Friday, 13 September 2013

Fun Hours

Friday the 13th today, it used to be such a big deal right? Well, kind of? Like people be like, 'eh today friday 13th, be careful hor, don't do bad things, later karma.' But that was then and this is now. So instead of spending it at home and sitting around doing mundane stuff, and by mundane I mean nothing. So I decided to go over to Starbucks, to get some fresh air and go out, and I was having this wishful thought that I'll go blog and hog the free Wifi, and guess what, I couldn't connect, so now I'm like a sad bitch sitting in Starbucks using my own hotspot, which risks going over the limit, since all major telco companies decided to reduce from 12GB to 2GB of data and obviously I was not happy. So M1, if you are seeing this, please do something about it. But, that is not important.


I should have posted this entry LONG LONG LONG  ago, which I don't know why I haven't, seriously, it's already the holidays, I should be having a lot more time to do blogging and social stuff, and apparently, none of that happened. So that's sad I guess. But last last week, or a few weeks before, met up with my adorable cupcakes darlings, a.k.a Suvi, Sheera & Wani! You might find their faces familiar as I have mentioned them here, here, here, here and here. Excessive? Not at all! So, it's the last week of the #1DWorldSingapore which I have been there 3 times in total, and I'm not shamed to say it out loud.

And met up at first at I forgot what time, and Suvi had something so she was coming late, being a hungry badger, I decided to have lunch at Yoshinoya (Is that how we spell it?) And every time we meet, it's like family reunion, always so happy and stuff, and that's because we don't usually have time to meet during school time since we are all different poly, Suvi & Sheera in NYP and Wani in TP. But anyways, after I finished dining, decided to make our way to the grand, one and only 1DWorld, got to Starbucks first to get us drinks, technically, Suvi & Wani. And while waiting for their drinks, camwhored fetus photos and yeah. Now I'm like a master of Dhoby, I used to be like lost if you ask me to walk from Dhoby to The Cathay, but now, I can lead a tour group.

 And it's so funny cause me and Sheera were at the back talking like 'eh we must act like we are the cool fans, not like those fan girls, must #Step Swagger.' And I really was stepping until the staircase break. And it was so jialat, cos the first 2 times I went, there was no queue at all, like just go in only, but then for some reason, that say, THERE WERE BARRICADES AND PEOPLE HAD TO QUEUE. And the weather was super scorching, since it's like 2-3+ in the afternoon, and I was wearing a sweatshirt somemore, which can I emphasize was CUTE & BOMB AS FUCK, cause it was the


Deciding that we ain't basic bitches, we decided to take photos first, since they had a lot of graffiti walls and it was PERF for group photo & OOTDs. So took a good load of photos. 

My pullover was bomb as fuck, I'm so sure people were looking when they saw, cause, most  some of them crazy bitches will wear a 1D stamped pullover, mine is unique and special, cos bitches too BASIC. But once we have done that, Decided to start queueing, or else we'll be waiting for the rest of the day, and I DID NOT COME OUT TO QUEUE ALL DAY. While waiting we tried to entertain ourselves through all sorts of nonsense, like gossip and playing 'who is the most likely'. And apparently, I was voted most daring.

Wonder how that happened. Honestly, NOT TRUE. I think Sheera's the most daring! And there were a lot more, and my poor memory just can't recall any! And since I was with them, there was so much to talk about, so the queue didn't feel long even it is! I was there so many times the security guy person actually remembers my face. And after contemplation, I decided to buy something for memories' sake and I bought the set of cups, which I think wasn't relevant since I have so many already, and should instead buy the phone cover, and if you've seen mine, is at a state of dying. 

But anyways, finally done with 'Shopping' and it was about almost evening? So we decided to go have dinner, and we decided to eat at Orchard Central's Quiznos Sub, which was my first time there at that point, and I was disappointed BIG TIME. Why? Firstly, I ordered a sandwich which wasn't nice at all, the Teriyaki Chicken. And secondly, THE STAFF SERVING ME WAS SO FUCKING RUDE. I cannot believe it, I was telling him that I don't want the onions or something, and he just cut me off and say 'can you choose your bread first?'.  AFTER THAT, when I when to buy a cup of tea at Tully's and he served me again, when he passed me the drink, guess what he did. HE FUCKING SLAMMED THE DRINK ON THE TABLE. EXCUSE ME, is it my fault that you had a bad day? NO, somemore, is it very hard to operate the cash register, or put a tea bag in a cup?! If it is, let me do it myself.

But after that, went to seat and chat, and we were talking about each other's dream jobs and guessing what job suits our face. 

Sheera's ambition was to be a dietician, which I thinks suits her.
Suvi's was to do motion graphics designing, but I was saying she has the advertising face. HAHAHA
Wani's was to become a fashion designer if I remembered correctly. But I thought she got the tourism management face. 

I wanted to be famous but all I got was, your face go be cleaner best. HAHAHAHA, but I had the celebrity stylist face. See, highest level is stylist only, not even amateur star. 

After that Sheera was asking if all of us were to be criminalised, what would we be guilty of? 

Sheera: If each of us were a criminal, what kind of criminal would we be
Me: Sheera will confirmed be charged of murder. (I AM KIDDING)
Wani: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ( read that fast and that is exactly how wani laughs)
Sheera: Wani would most likely be charged for stealing because she has a stone face and she will probably be good at it.
Suvi: Neon looks like he will be involved in a fight with the paparazzi. 
Wani: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ( wani is really good in laughing. she has a contagious laugh )

Sheera: I think Suvi looks like she will get involved in a fight. ( Suvi has the “ you wanna fight with me face “ )

Took this chunk from Sheera's blog, cause I was to lazy to type the actual thing. #LazyForLife

Went on to walk around and to HMV to see if they have stocks for Where We Are, and it's sold out. Since it was getting, late, it was time us to go home! Time passes so fast it's unbelievable! Bid farewell, to Wani since she was taking different line. So trained back with Sheera & Suvi. And then, the day ended. So much fun, and hopefully I can meet them a few more time before the holiday ends, cause god knows when is the next time we meet. 

YOUTUBE: NeonAndersonDrew

p.s Finally, I finished and published this. 

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