Sunday, 13 October 2013


So, after months, and literally, months! I finally met up with my darlings, a.k.a NYP classmates, and words cannot express how much I missed them, and if anything, so lucky to have met them. So, decided to go for a picnic, and at first I was a bit apprehensive, because having went picnic a few times in secondary school, and none, NONE of which were successful LAH SIAL, let me tell you why they were all failures. A PICNIC, is where you seat down, and everyone brings food so we feast on everyone else's food, right? In secondary school, everyone will plan lah, like ok, this bring this, the other bring cutlery, then get all excited, and the on the actual day, fuckers will be lazy as hell and don't prepare anything, and 10 minutes before meeting up, go to the supermarkets and buy potato chips and drinks, and for the 4 fucking hours, all we'll be eating are chips and drinks. Cutlery for what, eat the grass and sand nearby is it, so if this is how picnics are, don't even bother please. But LUCKILY FOR THIS TIME, it was a picnic with abundance of food, OMG, super happy, and when everything seemed so perfect, the weather isn't. The morning when I woke up, the weather was like really nice, wasn't hot, really cool and sky was cloudy/sunny but not hot, fell in love with the weather that day.

AND THEN, things just went downhill as time passes, at 3, met up with my Sassi bitches, also known as, Syaffy, Tasmin, Q & Hilmi, and the moment we were walking towards the bus-stop to Sembawang park, it started TO RAIN. IT FUCKING RAINED. Going for a picnic, the worst thing is either super hot, or super rainy. Rainy was better than hot lah IMO. BUT, the funniest thing was the nearer we were towards the bus-stop, the heavier the rain got. Then I was damn frustrated cause I wanted to wear my trademark outfit sweats, but I thought the weather would be hot, so I wore a thin shirt and shorts, and I was freezing my goddamn ass off, and by the time we reached the park, the rain maintained abit ah, so we managed to find a shelter to settle down, which wasn't hard to find, since c'mon, it was raining, it was showering cats and dogs (proud english moment) and lightning and thunder were going at it.

So we settled down, and by the time, the rain wasn't that bad, but the wind was cold and strong. And since Q's birthday passed not long ago, we celebrated for her.

Once we're done cutting the cake and ate it, we went to ate actual food, so syaffy made pasta, which tasted really good, and she was so stressed cos she cooked the pasta for too long and it became 'Mee Goreng'. AHAHAHAHAH. Hilmi made fried chicken and mash, Q made Cupcakes and brought chips, and Tasmin brought drinks and she brought a lot! She brought lemon tea, lemon green tea, juice, milo, milk, and more I think? So poor thing, cause it was so heavy! As for me, I brought brownies, cause I couldn't think of anything else to make, and I simply have to energy to start cooking, so baking, solve the problem. And I dk why the weather is crazy, like periodically, the rain would blow up and with the wind the water actually splashed into the shelter. WTF. So basically caught up on recent times, and gossiped, overall, was great. They are the funniest people I swear, I was laughing so hard throughout, ok lah, we talked about alot of things, but given my failing memory, I can't actually remember. OH YA, and one more thing that is so fucking funny I can't, is that whenever someone says something funny, they'll say 'Actually it's quite funny'. And every sentence starts with the word 'actually'. HhHAHAHA. And time passes so quick when you're having a good time, it does! 

Tasmin was telling us this funny thing that happened at home, Tasmin's dad was down with a flu or something, so technincally Tasmin was the only one who tended to him, so this conversation happened in her house.

Tasmin's Dad: Tasmin is the only who cares about me in this house, after I die, I'll give Tasmin all my properties.
Tasmin's Mum: But you don't have properties what, for what you say?

Ok lah, so that wasn't the exact thing they said, but I'm sure you got the gist of it, and if you don't, NOT MY PROBLEM LAH SIAL. Before we left, obviously, we had to take photographs, so here they are!

Can we please appreciate my editing skill?! It's so HIMYM-ish. And all that I'm doing is self-praise

After we're done packing up, we went back, and Tasmin was super nice enough to cab us all home, so super nice of her lah. And that's pretty much the whole day, really fun, enjoyed myself, and then I have to remember that school's starting in like, 1 weeks or less, and that all good and fun things, must come to an end. Ughh, the mere thought of it really is gonna put me off already. But, that's #LIFE. Look forward to seeing them again! 

p.s My new timetable is out, and it is so irritating. FML. Why must school be like that, on top of the boring modules, I just got to have classmates who are not interesting, boring, and to top it off, not fun nor are they enthusiastic about what they do. OMG, some I'm sure will be those get good GPA, but forever boring and alone in life. Well, I just described me haven't I? There are too many that are far worst actually. 

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