Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hair Ambitions

Last thursday, if I remembered correctly, I went down to Kimage Hair Salon to get my hurr done, since it's been at least 3 months I had my blue hair and it's time for a change, and mainly it's because my black roots are like a super long, and on top of that the blue colour had faded big time as seen in photos and there is no way I can live with that. So booked a appointment at 2:30 with my stylist Amanda, which I tell you is fucking amazing, like every time she does my hair colour, I just fall in love with it, because she'll give suggestions on how or what else you can do to your hair and not like most stylist just listen and do, which I think is great, like at least they try to help you achieve that super nice finish. But in case you forget how my previous hair is, or how long the black roots are, you can always refer yourself to the previous entries, which is filled with them, but good thing is the blue blends with the black, so it's not that bad.

Ok, for some reason, the photos above look a little bit orange-ish, I dk why, maybe over-edit, but that's not the point, but as you can see, from the first photo, there really isn't much blue left, and the roots are just hideous, and it's just basically a mix of blue, yellow-blonde, brown and black. Not flattering at all, and not the nicest colour combination, kind of wondering how I managed to live with that, and also it looked greasy, I know! And did I mention I was courting death that day cause the previous night I couldn't sleep and didn't have a wink at all. But anyways, since I didn't eat that day, I got Subway & Starbucks before I got into the Salon. And when I reached Amanda was like, 'Good ah bring food, sit here also nothing to do'. I was like YES AHAHAHAH. So I was consulting with her, and told her I wanted to go a light blonde so for referencing, I showed him a photo of typicalben, the blogger. But I wanted like a purple tint like Tyler Oakley's, so I just showed her and asked her which one is better.

Photo: Screenshot-ed from typicalben's instagram account

Photo: Screenshot-ed from Tyler Oakley's Instagram Account

But she said, before that, got to bleach to see how light I could go first, so on yeah. She was busy that day, so one of the other assistants was doing the bleaching, and I think she was new there cause Amanda was like reiterating the point to her in Malay, and said like 'Make sure don't touch the roots, leave a little bit, A LITTLE.'

So, the first round of bleach was applied and I waited for around 30 -45 minutes, and this point its nothing but just letting the bleach set in and lighten the hair colour and also the blue. And once that is done, Amanda came over and bleach the second time. And the second time, she bleached the roots. I think the point is to bleach the main parts first to get it as light as possible and the bleached the hair at the roots so it lightens and can absorb the dye, but not irritate the scalp, since she told me that the scalp gets very sensitive when it touches the bleach. AND LET ME TELL YOU, bleach isn't some shit you can play with, once it touches your scalp, SHIT BURNS. It initially like feels warm and tingly and immediately is starts to inch in pain, and it's super annoying cause you really can't do anything since you can't scratch with all the bleach on you. And after the 2nd round, it's the waiting game again. And then Amanda was suggesting I put some purple highlights and I was swaying between yes and no. 

Once that it's done, they've put on some applied heat, which reminds me of some high tech futuristic things from the future. And that process basically open up the hair follicle so that it would get bleached faster. I was so worried cause I thought the heat would melt my contacts, I was closing my eyes and praying it wouldn't make me blind. 

For the whole time, I was holding in my pee and I was hoping that I don't like start peeing through my pants and on the salon floor and there goes my chance and image of ever going back to that salon. After taking it off, it's time to wash it off and I was like YESSSSS, about time, it really stings. And after 3 washes, I was back on the chair again. So basically, at this point we're already halfway there, and looking at myself with yellow hair feels weird actually, like the last time I've seen it was like eons ago, and I was kind of expecting it to be a bit more white, since the blond I wanted was really light. And I was quite shocked when they were drying my hair, because I thought they were going to use the conventional hair dryer, BUT the machine that was used as applied heat was also a hair dryer! 

 I don't know if you can see it, but if you do, there's actually still a bit of blue left unbleached, and that's cause the pigments stayed in and can't get bleached out completely, which I quite like actually.

Eventually, they had to use a hairdryer with stronger heat and airflow. But once that is done, Amanda came over with foils and the purple highlight dyes to get the highlighting done first, and I was seriously at that time quite nervous, cause this is the point the colour is determined and if it sucked, it's a few month I would have to live with it. And that would mean I suffered the pain for nothing. I swear by then I was so tired, I actually lowered my ass so my head would rest against the support of the chair so I can doze off. I WAS SO FUCKING SLEEPY. At that point I felt like telling them, 'eh nvm ah, just anyhow lah'. But then I remembered, good results must wait.  So I was praying that it finishes soon. Seeing I was so tired and 'angry', Amanda got 2 people to work my applying the dye on my hair, and at that point I felt like some kind of major celeb, I mean, how often can you get 2 people to work on your hair, right? HAHAHA. 

Maybe I was paranoid, BUT I SWEAR some people there don't like me. I can feel them giving me death glares as they walk pass me, and I HAVE BEEN VERY NICE TO PEOPLE THERE, who ever that comes to attend me or like serves water, I'll be like 'Thank you, thank you very much *smiles*'. LIKE THAT NOT ENOUGH MEH? Want me to bow down to you is it? But again, I could be paranoid. At that point, I was quite stressed, because when they put on the blond dye, it was like whitish, but as time passes, it starts to turn purple, and I'm like FUCK, PLEASE DON'T BE LET MY WHOLE HEAD BE PURPLE, I WILL LIKE FREAK THE FUCK OUT. And my heart was like 'shit shit shit', and my face is just so grumpy, it's funny now that I think back about it. To make things worse on top on my frustration and lack of sleep, the dye is stinging my fucking scalp. 

And for some reason, this time round they left the dye on me for super long, it was never so long, and my anxiety was growing with each second I swear. And finally, they were going to wash it off. And as they're washing I was so nervous, and I was praying it comes out nice, cause if it didn't, fucking wasted. And then they wrapped my hair in a towel and went back to my seat. When they unveil-ed it I didn't even dare to open my eyes. 

When they undid it. I ALMOST HAD TEARS IN MY EYES. THey were so fucking gorgeous. The colour was just perfect. The blond was so natural, and the highlights were at the right places. THANK JESUS right?! But before I could go, Amanda did a scalp treatment and a Hydro O3 treatment, and I think she did the scalp treatment free for me cause it wasn't in the final receipt. SO NICE RIGHT. SO basically, the scalp treatment is to sooth the scalp from all the shit it's been through, and the hydro O3 is to make the hair nice and hydrated and soft. 

I was late btw for dinner with Jane & XiYun. Felt so bad, cause they were standing outside the salon waiting. Luckily they were talking, or else I'll be so guilty.


I super duper crazy love it, like words can't even described, but as of now, the roots started to grow out already, so obviously, I was having none of that, times like this, I just wish my hair would just top growing but I'm just happy with the whole thing. Met up with Jane and XY for dinner after that, so I'll end the post with the photos! 

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