Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Monthly Photos (August)

It's september, and it's astounding how quick time can pass, and I think that for the first post of the month, I'll just post all the photos that couldn't make it on any of the posts that I want to. A good number of entries to post, so look forward for them!

So that is all!, I think this is one of the longest post, with the most number of photos ever, and if you manage to make it here, good on your ass. If you get sick of my face, too bad. At least recognise me for my photoshop skills please, the time and effort I put into it is really like commendable please. Finally the holidays, so, I'm excited for what's coming up, so look forward please. Recently, I've been just lazing at home and going out once in a while, super stagnant in life, but what to do. I think the only good that came out of being so free is that I have a bit more time to study my korean, but I'm not really doing it anyways, which I should. Don/t know if I should go find a job to earn some $$ for shopping, but waiting for the internship thingy to call me, which they haven't, I'm kind of stuck in the middle. Like my 17th birthday, not moving forward or backwards. Ok, if you're bored again, scroll up and admire my photoshop-ed works. 

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