Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Stayover

Haven't been updating in blogging or in life thanks to the fact that I am super duper sick recently, and I'm not even kidding, so that's sad. For some reason that I don't know, I down with a terrible flu and sore throat and all I have been doing for the past 2 -3 days consists of lying on the bed, sleeping and eating chicken soup and noodles, not that I'm complaining about the food, but my nose is just annoying the day lights out of me. Like, 24/7 it's blocked and so uncomfortable. As of now, I'm down with cough as well. And for some mysterious reason, there's like rashes on my arms, and I whatsapp Nadzirah about it and she told me it was dengue. WTF, but luckily enough, the fever comes and go. Super sad because it's the holidays and I just HAD TO BE SICK. For fucking once for 7 weeks straight, I don't have to see my classmates and can enjoy, I got to be sick.

But, instead of focusing on the sad part, allow me to focus myself on something more positive and fun. Last week, can't remember which day, went over to Vernice's house with XY & Jane for a Stayover, and this time it's a proper one, cos the first time we stayed over was so impromptu and all 3 of us didn't bring our stuff, so I was so uncomfortable then. But this time we all came prepared, packed stuff and all. Honestly so happy to have friends like them, super lucky, like I can be super comfortable with them. For some reason, GOD MUST BE BLESSING ME OR SOMETHING, because I was looking BOMB AS FUCK that day, like every photo I take!

My outfit that day was obviously inappropriate I later found out as I was wearing, if it wasn't obvious enough, my sweater, which was super comfortable, cos of the wool inside, but in this weather, hot like fuck. And on top of that I wore jeans, going to someone's house to overnight then wear until like that. Finally reached Vernice's house and her dog, was cute as ever, missed it so much, and I think it remembers us, or if not, it is just super active, which I love. The dog was just adorable. After reaching all we did was to sit by her very expensive, real-leather sofa, later as I learned, watching the tevo, and catch up on life, since we are all not in the same school, me and Vernice in Poly, Jane & XY in college, all different institution.

But we manage to talk like we were still in secondary school! Me & Jane share common feelings toward out individual classmates, which I don't think requires explanation, as I have done so in previous entries especially here & here. While we're lazing at her house because it wasn't evening-night yet so it'll be irrelevant to have dinner then. Took the time to to blog the previous entry on the 1D Movie Debut Screening. And just nice as I finished the entry, it was time for DINNER. And I was at first quite happy/sad cause we were going to astons, happy because I had never been there, ever, sad cause it was in some hot coffee shop. But as we walk walk walk walk, we had to go through a mall there and walked past Udon King, after suggestion by Vernice, we decided to eat there. Actually I was quite happy, because there's air-con. Ordered and waited, and Photod

Other photos are in the Individual phones of others. AND VERNICE GOT A S4 lah. Not jealous at all, apple fanboy for life. But proud of her ah, finally got a new phone. Not that her old one's bad. Finally, after talking/bitching for a good 10 - 20 minutes, the food is here. Honestly, the food I ordered wasn't cause I want to eat it, it's more because most of their food there was like spicy, so obviously, I was not very happy with that. LOL. SO ordered this dish with like egg, and chicken and stuff, i'll just let the pictures tell you.

The last photo was ordered by Vernice, some curry thingy, can't remember, Isn't the drink so pretty? But it was so not worth it lah please, it's just flavoured syrup and 7-up, I ordered strawberry and Jane ordered Blue Coral, which was so funny because mine had a distinct Strawberry taste, her's can't even taste the syrup, it's just 7-up.  Once we're done with dinner, we went to the supermarket, to get supper, and I as thinking like buying legit supper, like cup noodles or something, but they decided they're gonna want to eat CEREAL AND MILK.

So, that happened, being a sour bitch, I got my sushi, and there wasn't crabstick mayo! Walked back to Vernice's house, to be welcomed by her cute/active dog, which I think is under the weather cause it kept sneezing, so I hope it's ok! After walking in a sweatshirt, I decided I'll just go and bathe and be chill and comfortable, and NO MORE PHOTOS cause I'm not wearing contact lenses no more. So comfy after I slip in to my home outfit, which is a light T-shirt, and my sport shorts. I know right. SO we all showered, so all we did till 2 am was to watch the tevo, and for some reason the dog wasn't sleepy and we decided to let it out because it kept on barking! Maybe cause we're there that's why. 

OUT OF NOWHERE, they decided to eat supper and they wanted to boil the milk, then eat cereal with it. It's so funny and I couldn't stop laughing cause everyone was so panicky and stressed. I thought it'll be nice, and because the milk was so hot, the cereal went SUPER SOGGY. FML. LOL, When we're done with 'supper'. Offed the Tevo and watched some korean variety show on the internet, and by 4-5+ Jane & XY dozed off, so me and Vernice continued to watch, luckily I brought my own laptop, so I have total freedom on what to watch, while Vernice used Jane's. By 6-7+ I was knocked out, so was Vernice, and then the rest of the day went quite quickly. When to the market to get breakfast and ate minced meat noodles, Mee pok if you don't know. Mainly due to the fact that I haven't had it in forever. But still. By 12pm we left her house and back home! After I went home prepared and went out with Sheera, Wani & Suvi, which I will have another entry about it when I find the time!

Group Photo! Finally! So lucky to have friends like them!

p.s Can't wait for the next outing! 
p.s.s Wani is leaving for Turkey in less than 24 hours, HAVE A SAFE TRIP and HAVE A LOT OF           FUN, hangout after you come back! 

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