Tuesday, 22 October 2013

So its 22nd today, now. And unknown to me, 8 days has passed without me even knowing. Time passes slow, yet fast at the same time, two days ago, I was out with TheStayover group, which I'll talk about next post. While we were on the way back, on the way back, I looked at all of us and realised how quick time has passed us. Not how quick that day was, but how quick time, time, as in ages and secondary school passed. All of us were in different schools, and we no longer live the same almost parallel lives we had, no more waking up and looking forward to school just to see them. There was no more of that. Secondary school was 4 long years, but now thinking and looking back, it felt so quick, like it was all just a blur. And despite my constant laments on how quick time is, I realise that in classes, I feel as if time goes by very slowly. The sense of time is no longer sensible for me, I lose track of it, and when I finally caught up with it, I realise that I've been out of focus way way too much.

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