quiznos. And THE SERVICE IS SO FUCKING TERRIBLE. And it's not the first time already. 


Firstly, we have to wait for our order for so long, and after we order, no one was preparing the sandwiches. And Jane ordered a Salad, and one of the staff stood there and do NOTHING, until 15 minutes later. Furthermore, after us, not many people ordered, the cashier just stood there and TALK TO THE OTHER STAFF. Woahhh CMI. But, the only compensation is that their subs are not bad, like its quite nice tbh. While we're there, there's this group of people, adults some more, made so much noise it's so fucking irritating. Like STFU. 


After dinner, went to take the train back to somerset to see if the shop was open. And for some reason, we were talking and talking until when we got out of the train, we miss not only somerset, but orchard as well, then at Newton. FUCKING FUNNY cause none of us felt the train stop at all. SO trained back, and the shop was still closed. So sad. Walked to ion and bought a shirt and stuff from H&M, and I think it's the last time I'm going there, cause tho' things were cheap, can no longer find something nice. And finally, took the train home. And on the train, if you've read my previous post, you'll know how I felt like time passed so fast, all of us were at different places in our lives. But hopefully I'll see them soon, can't wait for the next Stayover! 

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