Sunday, 22 September 2013

Chalet / Outing

It has been more than a entire week since I last posted anything, and honestly, the reason why is quite ridonckulous. So even though if I don't go out or take photos, I would still post like random stuff, but I didn't at all, which is why chances are, this month I'm not even gonna have that have entries. The reason why I didn't blog is because I'm not using my MacBook but instead my normal laptop, which totally made me lose interest and effort in doing anything. But since I have gone out a few times recently, so I thought since I has content to post, why not?

So what I been doing while holidays is just quickly passing through, which I think is obvious I don't want to end because school is, you know. CLASSMATES. Pathetic huh? It's usually the other way round, look forward to classmates, not the lessons. But that's the life I have, for the next 3 years. And I have to look back and say I didn't enjoy poly life whatsoever. BUT, aside that ranting which will probably happen once in every while I get, let's get back on what I've been doing on my holidays. So, at home, all that I have been doing is catching up on shows, and eating, and pretty much it. And currently, I'm hooked on Sex & The City TV series, I know it is such an old show, but I love it. I think everyone should watch it first before judging.


So last week, wednesday if I remember, went to BFF Nadzirah's class chalet, and I felt so class-chalet-crasher at first, cause like it's HER CLASS' chalet, but after that, I had the best time. And I like love her RP classmates already. Ughhh, why do NYP & RP have the best people. Sigh. So met Nadz at 2:30, and obviously I was late. Took the bus all the way to Tampines or Pasir Ris, I don't know, just followed her since that place was her turf. And totally forgot it was a normal school day for JC & Secondary schools, I was like 'why are there people in uniform?'

And then later I realised. Since I was famished, and was craving the Samurai burger McDonalds have, so I just settled that we should eat there since I could feel a stomach cramp coming. So as we ate, Mun was on her way, so met her while we're at it, and gosh missed that Au Naturale girl, funniest person I know ever. So we got what we need and our stuff, so we got out shit together, and got a Cab and off to the Chalet. The uncle almost got us to the wrong place, but since we got out trusty GPS amazing friend Nadz, she navigated us to the place, and the place was so deep in, like god, if we had to walk in, I'm going home. So after walking, finally reached and got to know Nad's friends and had a good chat and walked around and sang around and you know, had fun. There was a lot of food, good food, which means that the BBQ was good, that means we have all came to an age where we are not eating hotdogs that are burnt on the outside and cold on the inside, which was good! 

Mainly, it was a lot of eating and talking and nonsense together, which is why I had the greatest time, people were jumping into pools and I got to know the most funny and amazing people, and laughed like I didn't for a long time. And the only reason why I didn't do this as a separate post is because I didn't take photos, so boohoo. Hopefully we'll get to go out again! 

Managed to get the group photo from Nadz, so yeah. That was that, reached home at 11 - 12+? But it was fun. So that was good.


Few days back, we decided to surprise Sheera after her work at TopShop for dinner, and she totally didn't know because she didn't check her phone. And as we were walking towards TS, we saw her walking pass us, and we're like girl hold the fuck up. Where do you think you're ass is going? But if we didn't see her there, we'll be like 3 idiots trying to find her while she's already gone. But anyways, managed to catch her and we walked all the way to Cine for dinner @ 18Chefs. And it was full house, and thankfully we got a seat like in 15. The food there was really good! Or maybe I was hungry, but when am I not right? So happy for Sheera cause she's at London now! And we were telling her how proud we were of her cause she's the first one out of the 4 of us to make it in to the British territories. And all of us are so jealous but nonetheless happy for her. And Suvi got her hair half blonde, which is so nice, you'll see in the photos. And Wani got back from Turkey and got us a gift, and THANKS LAH SIAL. Ordered the backed rice thingy which was pretty good, and I love how they serve drinks in mason jars, where can I buy them?!

We sat there for a good while and chat about our problems and everything good and stuff and how Sheera's workmates keep on reminding her to get them stuff when she's back. And they're so cool cause they are like hunger games cause each worker has to hit a sales target, and they has to cash in to the cashier register using their card. Like everyone's targeting customers and make sure they buy stuff. It's quite cool because I think that keeps the momentum up and everyone is like enthusiastic about the work. Unlike my times in H&M, everyday was tiring, but the pay was good.

 After dining, we decided to just walk around and let our food digest, and then if you've been to Cine, you would know the basement has this halloween thing, for the Sentosa event, like the 'trailer house'. So We decided to go in, well technically the rest decided. And I thought since the whole area was quite big, I thought that there would be quite a bit to walk it, but it wasn't. And honestly, it wasn't scary at all to me, since it's all like electrically operated things that are scheduled to appear when you walk pass/near it. But I guess it's great if you're easily scared? But there wasn't much of a scare factor since you know that it's all fake. I mean c'mon, you're in a mall in town, how scary could it get? I mean like, right? After that we got out of Cine and went to 313 and the area around there, where Sheera got another toiletries' bag and stuff. And obviously we took photos, and Wani & Suvi's gonna hate me after posting these photos up, I'm sure. And we took it in front of the lingerie shop cause there was nowhere else. Don't judge. 

So sad that school's gonna start cause that would mean the chances of seeing them would be until the NEXT HOLIDAYS which is I don't know how long from now, and the chances of meeting Nadz's friends would be lesser, since they are changing classes! D: WHY LIKE THAT?!

I know that this post is a bit like crappy. It's like, not wordy enough eh? Is it just me? UGHHH, what ever happened to me?! BTW, I need to do something to my hair soon because it's getting a little bit crazy, gotta get it cut and RE DYED TO A NEW COLOUR, WHICH I WILL BLOG and maybe vlog the process??? But we'll see. Here's to the last 3 weeks of holidays. Ugh. 

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